Many people carry their entire music library with them, thanks to the massive amounts of storage space that is available to them on their smartphones, tablets, and other MP3 capable devices. While we can always listen to the music with our headphones, sometimes we want to share the music and use one of the highest rated waterproof Bluetooth speakers—especially if we are at a party during the summer time.



Comparison Table


Product Colors Price Dimensions Battery Life Our Rating Where to buy


Black, Orange and more $$$$ 9 x 2.9 x 4 inch 10+ h A+ AMAZON

Pyle PWPBTA70BK Marine Grade

Black, Blue and more $$$ 3 x 3 x 9 inch 6 h A AMAZON


Black, Red and more $$$$ 3.2 x 5.3 x 2.5 inch 10 h B+ AMAZON

AquaAudio Mini

Blue, Green and more $ 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch 6 h B AMAZON

Ivation IVA-400

Black or White $$ 8 x 1.8 x 3.5 inch 3+ h C AMAZON



A buying guide


There may even be instances where you want to pamper yourself and relax in the shower and listen to good music. We have created this guide to help you select the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for the money. Be warned, they can get expensive, but it is very possible to buy high quality speakers relatively cheap!



We mentioned that the best rated waterproof Bluetooth speakers can get pretty expensive. Depending on the size and the features of the speakers, you could find yourself spending quite a bit of money. Of course, in order to find the best speakers for the money that you are going to spend requires research and knowing what features you deem necessary. If you want a basic unit, you can definitely find a speaker priced well under your budget.


Portability and Size

Having portable speakers is a great asset because you can take your music anywhere and enjoy the tunes without having to have your earbuds in your ear. When it comes to portability, you want to consider the size. The larger the speaker, the louder the sound and the volume will be. Of course, if you don’t intend on taking the speakers anywhere but in your bathroom or kitchen, then you can easily use a smaller device. The size of the speaker really depends on your intended use. Just remember, the larger the speaker, the more expensive it may be.


Power Source

Most small speakers use rechargeable batteries that are located within the device. These speakers will have to be plugged in every so often in between uses so that they are at peak performance when you need them. It is very possible to find speakers that use AA or AAA batteries though. If you plan on using the speakers frequently, you may want to go the rechargeable route, otherwise you will go through the AA batteries rather quickly—and that can get pretty expensive!

By choosing one of the top ten waterproof Bluetooth speakers, you can be the life of the party! You can take your music anywhere; to the beach, the pool, a sporting event, or even in different rooms in the house. You don’t always have to rely on your earbuds for incredible audio from your MP3 devices.

Products for specific needs


Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Shower


SoundBot SB510 HD


Whoever said that you couldn’t listen to your music while you shower must not have one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for shower use. The SoundBot shower speaker produces high definition audio and can connect wirelessly to devices, allowing you to stream music seamlessly for up to six hours of playtime. This device is compatible with any MP3 and Bluetooth enabled device. You can also use the device to answer important phone calls, thanks to the water resistant loud speaker and built-in microphone. The speaker can be used both inside and outside. The large suction cup on the back can stick to any surface.


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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Boat


AquaAudio Cube


This device from AquaAudio is considered one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for use on boats because it can connect to any Bluetooth capable media player. The long battery life gives you six hours of uninterrupted play time. The device can also allow you to use it as a speaker and microphone, giving you the ability to accept phone calls, thanks to the built in microphone. The large suction cup allows for easy application to any wall or flat surface. You can skip songs or pause them without having to touch your MP3 device because the speaker features controls directly on the face of the unit.


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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for ATV


BOSS Audio ATV20 Powersports


You no longer have to ride your ATV in silence or rely on your headphones to hear your music. With the BOSS audio Speakers, which are the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for ATVs, you can connect any MP3 device that is Bluetooth compatible with this device and listen to your music. The units are fully marinized, meaning they will not corrode under humidity or salty conditions. Whether you use the speakers on a boat or on your ATV, the speakers will be able to withstand any kind of environmental factors you throw at it. The device is made of a strong polyurethane, making it resilient, flexible and durable. With this speaker system, not only will you experience high quality sound due to the dual 6.5 inch marine speakers that have a frequency response of 15 to 25,000 Hz, but they feature two high performance tweeters and an internal amplifier.


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Top rated Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers in 2021


You’ve probably experienced this: You get yourself a “nifty” product that’s been mentioned in the best waterproof bluetooth speaker reviews and have been happy with your purchase. Then for one senior moment, you left said product in the open just when it rained that night. The next day, your speaker just won’t work anymore. That’s happened to me too, and not once but three times. So I decided to talk to manufacturers themselves who could supply me with the best information about the products they make. These are the five that have made it to my keeper list.




