Expert Buying Advice for Wood Routers


When you’re serious about woodworking, you’ve got to get yourself one of the models featured in the best wood router reviews. With a woodworking router and a collection of bits, a craftsman can create masterful designs, shapes and wood edges, aside from being able to hollow out groves or create joints, among other things. It is best to be an informed buyer so you can get real value for money.

A. Wood Router

Motor and Bits

The variety of units featured in the best wood router reviews have different horsepower motors. Most router motors typically have 7/8Hp, 1.5Hp, 2Hp and 3.5Hp. Collet sizes are also different as different types of machines also have different bits. Common bit sizes include 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 1/4in and 1/2in.

There are some routers on the market that are built with variable speed motors. Router speeds range from 8,000RPMs to 30,000RPMs, depending on the horsepower of the motor and the machine’s size. Premium routers have measurement scales that enable the user to set the precise depth of the bit, eliminating the need for manual measurement.


Router Types

Machines classified as plunge routers are characterized by a spring-loaded base that enables the bit to be pushed down into the wood. The spring-loaded base can be locked to a specific depth at option. This type of unit enables the user to alter the bit depth while in operation. You simply have to unlock the depth release and move the base in or out. A plunge router is great to use when you have to start the cut in the middle  instead of the edge of the work piece.

Less expensive than a plunge router is the fixed base type of machine. Before use, the blade depth has to be set, and changing the measurement while running is not possible. To adjust the depth, you have to screw and unscrew the machine in the base or twist the housing, which moves the unit up and down. Although less versatile than the plunge type, a fixed base router is perfect for edge cuts and moulding designs that have to be executed with straight line precision.

Many of the top rated wood routers 2022 are built as two-in-one kits, integrating both a plunge and a fixed base router in one package.


Router Accessories

Even with the best wood router 2022, the woodworker can’t perform intricate cuts and elaborate designs on the work piece without a variety of accessories for this type of tool. A selection of router bits to perform cuts and execute designs is required. Some of the accessories that you may also need include switches, speed controls, clamps, jigs, fences and router tables.


Top Rated Wood Routers in 2022


The best wood router reviews can help you get the lowdown on which machines on the market are popular. However, this will not make your search easier. Neither will it help you make an easier choice. To help you along, we have described three products below that should be in your shortlist.


DeWalt DWP611PK


1. DEWALT DWP611PKIt is not uncommon to find the DEWALT DWP611PK Compact in many best wood router reviews. This class-leading machine is the result of the successful union of power, ergonomic features, ease of use and power tool innovations. It is engineered for effortless control, convenient visibility and overall performance. The DEWALT DWP611PK Compact is built for a variety of applications. With it, you can make small bevel cuts, heavy flush trimming and large edge profiles.

The DEWALT DWP611PK Compact boasts a robust 1.25HP motor that ensures delivery of greater power compared to other brands and models on the market. It features variable speed control that helps you be more productive through better management of the tool. This is by enabling you to select the optimum speed that is appropriate for the current application. With the low, contoured grip made to remain close to the work surface, you get an exceptional level of control that ensures productivity and precision on the job.

Featuring soft start, the motor ensures jerk-free commencement of the cut so you can ease through the execution quite easily. The full time electronic feedback ensures consistent motor speed through the cut. The adjustment ring allows precise changes to the bit depth to within 1/64 inch.

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Bosch 1617EVSPK


2. Bosch 1617EVSPKThe Bosch 1617EVSPK is undoubtedly the best wood router 2022. It can handle a wide variety of routing applications due to its powerful, variable-speed motor that features soft start. The 2.25Hp, 12amp motor has a versatile speed range of 8,000 to 25,000 RPM, making the machine highly useful for even tough routing tasks. The built-in Constant Response Circuitry enables the Bosch 1617EVSPK to maintain consistent speed while executing the cut, giving you delightfully precise and clean results every time.

The soft-start feature gives minimal torque to the motor on start up, enabling a much smoother transition aside from easier handling for the woodworker. The kit comes with the necessary components for both plunge and fixed base routing. With its micro-fine adjustability of the bit depth, you can maximize both bases in ensuring fast and accurate depth alterations to 1/64 inch. The two bases are engineered with Bosch’s Precision Centering Design, which enables accurate centering with the subbase as well as with optional template guides.

With the Precision Centering Design of this exceptional woodworking tool, it becomes easier to keep the bit on the set cutting line when using guidance devices such as templates, jigs and dovetail fixtures. The bases also come with quick clamp systems that enable easy tool-free conversions.

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Black & Decker RP250


3. Black & Decker RP250Able to do everything that a fixed-base router can while ensuring delivery of versatile functionality that a plunge router offers, the Black & Decker RP250 is a power tool that lets you make the most of woodworking. This tool, like a fixed router, can create decorative edging. Moreover, the machine carries a unique design that enables you to commence cutting right in the middle of your workpiece instead of the edge. This allows you to make creative cut-outs and inlays and more incredible results.

The onboard gradual start function provides exceptional control of the machine, giving you precise results and safety as well. Get maximum performance from the ten-amp, variable speed motor, which delivers from 8,000 to 27,000 RPM. Engineered for convenience, the Black & Decker RP250 is uniquely geared with a SIGHTLINE base, which ensures enhanced visibility. Along with the easy-to-use depth scale, the machine delivers better accuracy with the spindle lock that enables simple and effortless bit changes.

The trigger switch has a lock-on button plus a contoured chip shield, enabling safer and more comfortable handling while you go about your routing work. The Black & Decker RP250 ships with a wrench, a 1/4-inch collet and an adjustable parallel edge guide, so you can get on with your woodworking project in no time.

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