Expert Buying Advice for Water Flossers:


Giving you great information on a better way to maintain good dental health, the best water flosser reviews are tremendously helpful for those who’ve had it with bloody gums and dental floss string. Oral irrigators or water flossers are a practical way to gently ease out cavity- and plaque-causing elements from your pearly whites, using water pressure that floods the spaces between the teeth and under the gums. A water flosser is effective at keeping the teeth, gums and mouth clean and free of decay and disease. It works like a mini pressure washer for your mouth, operating powerfully yet without any harsh elements thrown in.




Water Flosser Style


A corded water flosser can have a water basin, tank or reservoir that is filled and refilled with mouthwash or plain water to rinse the teeth. This type has the most number of models. Some of the top water flossers 2018 of this kind are electric powered. Some corded flossers don’t have a water tank but are installed in the shower or anywhere there’s a faucet. A model of this type eliminates the need for a water basin. A corded unit has at least two types of tips: a tongue scraper and jet tips. Water pressure is adjusted with a control. The device has an ergonomic handle.

A cordless model is light, compact and portable. It can hold small amounts of water and runs on batteries.


Water Flosser Tips


What qualifies as the best water flosser 2018 should preferably have more than just one tip. Many good ones come with a pair of tips, enough for normal use. The tip can be a classic jet tip, a low-pressure or high-pressure tip, for deep cleaning between the teeth and below the gum line. An orthodontic tip is an innovative tapered toothbrush tip that removes hard-to access plaque around orthodontic wires and brackets, helping flush out food debris and bacteria.

A plaque seeker tip is great for bridges, crowns, implants and other restorations. It provides the benefits of pulsating water. A toothbrush tip can be a standard, compact or round type, designed to let you water floss and brush at the same time.

A tongue cleaner offers gentle flushing and scraping action to prevent bad breath.


Reliable Functionality


You can’t go wrong with a product endorsed in best water flosser reviews with plenty of features. The unit should be small and quiet. Preferably, such a device has variable water pressure settings of 1400 pulses per minute from 10 to 90 psi. The advanced pressure control system should provide a number of settings for customized cleaning. Good brands even come with pulsation mode technology that enables you to choose between hydro-pulse massage mode and floss mode. Storing the tips and keeping them hygienic is possible with an in-lid compartment. The on/off switch should have convenient fingertip control.


Things to consider:

  • The type of water flosser you get should be most practical for your use.
  • Your choice of the best water flosser 2018 should have highly usable tips for your purpose.
  • The various features of the unit help you achieve thorough dental cleaning.




Top rated Water Flossers in 2018


Picking  out a product from the lineups in best water flosser reviews can be difficult. You will have to consider your specific  needs and the features of each product side by side. Only then can you make a sensible decision on which unit to buy. It helps to have a simple short list of available products on the market.


Waterpik WP-100 Ultra Water Flosser


With six different tips included, there’s no doubt why the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is the most popular water flosser 2018 on the market. The Pik Pocket™ tip rinses deep below the gum line and  delivers medicaments for furcation and periodontal pockets. The orthodontic tip, great for general use and braces, removes plaque and is thrice as effective as string floss. The Plaque Seeker™ tip is more effective than string floss for maintaining healthier gums, and provides plaque removal in bridges, crowns and implants. The toothbrush tip offers the convenience of simultaneous brushing and water flossing. The classic jet tips deliver gentle water pressure for heather gums.

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Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss Rechargeable/Electric Flosser


Offering you a simple and convenient way to clean between the teeth, the Philip Sonicare AirFloss comes with one-button functionality that ensures targeted cleaning. The guidance tip focuses deep cleaning right where it’s needed between your teeth in as little as 30 seconds. The device employs Microburst technology, a micro-droplet system that applies a quick burst of pressurized air and water or mouthwash to remove debris between the teeth and hard-to-reach areas. Gentle yet effective, the revolutionary technology removes five times more plaque compared to manual brushing alone. It helps prevent cavities between the teeth and improves gum health within two weeks.

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Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser


Built with a new compact and contemporary design, the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser is the most advanced product ever. It has a convenient water on/off switch on the handle, ensuring easy use. The finger-tip effortless pressure control lets you choose between floss and massage mode. The LED mode display allows easy viewing of the unit’s operation. The new one-minute timer and 30-second pacer ensures that thorough cleaning is obtained at the best time. You can have easy access to the tips with the in-lid compartment for convenient storage. With the high-capacity water reservoir, you have 90 seconds of water during use.

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Conair Interplak All-in-One Sonic Water Jet


Changing the way you maintain oral health and hygiene, the Interplak by Conair employs effective sonic brushing action and combines it with water pulsation to maintain the highest level of dental health. The unit offers three-in-one versatile functionality. With it, you can brush, jet floss and massage your gums simultaneously. The integrated system effectively yet gently cleans and flushes out food debris from hard-to-reach places in the mouth, around orthodontic implants, removable and fixed bridges, splints, crowns, etc., providing gum massage during use.

This is among the top water flossers 2018 for its especially designed attachments that combine to give 12,000 sonic movements and 4,500 water pulsations for effective deep cleaning.

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Profloss 4190 Waterflosser


Versatile and convenient, the ProFloss® aerator uses both external and internal threads to fit virtually all faucets with 15” or 16” female faucet threads or 55” and 64” male faucet threads. With no reservoir to refill and no batteries or electricity needed, the unit is an innovative faucet-powered product that takes away the clutter on your countertop. It is detachable so you can always reinstall it whenever you want, attaching to the faucet in seconds. The product has no noisy motor as it is run by your faucet alone. Just turn on the water and it’s ready. The Profloss aerator is also easy to use for all ages.

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