Grace Digital ECOXGEAR ECOXBT product has swept the best waterproof bluetooth speaker reviews by storm-literally! It has wireless streaming capacity for Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android gadgets, laptops, tablets, MP3, etc. Users can have up to 10 hours of audio enjoyment because it carries a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Charge it with the supplied USB cable and power adapter, or play music, games and movies on your standard wall outlet, computer or laptop. Enjoy full sound with the acoustically-designed and completely compact speaker set-up. The mobile design has been crafted to be rugged and waterproof for those who want to enjoy their sound trips while having outdoor adventures.



Integrates well with portable devices such as a tablet or a smartphone to enable music streaming at a distance of up to 10 meters or 33 feet, with easy pairing capability with Android devices, Kindle Fire, iPhone, laptops and Bluetooth-enabled devices

Sealed speaker is acoustically engineered to stay waterproof, making this device the best wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker 2021

Delivers warm and full sound with clear vocals and superb highs delivered by the dual full-range integrated speakers

Plays up to ten hours of music thanks to the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery or the supplied USB cable and USB power adapter



Sounds a little thin when playing bass-heavy tracks

Speakerphone performance works best within a few feet of the speaker


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Pyle PWPBTA70BK Marine Grade


This looks something straight out of Judge Dredd or Terminator, with marine-grade compact shell built for rugged use. People love this as the best waterproof bluetooth speaker in 2021 because of its integrated bluetooth technology. This enables you to stream music wirelessly from any bluetooth-enabled device of your choice. Bring it along on your next camping trip and use it with your tablet, laptop, android or smart phone or MP3 player. Make sure to get the built-in rechargeable battery on full so you can have up to 6 hours of audio enjoyment. Take pleasure in remarkable brass output controlled by the easy-to-flick button controls.



Uses built-in Bluetooth Technology to stream music wirelessly, working with nearly any Bluetooth-enabled device  such as a tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, PC, etc.

Shock-resistant and splash-proof  design of unmistakable marine-grade, with its rugged and tough looks that make it a perennial inclusion in hundreds of best wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker reviews

With metal hook loop for easy integration to a wire, chain, clip or karabiner, for easy listening when on the field or in camping trips and outdoor adventures

Uses 3.5mm Aux input for connection to external devices, and charges lithium ion battery using included USB cable to allow up to 6 hours of battery life



Aux jack is located at the bottom of the speaker


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 Take this on your next weekend outdoor adventure and be amazed. It easily works with your bluetooth enabled devices to stream music from up to 33 feet away via the integrated auxiliary jack. This could be the best waterproof bluetooth speaker in 2021 ever produced by ECOXGEAR. It is splash-proof so you can take it with you to that pool or beach outing. Enjoy crisp vocals and great warm sound from the basses via the sealed speaker body. Listen to music around the house or on an outdoor adventure thanks to the mobile design and rugged compactness of this baby.



Streams music from up to 33 feet or 10 meters using Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Kindle Fire, Samsung smartphones, iPhone, laptops and others

Speaker enclosure is sealed and acoustically engineered to be 100% waterproof, able to deliver full and warm sound via the full-range integrated speakers and superb firing bass radiator

Offers up to ten hours of unplugged music thanks to the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery or the supplied micro-USB to USB cable for easy integration with a laptop or PC

Exceptional wireless Bluetooth speaker ensures there is always music to enjoy during weekend adventures out or just for backyard poolside parties and impromptu fun events around the house



Waterproof plug may need to be loosened when speaker is brought to higher elevations


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AquaAudio Mini UltraPortable


If you want to take your music listening to a whole new level in the shower, this could be your best bet for the top rated waterproof bluetooth speaker in 2021. It is compatible with your Siri interface, so you can use it with any bluetooth enabled phone or media player. The water resistant speakers can play music and even go forward, backward or on pause when you want to skip songs. The built-in microphone lets incessantly busy users take calls while in the shower. The suction cup adheres to any flat surface or wall so you can really take it to your bathroom, boat, car, pool, etc.



