Buying Advice for Wooden Baby Walkers


Before buying a wooden baby walker for your child, consider reading some consumers’ reviews to see which models are the safest and the most entertaining. As a parent, you know very well how important is to count on kids’ items to be safe. Getting informed in advance can save you a lot of trouble later, especially since older models of walkers were not known for their safety features. Follow this baby walker advice to see what kind of product you should purchase and what kind you should stay away from, even if its price tag sounds like a great deal.


What to look for when buying a wooden baby walker



It goes without saying that safety is the most important trait to have in a wooden baby walker. Thousands of kids are reportedly treated yearly for injuries suffered because of the incorrect use of a baby walker. Standard regulations for safety have been introduced over the years, so we highly recommend sticking to new baby walkers, instead of opting for a second hand model that was built years ago. These new walkers come with all sorts of safety features, such as friction strips on the wheels that do not allow your kid to push the walker over dangerous surfaces.


A good fit

A baby walker cannot be properly used by a child, if they cannot reach the handle. Our advice is to go for an adjustable handle, to allow the walker to grow with your child. Take a few measurements at home, before you go shopping for a walker, to avoid any unwanted surprises later. If the handle is too high, this can put unnecessary strain on your baby’s arms. Purchase a good fit and your child will be more than happy to use it.


Entertainment value

Gone are the days when a baby walker was just a walker and nothing else. Nowadays the manufacturers are competing among themselves to add more toys and entertainment options to their walkers. Safety comes first in this regard, as well. Make sure to buy a model that does not come with detachable toys as choking hazard is a reality and an important cause of injury in kids between 6 months and 3 years old.


Top Rated Wooden Baby Walkers in 2021



Plan Toy Baby Walker


The Plan Toy Baby Walker is one of the most popular walkers for children on the market right now. A walk behind walker that comes equipped with 24 building blocks for your kid to start designing his or her first skyscrapers, the Plan Toy Baby Walker is appreciated by an overwhelming number of parents worldwide.

This walker is ideal for growing with your baby, since the handle is adjustable. You will also notice that the model is designed to be sturdy, and toppling it over is difficult, if not impossible, at least for your kid. It is obvious that the walker was designed with safety in mind. Besides the adjustable handle that can be locked in place, all the moving parts are colored with natural stains, so that even if your baby wants to see what they taste like, there will be no hazard for her health. The building blocks are large enough to not fit in her little mouth, so choking hazard is avoided, as well.

The model is made of recycled wood, so, if you are a parent worrying about the environment, this is a good and reliable green option. The Plan Toy Baby Walker is the best wooden baby walker you can find right now, as your baby can use it until reaching 3 years of age.

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Hape Wonder Walker


If you want your kid to really have a blast with a baby walker, opt for the Hape Wonder Walker. Besides being a great ally in helping your kid develop motor skills, the wide variety of toy it comes equipped with is quite impressive. All kinds of knobs, gears and colored balls are available on board, so your kid can use the walker as a stationary activity center when she is tired of walking around.

The good part is that none of these toys can be taken off the walker, so the risk of injury by choking is reduced. Also, the finishes are done with non-toxic paint, and there is no danger for your baby. The wide frame makes the walker stable, and the possibility to topple it over is non-existent.

The rubber trimmed wheels will not cause any unsightly traces on your floor, and they will also prevent your kid from pushing the walker over dangerous surfaces. As any new baby walker, the Hape Wonder Walker was designed with safety in mind. Nonetheless, some parental supervision is required, since small kids can get in a lot of trouble by themselves, as they cannot master standing up and walking around just yet.

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy


This budget minded option has managed to seduce thousands of parents so far, as the huge number of positive reviews indicates. Although it is not as complex as other models, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is easily considered the best baby walker at the moment by many people.

The main attraction is represented by the alligator shaped toys that make a clacking noise when the walker is pushed from behind by your baby. If you want to hear your kid squeal in delight, this is the kind of toy you should get for her.

The model is made of sturdy wood, and the entire ensemble is built to last. In case you have more kids, you can help them all stand up and learn how to walk with the aid of this quirky toy. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is brightly colored and it is designed to help kids one year old and up to learn how to walk.

Developing motor skills is important, and, while there are some opinions regarding the drawbacks of baby walkers, having such a toy around is particularly handy. Just don’t forget that some parental supervision is required, and your baby will be fine.

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