Top rated wire feed welders in 2018


Welding metal is not an easy job especially when welding metals with specific welding specifications. In order to weld with great precision, one must have a great welder that is the best among the hundreds of welders in the market. These are the top five wire feed welders that would benefit its users in welding metals.


What wire feed welder to choose – Pro buying advice


12Wire feed welders are tools that feed a thin wire electrode through a plastic gun down a hollow cable. While we cannot tell who makes the best wire feed welder on the market, we can tell you what are the best features to look for in a welder.

The welders are available based on the specific use. Professional models operate on a 220-volt current but models that are intended for home usage operate can operate at 110 volts. The type of machine you purchase is dictated by the kind of outlets you have in your home. 220-volt outlets are large circular plugs whereas 110-volt outlets are the regular outlets where you plug your television in. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the welder can be. If you plan on welding thick material, you will want to have a high-powered welder. The top ten wire feed welders that homeowners use run between 140- to 160- amps. Of course, if you do not have an outlet to accommodate the welder, you may want to hire an electrician to install an outlet to accommodate the plug.

The best rated wire feed welders use a shielding gas that will flow out of the gun. This feature is popular among mechanics who build customized vehicles, but it is not always a necessity. You can find many welders that work without the gas. These types of welders work because the polarity was changed from a positive to a negative and a flux-core wire was installed instead of a solid core wire. This new wire acts as a shield and protects the weld puddle.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Voltage Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Lincoln Electric K2185-1

49 lbs $$$ 115V 1 year limited A+ AMAZON

Hobart 500549

53 lbs $$$ 115V YES A AMAZON

Hobart 500550

84 lbs $$$$ 115V No B+ AMAZON

MIG 100

38 lbs $$ 120V No B AMAZON
Campbell Hausfeld WS0970 27 lbs $$ 115V 5 years limited C+ AMAZON


If you are going to be welding for any length of time, you will want a machine that clearly lists the duty cycle either on the machine or in the handbook. As a rule, the higher the power setting, the short the duty cycle. This is important to know because it limits the length of time the trigger can be pulled. This time limit will prevent from the machine to overheat and become dangerous to use. An example of a duty cycle is a 10-minute cycle, which means you can run the machine for six minutes and the machine will stop working until 4 minutes has passed and it is cool again. You should not worry about what is the best duty cycle to work with if you are going to do mostly spot welding or working on small projects.

When you are choosing among the highest rated welder, you want to look for a device that can handle a range of wire sizes. These different wires require different levels of power to use and you do not want to use a wire that is so thick, you will run the risk of warping or burning through the metal. Many welders come with a chart that clearly defines how many amps are required to work with a particular wire size.

Wire feed welders are good tools to have on hand if you work with metal, as it will prevent you from having to take your project to a professional to be welded. With these tips, we are confident that you will be able to choose the best welder for your projects.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure you have an outlet that can accommodate your welder. High-powered welders require a 220-volt outlet whereas smaller welders can run off 110-volt outlets.
  • You will have to choose between a shielding gas welder and a flux core welder. The benefit of welding without gas is that you have the option to weld outdoors and even in windy conditions, whereas the gas welders do not do well at all in windy conditions.
  • Look for a welder that clearly explains the duty cycles for the welder. This will let you know how long you can safely use the device before it needs to be turned off to cool down.



Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Welder


I could really say that this wire feed welder is best at what it’s doing. It is easy to use which is perfect for people with little or no experience in welding at all. When I was using this wire feed welder, it could really get the job done perfectly. There were no major problems that I’ve encountered while using this wire feed welder. This wire feed welder is really famous for its easy to use functionality that it is present on almost all best wire feed welder reviews.



Manufactured in the United States of America, the new wire feed welder from Lincoln Electric, the K2185-1 Handy MIG is perfect for people that need to weld wire in various areas around the house

This portable and compact feed welder incorporates 4 voltage settings and unique wire feed speed adjustment system which ensures quick results, with limited effort

Features a sleek gun trigger which can be locked in order to perform fast welding applications, making it possible for people to weld mild steel from 24 gauges

Backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty this powerful wire feed welder includes flux cored wire and contact tips, needed to weld fast and without running into problems



The user manual should’ve included more information on welding techniques

Does not come with a support needed to place the device when not in use


I bought the Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Welder 5 years ago and this product is the one I am using for those years. I never experience any complications with this product because it is really reliable. This product is exciting to use. I don’t have to worry on anything with this. I am happy with the product.” James Godfrey


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Hobart 500549 Welder


The power and performance of this wire feed welder is really exceptional and I can really say that you could really rely on this wire feed welder in heavy-duty jobs. I tried using this welder and I can assure that it really performs its job well. The high quality materials that make up this wire feed welder is an assurance that this wire feed welder is very durable and with its low maintenance cost makes it a force to be reckoned with.



