5.1 BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet CleanerBenefits

Offers handheld solution to cleaning up messes and spills on carpets

Separate tanks for clean and dirty water

Lightweight, convenient and portable

Comes with extra-helpful carpet shampooer accessories

Wide-enough cleaning path



At least two Bissell SpotLifter 1719 reviews lament the way the machine spits out sucked up fluid from its motor air vents when the dirty water canister is full, which can be an icky thing when you’re cleaning up pet messes.

Both reviews mentioned above also note how the dirty water canister has to be attached and detached at an angle. One reviewer, however, does not think this is a real issue for those who’ve used similar machines.


Customer rating —> B


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Benefits Explained

Offering a cordless handheld solution to quickly cleaning up pet messes and spills on your carpets, the Bissell SpotLifter 1719 is great way to do spot cleaning. It lifts out fresh stains before they’ve set in, enabling you to maintain your deep pile carpet’s fresh look. You wouldn’t have to carry a large machine just to clean up quickly when needed.

5.2 BISSELL SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner

The machine is built with a dirty water tank that sucks up to 12 ounces of spills and messes. Segregation between cleaning mixture and dirty water is made possible through the separate clean and dirty water tanks.


Measuring just 7.1 x 17.8 x 10 inches and weighing only 6.25 pounds, the Bissell SpotLifter 1719 is a light and portable machine you can carry around the house with ease. You won’t even need to plug it in to commence cleaning, as it is rechargeable. It gives up to 15 minutes of cleaning with every full charge, ensuring handling of spills and pet messes. It is also small enough to store in a convenient space.


The Bissell SpotLifter 1719 comes with one 8-ounce bottle of Bissell Spot & Stain Formula and a 16-ounce bottle of Bissell OxyGen Boost Formula so you don’t have to make separate purchases for these special cleaning solutions. The machine also offers carpet water extractor mechanism and detergent solution sprayer system for terrific spot cleaning.


This  best carpet shampooer in small format provides a 7-inch cleaning path so clean-up of quick messes is easy and fast. It is a convenient product to use for cleaning up coffee, pet, wine and other stains. The cleaner can be used for vehicle upholstery.



When you want the best carpet shampooer from Bissell that can take care of quick messes, spills and stains, the Bissell SpotLifter 1719 is the best handheld solution. The handy machine is cordless so you don’t have to worry about cables getting tangled while you do a 15-minute fast clean-up. It combines great cleaning power with ease of use in a compact, portable and lightweight machine.


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