Expert Buying Advice on Yoga Gloves


Keeping your balance during some of the yoga poses can be tricky, and constantly worrying about keeping your grip on equipment can make it difficult to concentrate on the exercises. To prevent palms from slipping on slick surfaces, many people are turning to yoga gloves. Designed to improve your grip, the helpful tips in this buying guide will make it easy for you to choose the best yoga gloves in 2022.

Best yoga gloves


According to the best yoga gloves reviews one of the first factors to consider is the price. You can find slip proof gloves priced to fit almost any budget, though it should be noted that the cost can vary dramatically between sellers. Most experts recommend purchasing gloves online, instead of paying the higher price commonly charged in gym sponsored stores. Deciding on a budget you are comfortable with can also help you narrow down your choices, but it is important to remember not to sacrifice on quality.



The best yoga gloves reviews agree that the material used in construction is an important consideration. Not only do you want the gloves to be durable and comfortable, but to also provide you with an exceptional grip. Yoga gloves constructed from durable polyester and cotton are comfortable to wear and designed to withstand the rigors of daily exercise. Added spandex or elastane helps the gloves form to your hand, and keep their shape. Textured grips will keep your palms from sliding across the floor, and it will also prevent sweaty hands from slipping off of the yoga bars.



Some features to consider when you are looking for a pair of yoga gloves can include extra support for your fingers and grip. Breathable linings can help prevent palms from becoming sweaty, and moisture wicking can keep gloves comfortably dry. Yoga gloves that are machine washable are always an advantage, and some pairs even come with small gel inserts for added comfort and to help prevent stress related injuries.


Top Rated Yoga Gloves in 2022


While we can’t choose the right pair for your hands, we can show you the top rated yoga gloves for 2022. Priced to fit almost any budget and designed to improve your grip and safety, maybe ones of these comfortable pairs of yoga gloves is exactly what you need to navigate exercise bars and hold different positions.



YogaAddict Yoga Socks and Gloves Set


YogaAddict SetIf you love yoga but are having difficulty safely gripping the exercise bars or holding a position, this comfortable glove and sock set might be exactly what you are looking for. While the socks do need to be correctly sized to your feet, the non slip yoga gloves are designed to easily fit most hands. You will also appreciate the affordable price, especially when you consider the gloves include a matching pair of yoga socks.

The gloves and socks are designed to be used with a mat or on the bar floor, so you can easily stretch and practice holding positions almost anywhere. The socks are designed to cover each toe individually, while the fingerless gloves provide your hands with plenty of grip. The socks and yoga gloves are also constructed from durable cotton that is blended with PVC and spandex for extra strength and flexibility.

You will appreciate the textured pattern on the socks and gloves which help you keep your balance on slick mats and floors. The gloves are designed to be comfortable to wear, and you will appreciate the added control and confidence you get when you don’t have to worry about slipping due to sweaty palms. The socks will also keep your feet warm on cold gym floors, which is always an advantage.

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ProSource Non-Slip Yoga Gloves


2.ProSource Non SlipDesigned with style and safety in mind, it is easy to see why these affordable yoga gloves are a consumer favorite. The gloves are priced to fit almost any athlete’s budget, and since there is only one size it is easy to find a pair that is perfect for your hands.

The fingerless design gives you the freedom of movement you need for some of the floor poses and exercises on the bars. The soft material won’t easily irritate your skin, and you will love being able to toss the gloves in the washing machine for a quick cleaning. It should be noted that these yoga gloves should only be washed in cold water, and cannot be placed in the dryer.

The gloves are constructed from a durable cotton blend so you have the advantage of the lightweight material that is resistant to rips and tears. The added elastane helps the glove retain its size, along with ensuring it can flex and move with your hands. You will also appreciate the textured palm which ensures a secure grip on most slippery surfaces. Perfect for use at home or in the gym, these might be the perfect yoga gloves for you.

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Mato & Hash Yoga Grip Gloves


3.Mato & HashWhether you are working out on the yoga bars or simply trying to hold a difficult pose without sliding, these gloves might be just what you need for safety and balance. The durable construction is designed to last, and you will also appreciate its extremely affordable price.

The fingerless design helps to ensure your comfort and safety through a variety of exercises and poses, and the gloves also feature a wide wrist band to help ensure they stay in place. The palms are textured with a dot pattern to ensure a secure grip, even when you hands are sweaty from heat and fatigue. Designed to keep your hands cool and comfortable so you can concentrate on your exercises, these might be the only yoga gloves you’ll ever need.

Constructed from a cotton and polyester blend, you will appreciate how comfortable these gloves are to wear for extended periods of time. The lightweight and breathable material is perfect for working out in stuffy gyms, and the additional spandex ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Perfect for use on bare floors, mats and yoga bars, these yoga gloves can help you stay safe while you are participating in the sport that you love.

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