Crystal-clear audio streaming made possible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, with ability to stream audio for music enjoyment or to take calls even when user is in the shower or bath

Speaker rings when a phone call comes in, then audio automatically fades out until the call has ended, resuming play where it left off once the call is completed

Streaming media is possible by employing any audio app such as Google Music, Pandora and Music Hub, for a greater variety of music to be enjoyed in the shower or bath

With full control panel that allows remote functions including play/ pause, call answer and next/ back, so user can enjoy music and still keep in touch even when enjoying a luxurious bath



Speaker designed for use in wet locations but not for full immersion in water

Buttons may be a bit difficult to see while in the shower, especially when user has poor eyesight


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Ivation IVA-400


This product can be used with your choice of bluetooth-enabled device for seamless media streaming. The system’s phone volume has been made to be on the same level as the music volume so you don’t miss out on those important call details as well as the music elements that truly count. It not only suppresses noise but also cancels annoying echo so you can enjoy music while you’re in the strong jet of your shower. It has top run time of 25 hours, as long as you fully charge it when it has not been used for more than 10 days.



Impressive run time for such a small device at up to 25 hours on a full charge, thanks to the upgrade of the battery

Phone volume and music volume are leveled with one another, to enable exceptional delivery of vital phone calls even when listening to music

Works well with any Bluetooth media player or phone, to offer a variety of streaming music sources including the apple iPhone 5 Series, Android Devices and phones, Google Music, Pandora, Samsung S-Voice, and all other audio APPs on an Android smartphone or iPhone

With Auto Pairing Feature that  enables automatic and easy integration of mobile device with the Ivation speaker within effective range



Not to be submerged or immersed fully in water


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AquaAudio QZ-2Q0H-R3GO


1.AquaAudio QZ-2Q0H-R3GO

The AquaAudio QZ-2Q0H-R3GO is a model you might need to consider if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker for shower that comes with suction cup. The neat thing about this unit is that you won’t have to break your entire budget just to purchase it, as it can often be found for as little as sixty dollars in many online marketplaces. Amazon buyers can get it at a much friendlier price. The features of the AquaAudio QZ-2Q0H-R3GO are unparalleled by most of the other models that we’ve found. It’s easy to use, has easy to push buttons and produces crystal clear sound. It’s even Siri-compatible, which is a net advantage for iOS users.



The model takes the cake when it comes to smooth operation, as the buttons have been specially optimized to allow the user to control songs, answer calls, as well as adjust the volume.

The unit is both powerful and long-lasting.

The battery life is remarkable, as it can last for up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

It can be attached to any surface.



The model automatically pauses songs on YouTube when the volume is being turned down.


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How to choose a new waterproof speaker in 2021 – What to look for


6You do not have to wait for summer to come around for you to be interested in creating the perfect outdoor sound system. In fact, you can find Black Friday deals on waterproof Bluetooth speakers and start planning your summer barbecues now! With so many options available, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing which set is the best. We have created the following guide that lists the key features that you should look for.

The first and most important that should look for is to make sure the new speakers are compatible with whatever device you plan on using. While the vast majority of Bluetooth speakers are able to work with all kinds of Bluetooth devices, some of the older models may not be compatible.

Next, you will want to make sure your speakers are 2.0 or higher. The higher the number dictates the quality of the signals the speaker receives while still resisting any disturbance. This will give you better sound quality, which may be on par with wired speakers.

To ensure your speakers will be able to last the entire party, you will want the most reliable batteries on the market, which are rechargeable lithium batteries. You can find affordable waterproof Bluetooth speakers with these batteries included; however, you will want to read the battery information in regards to how many times the batteries can be recharged before they will need to be replaced. Of course, you will also want to take into consideration the area that you are trying to reach with the speakers. Some small speakers pack a powerful punch!

When it comes to choosing what set of waterproof Bluetooth speakers you want for Christmas, you may want to consider if you plan on keeping the speakers outdoors all year round or if you simply want them to be portable. For portable options, you will want to look for speakers that say weatherized or waterproof on the box. Some speakers may say water resistant, but this does not mean they can withstand being outside for any extended length of time.

There are some speakers available that you can even take out onto the water with you. These floating speakers are, of course, waterproof, but they are also shock resistant and are housed in a polycarbonate casing. These types of speakers are fantastic if you want some music while you are fishing out on the water, canoeing, or just lounging by the pool.


Things to consider:

  • The speakers work with your music player or smartphone.
  • Your speakers are 2.0 or higher. This will give you better sound quality while still adhering to a budget.
  • Make sure your batteries are rechargeable lithium batteries that are also encased in a protective housing. This will keep the batteries dry but it will also extend the life of the batteries.
  • You will want to take into consideration where you will be listening to the speakers. Do you want them outside permanently; or, will you want to be able to move them from inside to the outside?
  • Think of how you will be using the speakers. If you plan to take them on a fishing trip, you want waterproof but also shockproof!