What is the most popular shortwave radio from C Crane



Dual functionality

Standard preset memory

Sound quality

Multiple frequencies

Sustainable power source



One of the C Crane CSW-TCF reviews noted how small the function buttons are and how difficult it can be to make out their descriptions due to the tiny print.

The backlit display can’t be disabled, which can make read-outs a bit difficult to view with very bright ambient lighting.


Customer rating –> B


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  • If you’ve grown tired of the sound that your alarm clock makes, which only has you digging deeper into the pillows to sleep more, the C Crane CCRadio CSW-TCF SW’s dual function should get you excited. The C Crane CCRadio is also a clock radio so you can program it to wake you up to your favorite radio talk show, music or radio program when it’s time to get up. It offers a snooze alarm so you can catch a few winks before finally getting up. This is genuinely the best shortwave radio from C Crane thanks to its reliable dual purpose.


  • With the CCRadio 50 memory presets, there should be more than enough radio stations you can store for easy tuning when you want to. Who needs thousands of presets when you can only listen to less than ten in reality? The shortwave is excellent with the whip antenna.


  • For a radio of this size and price, you can definitely enjoy more than what you pay for. The CCRadio has impressive audio performance thanks to its five-inch speaker that delivers accurate sound quality. This radio reproduces deep and more pleasant bass compared to other radios in its class. Or for even more personal listening experience, use the headphone jack to plug in your ear buds to enjoy the awesome sound without disturbing those around you. A stereo line output lets you connect the unit to an AV receiver or other device for enhanced sound production.


  • The CCRadio may not come with an entire horde of shortwave radio accessories but it does provide great listening experience to the AM, FM and shortwave bands. You will never run out of radio shows and programs to listen to. Get weather alerts, listen to the news and your favorite music. The radio comes with antenna connectors and AC adapter so you can use it right out of the box. It combines sensitivity and selectivity in one package. The CCRadio has lighted buttons for easy control


  • The CCRadio runs on four back-up AA batteries or four D-size batteries. It has a built-in charging circuit that recharges optional Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries placed inside the radio, which saves you money and time.


When you want the best shortwave radio that combines sleek design and reliable functionality,  the C Crane CCRadio CSW-TCF SW is an effective solution. It offers shortwave, AM and FM bands. With 50 presets, you won’t have to waste time searching for your favorite radio station. It uses NiMH batteries so you can save money and time on buying disposable fuel cells. Its sleek and compact design plus clock radio function let you enjoy modern technology and function rolled into one.


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