Best wine cooler reviews


Top rated wine coolers in 2019


What can be more wonderful than savouring a nice cool glass of quality wine in a company which suits you the most. Whether it is red wine or white wine, the fact of the matter is that it needs to be served a bit cold. For this you need a specialized wine cooler which keeps your wine at precisely the right temperature. Below you have the best wine coolers you can buy for keeping your wine in perfect conditions.


Sunpentown WC-20TL Wine Cooler


Best wine cooler reviewsThe best wine cooler reviews have formed a very solid opinion about the Sunpenton WC-20TL and praise the way  it takes care of their wine. The thermostat which equips it can be adjusted to the temperature you feel is suited, which is displayed on the front LED. Touch sensitive control make programing pretty simple. And what I like most about it is that it is energy efficient, consuming very little electricity.

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I have the Sunpentown WC-20TL Wine Cooler at home. This actually helps me to cool my wine. It can accommodate numbers of wine at a time. I always have this to preserve the palatable taste of my wines especially when there are special occasions. The product is very much effective in cooling the wines.”  Alvin Jones


NewAir AW-180E Wine Cooler


Another wine cooler that will fit just nicely in your home and look after your wine in a proper way is the NewAir AW-181E. The design is stylish, especially the stainelss steel door, which are also insulated so the temperature inside is constant. No vibration is made by the thermostat, so the wine is in perfect condition all the time, this being my favorite thing about this cooler. These traits and many more make out of it one of the top wine coolers in 2019.

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The NewAir AW-180E Wine Cooler is a stylish wine cooler I have at home. The product is very much useful for me. It is easy to manipulate and to control. It doesn’t have to consume too much of the space at home because it is just small but can hold up to 12 bottles of wine at a time.”  Lindsey Sewell


NewAir AW320ED Wine Cooler


The New Air AW320ED is a very good choice anytime and has an amzing capacity of 32 wine bottles in tis two compatments. Always see what is inside the wine cooler because of its internal LED lights, so you don`t waste time trying to remember in which compartment and shelf you put a specific wine bottle. Also the two zones can have different temperatures so different kind of wins can be stored in the same cooler, a feature which I found very useful.

I can store two types of wines in the NewAir AW320ED Wine Cooler. The compartments can hold these two different kinds of wine. You can choose how cold it can be by just using the controls in the wine cooler surface. There is also a light that will let you see what is happening in inside it.”  Brandon Boyd


Haier HVDW15ABB Wine Cooler


The Haier HVDW15ABB features make out of it one of the top wine coolers in 2019. Its door is made out of glass and double insulated so the temperature is always constant and thus keeping you wine bottles in a perfect way before serving. The feature that I like the most about it is the ability of the door to hold two wine glasses and chill them. Easy to master touch screen controls and it has also a LCD that displays the temperature.

The LCD display is the one I like the most about the Haier HVDW15ABB Wine Cooler. It displays the temperature inside the cooler so you can know the condition of the wines inside it. I can serve good and palatable wines a time. My friends love the wines and they gave compliments about it.”  Heather Wilton


Danby DWC612BLP Wine Cooler


The Danby DWC612BLP has an enormous storing capacity of 75 wine bottles for true wine enthusiasts. The shelves are made out of wood which for me is an excellent touch that has its parctical and visual uses. The LED display shows very clearly the temperature inside so you always know in what conditions your wine is stored. I have to agree with the best wine cooler reviews that the DWC612BLP is a solid device and I recommend it to others.

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The Danby DWC612BLP Wine Cooler can hold as many wines as possible. The product is really useful especially when there are occasions. This is a great investment I really love to have. I don’t regretted having tis product at home because it worth all the money that I bought in this product.”  Brett Pepper