Select the Best White Ceiling Fans with Light


Picking a ceiling fan from the large variety of options on the market may look like a difficult task. Reading more about ceiling fans is very helpful, because it provides you with the necessary knowledge to pick the right one, without spending money on a model you do not need or does not fit your room layout. A popular category is represented by ceiling fans with incorporated lights, and white is a color favored by many. The following buying guide will help you identify the best white ceiling fans with lights, so you can save money and time.


What to look for when buying a white ceiling fan with light?



A few purchase considerations have to be made before starting to spend money. One of the most important considerations is the size of the ceiling fan. Simply put, you should not purchase a large ceiling fan that looks out of place in a small bedroom, as you should not pick a small ceiling fan that will not even be able to light up the room, or offer proper air movement for cooling purposes. Size does matter in this case, and you should really avoid spending money on a model that does not fit the size of the room where you plan to install the new piece.



The next important aspect to keep in mind is that the ceiling fan should come equipped with controls. Reaching it by hand may not be an option, so your bet should be on a model that comes with a remote control. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for bedroom, having a remote control to adjust its settings really comes in handy. A dimmer is also an important addition, as you can save energy.



A ceiling fan is like a piece of furniture. It needs to blend with the rest and complement a room through the choice of fabric, design and so on. When you are shopping for one, even if you like a certain model quite a lot, always take a moment and think if it will look good in your home or not. This simple exercise will definitely help you pick the right ceiling fan without overspending.



Top Rated White Ceiling Fans in 2019



Hunter 53089 Builder Deluxe


This model truly qualifies for the category of best white ceiling fans of 2019. Elegant, beautifully crafted, with controls to match and good performance, the Hunter ceiling fan is ideal for large rooms and it is a presence that will enhance the look of any room in your house. It is also a model favored by many users, and its popularity is due to its stylish appearance and great features.

The Hunter ceiling fan is destined for rooms of up to 485 square feet, and it comes with solid installation choices that allow for three type of mounting: standard, flush or angled. Its versatility is quite dependable, as you may want to experiment a little with the layout.

The ceiling offers good lighting, as it comes equipped with two fixtures for 60 Watt bulbs. Among best ceiling fans with lights, the Hunter model is definitely number one. The technologies employed to make this model the very best will surely convince you. The motor technology will keep your fan quiet and the three speed settings will allow you to adjust the speed of the fan as you see fit. Without a doubt, the elegant appearance of this ceiling fan will conquer your heart from the moment you will see it.

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Monte Carlo 5DI52WHD-L Discus


In case you are looking for ceiling fans for high ceilings, this Monte Carlo model may be exactly for you. With its sophisticated appearance, you will not feel like the ceiling fan imposes in any way, and it will complement the look of a room quite beautifully. The modern minimalism it projects makes it a great choice for the times when you are planning to change the look of your home.

The model comes with its own remote control (additional ones can be purchased separately), so you can adjust air flow and the intensity of light whenever you want. Basically, you can sit on the couch and just use the remote control to play with the settings for your best comfort. Optimum performance is ensured by the five blades and the 75 Watt light bulb.

This is an energy efficient model, and the size of the blades creates enough air movement to keep cool during summer months, without being too taxing on your energy bill. Basically, if you want both great looks and functionality in a ceiling fan, you will be able to find them in this Monte Carlo ceiling fan, at a great price.

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Westinghouse 78108 Petite


Westinghouse is a well known manufacturer of ceiling fans, which is why we could not create a top with the best models on the market, without including at least one from their lineup. If you want a good ceiling fan from Westinghouse, look no further, as this is the best you can get for the money.

Designed to fit well in small size rooms, you may want to install this model in a cozy room to make it even more comfortable. Convenient climate control is provided, and the light is also pleasant. A green option for sure, the Westinghouse ceiling fan we are reviewing here will keep you cool in summer, and help with a good air flow, when you want to eliminate draft spots from a room during winter.

The six blades are quite efficient in moving air around, and the motor that controls the fan is very quiet, so it will not bother you when it is working. The model can save you about 10% from your heating costs, and 40% from the money you would spend with air conditioning. As you can easily see, it is a good choice that combines beautiful style with great functionality. The three available speeds allow you to adjust the air flow, depending on season.

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