Which wire feed welder is the best from the available products on the market? Most of the latest user testimonials that we read emphasize on the smooth welding functionality of the 500549 Auto Arc from Hobart, a powerful 115 volt electric machine that delivers precise results

Equipped with a durable sample spool of Flux core wire the wire feed welder can perform precise welding applications when needed during various projects

Electricians and construction workers appreciate this powerful machine because of its high duty cycle and capacity to weld with or without gas

Due to the strong welding performance this wire feed welder can be used to perform very strong welds on steel or iron



Adjusting the gas regulator takes a bit of time

Installing the wire feed welder needs to be done while holding tight the spool


If you are looking for a reliable product with a compact design then you can have the Hobart 500549 Welder. This product is very useful and exceptional in terms of functions. The wire feed welder is what I recommend for others. You can buy it in a very affordable and promotional price.” Joshua Kasten


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Hobart 500550 Welder


This wire feed welder is best at combining safety and efficiency by its various kits that are included in this wire feed welder. Because of its innovative functionalities, it was included in many best wire feed welder reviews. This wire feed welder includes a kit with a cart, a gas kit, and a helmet which ensures your protection when using this wire feed welder. I really loved this welder because I don’t really need to spend on the safety gear because it had included it in the package and its superior performance really passed my expectations.



As the highest rated product from Hobart, the 500550 Auto Arc 130 wire feed welder easily operates on standard 115 volt household electrical current, helping electricians safely weld with or without gas

It uses .023 to .035 wire or even .030 to .035 cored wire with an impressive amp out range from 30 to 130, helping people to easily weld steel, aluminum, iron or flux core

Comes with a built-in wire feeder and special rapid release drive roll lever that permits people to perform complex welding actions with limited effort

Features a self-resetting thermal overload and a wire feed speed range load that goes from o to 500 inch per minute, essential components for a high performing welding process



The included cart comes with an open space design but it can protect the device

Some assembly is needed


I really love the performance of the Hobart 500550 Welder. This wire feed welder is one of the great products in the market. It is really useful for me and for others as mentioned in the reviews stated in Amazon. The product is very much functional and extraordinary in nature.” Carmen Sayre


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MIG 100 Welder


Best wire feed welder reviews

The affordable price of this wire feed welder does offer superior quality of welding and durability that would last for a long time. I had never encountered any problems at all when using this wire feed welder with its easy to use buttons that even an inexperienced person could operate this wire feed welder with ease. Whether it’s for large construction jobs or for home and personal use, this wire feed welder could really be a man’s trusted companion when it comes to welding things in place.



As the best rated wire feed welder from MIG, the 100 Flux Wire welder is ETL approved, making it perfect for professional welding action on any type of metal (aluminum, iron and also steel)

Equipped with 2 steps adjustment positions the wire welder features 90 amp flux wire with amazing welding performance

With current range from 40 to 80 amp and a powerful duty cycle of 15% at 80A and 20% at 65A, this powerful electric machine won’t disappoint

Features a welding wire that ranges from 035 to 040 inches, more than enough for high welds on different types of metal



This unit does not come with a storage case (this accessory is sold separately)


The MIG 100 Welder provide precision in welding any metal. The product is very much useful for me because I don’t have to think of problems with this gadget. The product is a best partner for all men out there so you don’t have to think of anything. You can buy it at Amazon.” Steve Noll


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Campbell Hausfeld WS0970 Welder


With the company that brought you various high quality products, they had released another innovative wire feed welder that is surely welding an excellent result. The solid and tough build of this wire feed welder makes it very durable that it could last for a long time even when being used consistently. I liked the smoothness of the welds that it creates which saves me time in working by removing the task of eliminating the rough edges of the welds with a sand paper.



As the most popular product from Campbell Hausfeld, the WS0970 70 amp wire feed welder can be used to easily weld stainless or mild steel, iron and aluminum, which make projects easier to manage

Designed to handle materials from 18-gauge to 1/8 inch thick, this powerful electrical machine is optimal for wrought iron, boat trailers, vehicles or fences, transforming complex tasks into easier ones

Features a dual heat setting and thermal overload protection this wire feed welder will automatically stop when the duty cycle is over

This cheap product is powered by 115 volt current and easily generates 70 amps of welding performance, helping users accomplish tasks faster



Comes with a quick start guide that doesn’t come with information on welding techniques


The Campbell Hausfeld WS0970 Welder is a very high quality product which I love the most. The product is what I am expecting. The product is too much of what I am expecting. You don’t have to worry with this product as this is used by many people.” Amy Morales


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