Are you in a rush? Is gathering information about the best weather radios time-consuming? We have plenty of information and this paragraph should put you on the right track. We’ve pieced together all the data from detailed reviews and dozens of consumer reports; the Sangean CL-100 is the highest-ranked model within this range of products. This is a well-built table-top weather hazard alert radio. It has all NOAA weather channels available with button presets. To keep you safe, the unit operates with the S.A.M.E. technology that issues regional hazard warnings and has 20 event message memory. With great AM/FM reception and RBDS receiver, you can read the all the info you might need, like program service, radio text or clock time on the LCD display. You can add an MP3 player or CD player by using an auxiliary input socket as well as an external output jack for accessories. If you can’t get your hands on the Sangean CL-100, find a way to purchase the Sangean PR-D9W, our next favorite.



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For those who own a boat, a weather radio is one of the most popular items to have on board. This little device can help protect you while you are at sea because it can detect dangerous weather within a particular range. With that said, it can be a little confusing when it comes to deciding what is the best weather radio on the market.

We have created this guide with the novice mariner in mind. We want to help you choose among the best rated weather radios and feel confident about your purchase. We have chosen the key factors you should look at when choosing the right radio for you.

Sangean CL-100


Battery Backup

Although weather radios are generally plugged in to an electrical socket, you will definitely want to make sure the device has batteries that can be recharged somehow. In cases of an emergency, you will want a weather radio that continues to work! Some radios employ several different charging options such as self-recharge, solar energy, and by using an external power source like a generator or a battery used for a vehicle.


Features to Consider

There are a plethora of useful options that you may find useful in a weather radio. These features include an LED display that will flash a warning of threat, the ability to be cranked to generate power, antenna jacks to increase the range of reception, a flashlight built into the device, and it may even have the ability to charge your cell phone so you can call for help.


NOAA Approved

If all else fails, always check to see if the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) logo is on the packaging. When you see this, you know the radio will have the best network and coverage available. The NOAA also has an “all alerts” network which your NOAA radio will receive. This information includes non-weather events like Amber Alerts and Terroristic attacks.

Whether you have your weather radio on board your boat or under the car seat, it will always be a handy tool to have in case of an emergency. These devices can alert you to bad weather as well as inform you of other threats and dangers that may be issued by NOAA and other news stations.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Weather Radio for Car


Ambient WR-089


The Ambient Weather radio gives you access to news, weather information, and even lighting during times of an emergency. Because of the versatility of this radio, it is one of the best weather radios for your car. The rubberized finish on the device makes it splash-proof, meaning that if a situation arises and you need a radio, it will withstand any brief contact with water. The radio is dependable because it grants you several options when it comes to keeping the batteries charged. It can self-charge, use solar energy, or it can use external recharging power options.


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Best Weather Radio for TV


Cobra MR HH125


This handheld radio features 1 or 3 watt power options, making it the perfect device for long or short range communications. The device can be used with US, Canadian, and International channels, which allows operation with any of the three different channel maps that area in place with these areas. Because the device has instant access to all NOAA weather channels, it is considered to be one of the best weather radios for use with a TV. The large LCD display shows a visual alarm as well as emits an audible tone, alerting users of dangerous weather conditions in the vicinity.


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Best Weather Radio for Deaf


Krown KA300


When you combine this device with other alarm systems in your home, it is one of the best weather radios for deaf members of your family. The alarm has the capability to display three alarm channels and can work in conjunction with fire and carbon monoxide devices. The alarm features a bright 177mCd strobe light, 95 dB alarm, and a strong bed shaker. The device can read other alarms on the system with a 100 foot range. The device is easy to set up and the battery backup will keep the system working during blackouts. Be warned, the strobe alarm on this unit will not work with the battery backup, but the vibration and the audible alarm will.


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Top rated weather radios in 2021


Many people like to go out into the wilderness form time to time, to get away from the busy and stressful city life. But starting such an endeavor means you have to take some safety measures as well, in case something goes wrong. This is why a lot of people in this position get themselves a weather radio with numerous safety features. The best weather radios reviews have singled out the best models you can purchase with the biggest variety of features.




Sangean CL-100


If you want to know always, when you are off camping or to the beach, how the weather will be in the next few hours, a good suggestion would be Sangean CL-100 Weather Radio. Except AM/FM radio, it also manages to get the All Hazard SAME Weather radio, which gives you an early warning if a storm is coming your way. The compact size means it is easy to carry around with you anywhere you go, thus making the top weather radios reviews recommend it.



