In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best wet dry women’s electric shaver? We have you covered! This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best wet dry women’s electric shavers on the market, by looking at owner feedback, price and value for money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Philips BRL140/50 is the best because it has a single floating foil that will ensure a close shave, its rounded pearl-tip trimmers dismiss all scratching or cutting injuries usually associated with this activity, and it’s cordless, so you can use it anywhere you need to, without having to depend on the existence of an electric outlet. If the Philips BRL140/50 model is unavailable, you could also consider the Panasonic ES2207P, as it is the second best option.



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Not so long ago, hair removal was a painful, extremely uncomfortable experience most women had themselves go through on a regular basis. However, in the recent past, razors and shavers have begun to take the place of the wax horror and, even though they seem to be surpassed in long-term efficiency by epilators and laser treatments, they still occupy a ruling position amongst women’s habitual methods of getting a smooth and hair-free skin.

Electric shavers are now easily maneuverable, and some models are even designed to be used both on dry skin, as well as during a bath or under the shower. As convenient as that sounds, the average buyer might still have a problem when it comes to actually deciding on the best shower electric shaver she should buy.

The main difference

While color and design hold a superficial importance, what you really want to look at is the type of shaver you’re going to need. There are the classic rotary shavers that consist of usually three rotating discs that trim the hair as it enters the openings on the heads. Rotary shavers are a good choice for coarse hair, for difficult areas such as the back of the knees, and for those of you who really hate noise.

On the other hand, foil shavers feature a series of oscillating blades that cut the hair that enters through the opening of the protective foil. This technical detail is what allows a really close shave, and while this type of shaver is much noisier than its counterpart and also delivers the inconvenience of having to be cleaned after each use, it is, in our opinion, more appropriate for women’s needs, as it works great for thin hair, sensitive areas and allows a really close cut.


Shaver on a leash

The second thing you must decide upon is whether you want to plug the apparatus or you prefer a cordless one. While the corded models hold the advantage of always being operable as long as there’s an outlet around, you have to consider the disadvantages too.

Blackouts, long distances between your outlet and the mirror, and most of all, your fear of getting into the bath holding a plugged machine, these are all things to ponder upon. Indeed, a battery-operated shaver will not work when the battery has drained, and once the battery has run out of recharging times, the replacement cost might be quite high. In return, a cordless model will give you the advantage of mobility.


Convenience and safety

After you’ve gone through the details explained above, you need to assess a few more aspects. While using a shaver, your skin is under a certain amount of stress, no matter how good the machine is.

Some models are specially equipped with antibacterial substances and materials that reduce the risks of irritation and allergies. At the same time, some of them have a bulky body, which makes them heavier, but give you a better grip. Multiple heads and accessories will also make a difference, depending on your needs, and the price is not a small matter for many of us.


Top rated wet dry women’s electric shavers in 2021


In the end, be sure to browse the internet for the best wet dry women’s electric shaver reviews, as they will provide you with other buyer’s insight on the efficiency of certain models.



Philips BRL140/50


In the midst of this heavy marketing era, products and their producers tend to overburden the buyer’s perception with tons of additions and so-called improvements. It’s hard to maintain a sharp eye on the basic specifications of an item and its primordial purpose when one is distracted by second-place details.

This is why we’ve picked the Philips BRL140/50 model as our favorite wet dry shaver for women’s. It is a single-bladed foil shaver powered by a rechargeable battery. It will run up to one hour, and you can always check the remaining time on the battery indicator.

The floating head allows you to move quickly on the curvier parts of your body, and last, but not least, you can say goodbye to the usual scratches and irritation thanks to the pearl-tipped trimmer. If you’re still not convinced, we’ll just say that the S-shaped handle gives you a perfect grip for every kind of movement, in or out of the shower, and that the lithium-ion battery is quite a plus, considering its reputation for having a long life.

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Panasonic ES2207P


If you’re thrilled about having a floating head on your shaver, imagine what working with three of them will be like. These individual foil heads will give you a smooth, close shave and let you hit all those challenging areas in just one strike.

This Panasonic model also takes care of those long hairs that need extra attention, by lifting them up with the use of a pop-up trimmer. This will also be a very efficient device for the bikini area. Just like the Philips model discussed above, this electric shaver is a cordless model, and it is accompanied by its own charger.

A charge will also last for 1 hour, but the charging time is approximately 4-hours longer than on the Philips ES2207P. However, this shaver has the advantage of using hypoallergenic materials: the stainless steel blades and the foil itself are specifically designed to protect even the most sensitive skin from irritation and inflammations.

Another plus is its more that affordable price, as it goes way below the average cost of electric shavers. Just like every other foil shaver, the Panasonic will need regular cleaning, but the good news is that it allows the head to be easily removed and cleaned under the water jet.

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Remington WDF5030A


With a plethora of good reviews, the Remington WDF5030A seems to carry enough advantages to make it one of our three main options. Its angled floating head will always keep the blade as close to your skin as you could ever wish.

Moreover, an almond oil stripe promises to keep your skin hydrated during every use, while the antimicrobial additive will prevent irritation and fight the risk of infectious scratches. As the previously presented models, this Remington production is also a cordless shaver, so you can use it regardless of how far you are from an outlet.

A dual-sided trimmer makes it easier to cut the hair by moving the shaver up and down in a shorter time than the average. However, there is a reason that made it take up the third place in our small top, and that’s its short running time. While the Philips BRL140/50 and the Panasonic ES2207P can be used for a whole hour, Remington vows for just half an hour of buzzing activity. Whether this is enough, only each of us can know and decide.

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