Advice for picking the right women necklace:


ANecklaces can change the look of an outfit, and are considered the focal point of any jewelry ensemble. These jewelry pieces are used to coordinate the accompanying rings, bracelets, and earrings, pulling an outfit together. The right necklace can help draw attention away from imperfections, by enhancing a woman’s more attractive features.  Finding the best women necklace 2018 doesn’t have to be difficult, if you know what to look for.

There are several different styles of necklaces to choose from, and you want to find out which women necklace is the best for you. Since the jewelry piece is designed to enhance your appearance you will want to consider the shape of your face. The type of neckline you wear will also play an important part in deciding which women necklace is the best to wear.

The most popular women neck chains are not always the right fit for every woman. Heart shaped faces will look best when they are accented by bold chokers and eye catching pendants, while women with square faces look softer with a collar length chain. Brilliant gemstones can balance pear shaped faces and women with round faces can have fun wearing longer chains. If you are one of the lucky women with an oval shaped face, then there are no limitations on the style of necklace that will look great on you.

Women also need to consider the time of day that the jewelry will be worn. Sparking diamond and sapphire pendants may be stunning with an evening gown, but it is probably not proper attire for a business meeting. Elegant gold or silver chains can dress up a business suit, while larger, funky pendants are a stylish and fun fashion accessory for daytime lunches and casual evenings with friends. When you are looking for the perfect jewelry accessory, it is always important to consider when it will be worn.

The shape of your body will also determine the right necklace style for you, which will help enhance your physical attributes. Longer chains can have a slimming effect on wider necks, while chokers can add definition to long slender builds. Use necklaces to draw attention away from larger chest areas, and to enhance a professional image.  Jewelry can be matched to an outfit, or it can be worn as a fashion statement.

The best women necklace reviews have paired stunning chokers and pearls with V neck shirts, and dressed up plain turtlenecks with long strands of brightly colored beads. Flirty spaghetti strap dresses are perfect for showing off dainty pendants and chains. While there are hundreds of guides to help women wear the right jewelry, it still often comes down to a matter of taste.  Finding affordable chains and pendants can be fun and easy, if you keep these pointers in mind.


Things to consider:

  • The shape of a woman’s face is important when choosing a chain or pendant style.
  • Jewelry should also be chosen according to the type of neckline to enhance the clothing.
  • When are wear the jewelry will be worn should always be considered.
  • The best women necklace for the money should always make you feel beautiful.


Top rated women necklaces in 2018


Hinson Gayle Handpicked Freshwater Pearls


Best women necklace reviewsOne of the best rated strand of freshwater pearls by consumers, this stunning necklaces measures an estimated 18 inches long. The lustrous pearls are carefully selected by hand and are strung on premium Japanese string. The sterling silver clasp uses a double safety ball clasp that prevents the necklace from coming undone. To enhance the beauty and elegance of the pearl strand, the clasp is resistant to unsightly scratches and tarnish.

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Boma Sterling Silver Turquoise Mother of Pearl Necklace


A delicate 20 inch silver and lead chain holds the beautiful  purple turquoise pendant that also includes both white and purple mother of pearl. The elegant silver design is perfect for the office or a casual evening with friends, and is a stunning accessory when paired with a lower neck shirt. The chain is crafted from .925 nickel free lead and silver, and meets all metal safety requirements.  A circular spring clasp helps to keep the chain securely around your neck.

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Pickbay Sterling Silver Pendant with Adjustable Necklace


Lovers of music and guitar players will love wearing this convenient and unique piece of jewelry. The sterling silver pendant holder is designed to hold up to three 351 style guitar picks so you can show off your love of music. Always have a pick ready to play anytime, and the back of the pendant can be engraved for a personal touch.  The 24 inch necklace chain is adjustable and created from durable hypoallergenic aluminum for a brilliant and long lasting shine. A hook helps keep the guitar picks inside the pendant,  while also making it easy to get them back out. Three collectable jewel toned guitar picks are also included with the pendant.

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Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant Necklace


Beautiful, elegant, and whimsical are words that often come to mind with this sterling silver and diamond pendant. 4 solitaire diamonds cause the crescent moon to sparkle, while 2 brilliant stones draw attention to the floating hearts.  The 18 inch sterling silver chain is the ideal length to wear with almost any neckline, while the 1 inch pendant is the perfect size to enhance any outfit. The back of the pendant also includes the engraving “I Love You to The Moon and Back“. Created by the Bradford exchange, it makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Hinson Gayle Gabriella Handwoven Amethyst and Freshwater Pearls – Not Available


The 5 strands of natural amethysts intertwined with the cultured freshwater pearls make this a uniquely beautiful necklace. The hand-woven piece of jewelry gives women the option of twisting the strands together or letting it fall in a layered effect. The inside strand measures 20 inches, while the outer is 24 inches in length. This gives women the opportunity to try different styles, and find the one the best suits their facial features. It is easy to see why this stunning jewelry piece is often listed on consumers’ best women necklace reviews.