Able to receive all NOAA weather reports and channels to ensure adequate and timely preparedness every time emergencies happen and disaster strikes

Carries Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology that provides early warnings during civil emergencies and severe weather disasters

Has ability to pull in strongest-transmitting AM and FM radio frequencies, so the user is always updated on the news and can listen to music

With LCD dimmer and contrast control that enables easy reading of event information on the display that can be scrolled down



Setting the receiver to Voice mode instead of Siren will mean voice alerts can’t be disabled as easily, unlike the Siren mode that can be easily controlled from low to medium to high

Setting the antenna in the extended position makes easy reception of NOAA channels


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Sangean PR-D9W


The best weather radios reviews hold this model from Sangean in high regards because it is compact, simple to use and very efficient.  It is powered by 2 AA batteries for a decent amount of time, so you don’t need to change them too often. It has a digital weather alert system which comes with a siren as well, to get your attention immediately to the upcoming danger.  Also you can use it by your bed as a reliable alarm clock, to get up in the morning.



Offers Digital Weather Alert that is highly useful for users who live in disaster-prone areas where preparedness is always a necessity

Requires four AA-size batteries to run, whether dry-cell or rechargeable, so the product can be used during emergency situations when power is out

Has Weather Alert Siren and flashing red LED light  so user is always updated on what is happening around their specific location and to ensure appropriate measures are taken in the timeliest manner

Has dual alarm and snooze functions to enable bedside clock and radio functionality in one innovative gadget



Comes in white color that will not absorb the heat of the sun when radio is used in the open

Push-and-hold setting of the alarm ensures that the right time is set for the specific alarm time


“I think I invested in the best weather radio for the money I spent. Well, it wasn’t expensive because I got it on Black Friday with a huge discount. Anyhow, I’ve taken it with me when I go to the beach or camping to get a heads up if the weather is about to turn for the worst. It signal is great, so I can’t really complain about it.” – Wiliam Metzler


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Midland WR300


Have you ever been into the position where you just got to the beach and you had to turn back because of the weather? With the Midland WR300 you can avoid this unwanted scenario and in case the weather does turn out for the worst, you will have a decent amount of time to retreat to a safe haven. You will be able to receive All NOAA Weather Channels and regular FM ones, for standard entertaining purposes. It can be used in over 30 countries, proving to be very helpful in many parts of the world. It’s a very popular choice in the US and this is why we see it as a worthy candidate for the best weather radio in 2021.



Truly the best weather radio for camping thanks to offering SAME technology or Specific Area Message Encoding technology that preprograms the radio to pull in warnings that apply to its specific location alone

23 programmable country codes on the single-speaker radio to ensure that the user always has the appropriate weather updates and emergency warnings in their precise location

Automatically pulls in AM and FM transmissions to pertinent alerts on all hazards including weather and civil disturbances

Employs interference-free phase-lock loop (PLL)  technology that ensures that output and input frequencies are the same to generate a stable frequency



No display for remaining time of events, but keeping track can be done via AM and FM frequencies and SAME technology

Enable/disable function of master alert and radio menu navigation need to be carefully studied for optimal usage of the unit


I’ve found this weather radio from Midland to be very reliable. It has a clear FM and AM reception wherever I go and this allows me to avoid bad weather. I was quite cheap too. I mean, I bought it for under $40, which is a bargain in my book. I don’t know who makes the best weather radios, but I do know this is a great model.” – Helen Caraballo


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Motorola MWR839


Wherever you go, you should have this weather alert radio from Motorola with you because it can warn you if a dangerous weather front is approaching your location. The radio can alert you in specific ways about different dangers because it has 20 different alert sounds. Other than this, it plays your favorite radio stations, plus 7 NOAA weather channels and of course SAME. As an extra function you can even use it as an alarm clock, to get up nice and early.



Be adequately prepared for any disaster situation thanks to this best weather radio for camping that is public alert certified

Carries 7 NOAA weather channels so users can have the exact report on the weather for their  specific location

Has alert message storage capability of up to 20 messages so the user never loses touch of what is going on and what is to be expected when disaster strikes

3 LED indicators enable careful monitoring and tracking of warnings, watches and advisories so the user is always ready for any eventuality



Small display and non-adjustable angle may make settings and storage difficult to see but with siren and voice alerts, that may no longer be a huge issue

Has no ability to internally recharge its batteries


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Ambient Weather WR-090


6Whenever you decide to take a bit of time off from the busy city life and go to spend some time in the wilderness, an Ambient Weather WR-090 emergency radio will prove to be a very helpful item. With this model you will have easy access to all the 7 NOAA weather channels, so you will always know if a rough weather front is heading your direction. The telescopic antenna which can be raised to up to 8 inches will guarantee a clear signal in even the most remote areas. The compact size makes it easy to carry around with you, wherever you may go.



