If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best wheelbarrow money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best wheelbarrow on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the WORX Aerocart is the best model for sale since it comes with a versatile design and durable construction. You can use it as a wheelbarrow or easily convert it into a dolly. The tires are designed to never go flat so there is absolutely no maintenance required. There is also an arm that can be extended so you can easily carry larger items. If the WORX Aerocart is not available you could consider the Wheelzbarrow Three Tire as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Wheels Price Capacity (cu. ft.) Color Our Rating Where to buy

WorxAerocart Multifunction

2 $$$$ 3-4 Steel A+ AMAZON

Jackson Contractor

1 $$$ 6 Blue A AMAZON

United General Contractor

1 $$ 6 Red B+ AMAZON

Marathon Industries Poly Residential

2 $$ 5 Green B AMAZON

Ames True Temper

2 $$$ 8 Yellow C AMAZON



Buying Guide


If you work out in your yard, you probably are well aware of how useful a wheelbarrow is and how important it can be in getting your yard work done without breaking your back. If you’re here, then you may have already looked at some of the best wheelbarrows of 2021 and you may be thinking, “How hard is it to choose a wheelbarrow?”

We have created this buying guide to help you understand there is quite a bit of research that goes into buying a new wheelbarrow. While we cannot tell you who makes the best wheelbarrow or which is the best design, we can tell you some key features that you should keep in mind to find the right wheelbarrow for you.


The materials used to manufacture the wheelbarrow 

The first option you will want to think about is what kind of material your wheelbarrow will be constructed out of. If you are looking for a decorative piece, you can find wheelbarrow buckets that are made of wood and can add a vintage element to your landscape, but as a utilitarian piece of equipment, you will want a sturdy steel bucket or even a durable plastic bucket.

Plastic buckets are generally cheap in comparison to the metal buckets and they are durable, but they are more suited for light gardening. Though the plastic will not rust, it can crack if there is too heavy of a load inside the bucket.

Steel buckets are ideal for those who do a lot of heavy gardening, like picking up branches, moving heavy materials like rocks, wood, or even mixing cement. Because this is metal, you will want to protect the steel from rusting and prolong the longevity of the bucket by keeping it out of the elements.


Handle configuration

Traditional handles for a wheelbarrow are usually straight. The best wheelbarrow reviews indicate that this is the most popular choice because it provides optimal maneuverability—making it easy to tilt, flip, and dump the contents. Be aware that the straight handles do require more strength in the hands than the ergonomic handles. The ergonomic handles can be used by anyone, regardless of size.


Wheel configuration

When you are looking through the best wheelbarrow reviews you want to think about the wheels. Most wheelbarrows feature a single wheel, but some say that units with two wheels should be among the best rated wheelbarrows because they provide you with extra stability and makes carrying heavier loads easier. Just keep in mind, to addition of stability means you will sacrifice maneuverability. Single wheeled units require more strength than two wheeled buckets, but they are easier to move around the garden and to dump.

Speaking of wheels, do you want a tire that may go flat, or not? Pneumatic wheelbarrows use an inner tube which acts like a shock absorber, which makes it easier to push and overall is easier to manage. Of course, you run the risk of it going flat or popping, which can be a pain if it happens in the middle of a gardening task. Non-pneumatic tires are made of solid rubber, so they will never go flat nor will they pop. While this sounds great, you are losing out on a smooth ride and may require a little more effort on your behalf. When you are choosing your ideal wheelbarrow, keep in mind of the terrain and what your yard is like.

We hope these tips will help you decide which features you find most useful in choosing from the best wheelbarrows of 2021. Keep these items in mind and we are confident you will make the most informed decision.


Things to consider:

    • What material do you want your bucket to be made of? Plastic is lighter and more affordable, but it cannot withstand heavier loads like steel can. Think of the intended use of the wheelbarrow, if you plan on pulling weeds, raking leaves, and light gardening tasks, you can get away with a plastic bucket.
    • Choose a wheelbarrow whose handles are most comfortable for you to use. Ergonomic handles can be used by anyone, whereas traditional straight handles require some extra strength, but they are the easiest to tip, dump, and flip.
    • Do you require a wheelbarrow with a single wheel or two? A single-wheeled wheelbarrow provides optimal maneuverability but lack stability. Whereas dual wheeled wheelbarrows are the complete opposite, they give you stability at the cost of maneuverability.




Top rated Wheelbarrows in 2021


Just below you will find some of the most appreciated wheelbarrow designs that you can currently purchase. All these models have received plenty of positive reviews and you should definitely consider buying one of them if you’re in the market for a new wheelbarrow.




Worx Aerocart


This wheelbarrow can take the place of eight different tools. It can carry loads as heavy as 300 pounds, and thanks to the two oversized wheels, moving so much weight is an effortless job. The wheelbarrow places the wheels under the load for optimal leverage, which reduces the force generally required to lift heavy loads. The unit features extension arms that makes it easy to move large and cumbersome items without hassle.



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Wheelzbarrow Three Tire


1.Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow

Lugging around bags of mulch and dirt, along with hay bales and other large items is easy when you have this three tire wheelbarrow. It is designed to make your chores a little easier, starting with it’s “three tire” design. You can easily lift and “pop” the wheelbarrow over door sills and even up and down a stair or two. The two rear wheels also provide plenty of stability so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over, along with making turning a breeze. As an added advantage the rear wheels can also be locked in place so you can leave it unattended without it rolling away. It also comes with a handy metal tray which is great when you need to carry several items at a time.



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Jackson Contractor


This heavy duty wheelbarrow is made of a heavy gauge stainless steel bucket that does not have seams. The “H” brace with steel cross strips and leg shoes gives you stability and strength, helping you to carry heavy loads without having to worry about if the wheelbarrow can handle the weight. The wheelbarrow features a 16-inch pneumatic tire with a ball bearing to give you a smooth ride while pushing the load around your yard.



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United General Contractor


This contractor grade wheelbarrow can hold up to 18 gallons in the steel bucket. The heavy duty steel undercarriage adds to the stability of the wheelbarrow, ensuring that it can hold whatever you throw into it. The wooden straight handles make it easy to unload the contents of the bucket and the 16-inch non-flat tires gives you the peace of mind that you can go over rocky terrain without worrying if the tire will pop or go flat while pushing a full load.



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Marathon Industries Poly


This wheelbarrow does not come fully assembled, but it only requires eight bolts (which are included) and you can start using it. The lightweight wheelbarrow features a cushioned ergonomic closed handle which makes it comfortable to push around the yard. The two wheel construction gives users stability while going from one flower bed to another, and the pneumatic wheels are positioned for easy lifting and turning.



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Ames True Temper Poly Tray


This dual wheeled wheelbarrow features an 8 cubic foot bucket made of a heavy duty plastic that is capable of handling heavy loads like rocks, wood, and even mixing cement. The bucket is easy to clean and resists rusting, although to ensure the longevity of the bucket, you will want to keep it out of the weather. The hardwood handles lend themselves to making it simple to manoeuvre around the yard.



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