Handheld portable unit makes the ideal bedside alert radio that users can take with them wherever they may go, whether on outdoor adventures or just visiting a disaster-prone area

Pulls in 24-hour-a-day broadcasts from the National Weather Bureau, with a highly-advanced ALERT system that turns the radio on when emergencies happen or disturbances erupt

Rugged and compact design made strong for aggressive outdoor use, with illumination as an added feature to make complete disaster preparedness all the time

Comes with alert mode to keep the weather band constantly activated in standby mode when weather alerts are active in the specific area



Works best when held in the hand to ensure optimum reception of applicable weather and radio channels

Not made as a weatherproof gadget but extremely portable and useful


“When I go hiking, I always take this pocket weather radio with me. I get a great reception everywhere I go and I am always alerted if a storm is coming. I bought this new weather radio from Amazon and I had no problem with its delivery either. Because I got it around Xmas, it wasn’t expensive either.” – Willie Floyd


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Ambient Weather WR-334-U – Not Available


Best Weather Radios reviewsOne of the most complete and popular weather radios which you can get is Ambient Weather WR-334-U. Just by mentioning a few of its capabilities, you will understand why it is so popular: AM/FM radio, flashlight, phone charger, dry cell batteries and last but not least, the emergency siren. This last feature also comes with a strobe light. It is amazing how such a small device manages to incorporate so many helpful features and this is why WR-334 is viewed as one of the best weather radios in 2021.

“I don’t know which is the best weather radio in 2021, but this model from Ambient has proven to  be a good investment. I always know if the weather is going to turn for the worst and I can listen to my favorite radio stations too.” – Gisela Osborne



Ambient Weather WR-111 – Not Available


If you are the adventurer type and want to know about weather fronts heading in your direction, then Ambient Weather WR-111 is the digital tuning radio for you. It doesn’t just function as a radio, it even has a USB charger, which can be used to connect or charge multiple devices, from smartphones to MP3 players. Also, a LED flashlight is fitted to the front of the radio, perfect for when it gets dark. For a very affordable price you can have this radio, to take on your different adventures. Out team of experts believes this is the best solution in the market.



How to Choose a New Weather Radio in 2021 – What to look for


A growing number of storms roaming across the U.S. have made people more interested in discovering safety devices. There are many warning instruments which can help men and women know exactly when immediate weather dangers threaten their home’s integrity. This is where a good weather radio delivers unmatched assistance. You should know that weather radios, at least top models, meet the current standards of efficiency set forth by the National Weather Service for proper performance. It is important to own such a great device and have a smooth connection to weather conditions. Well, in order to discover the most efficient radio you have to take into account a couple of things. Still, one part is obvious: a good weather radio can definitely offer precise data on upcoming weather conditions.

We decided to assist you during the selection process by testing 20 of the most popular weather radio models available in 2021. After 80 hours of attentive research we were able to safely draft the best weather radio reviews. You should invest a bit of your time in consulting them for a comprehensive understanding on what makes a radio great. Now, the first thing that you have to do is find a radio with SAME (Specific Alert Message Encoding) technology. This particularity allows you to safely program the radio in order to sound alert when weather problems are in your area. Furthermore it is important for the weather radio to feature an audible alarm. You have to hear the alarm and act swiftly. Some weather radios can emit a very loud tone whenever serious alerts are received. Such alarms need to work even when the weather radio audio is off.

How to find the best weather radio in 2021? There are certain models which include selective alert blocking system which is more than useful. Why? Well, this feature allows you to set the radio to go off only during life-threatening alarms. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the radio waking up in the middle of the night from irrelevant alarms. Another thing to take into account revolves around power sources. The weather radio needs to be powered by a durable battery. You will see that top rated weather radios include secondary power sources like hand crank, car charger or solar panel. Such additional power sources come in handy during emergencies.

If you live in areas with extreme weather conditions a good weather radio will definitely come in handy. With the best weather radio in 2021 safely tucked away in your home, you will be able to know exactly if danger is near. This is a useful tool and in some severe situations even lifesaver. You might need to look for a weather radio released by top brands. Durability, data precision and reputation represents the key ingredients for quick access to quality weather data. It is better to keep of any dangerous storms than be surprised by them. This is probably why so many people are currently trying to find efficient weather radios.