Most appreciated WaringPro meat grinders in 2021


5.1 Waring Pro MG1200 Professional Meat GrinderIf you’re a hunter, a farmer, or simply have to deal with a lot of meat regularly, getting a meat grinder is the best thing you can do for yourself. Indeed, having an appliance that’s especially designed to help you with the task of grinding meat is a huge deal. There are people who prefer to use their food processor, or even to cut the meat by hand instead of getting this type of device. While this might work just fine with those who don’t have to do this very often, when you grind meat regularly, both of these methods will fall short.

However, as with any other purchase, you have to spend some time before deciding which model to get. Waring Pro meat grinders are all great, and so this brand is ideal for purchasing a grinder from. However, even with the models this brand has to offer, there are some that are better suited for some needs, and others that are better for different needs. In order to make sure that you’re getting the best Waring Pro meat grinder for you, you have to do a little bit of research, which might involve looking thorough the Waring meat grinder reviews in order to see what owners have to say.


How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder from Waring?


Power of the Motor

If you’re planning on doing a whole lot of meat grinding at one time, then you should get a powerful motor, that’s around 450 watts. This is just to make sure that your meat grinder’s motor won’t get burned by being used for a period of time that’s just too long for it.

If, on the other hand, you will only need to use it for short periods of time, then it’s safe for you to get one that’s less powerful. Doing this will also help you save money, which is always a great plus. Finally, if you’re unsure about the length of time you’ll be using the appliance in each session, we suggest you get the more powerful one just to be on the safe side.


Reverse Switch

The reverse switch is a very handy button that allows you to set the grinder on reverse. This comes in very handy when the device gets stuck, and since this is a common occurrence with most meat grinders, having this option will mean that you’ll be saving a great deal of time.

In fact, if it’s missing, you will have to stop the grinder, and take out some of its parts until you find what stopped it, remove that, and put the parts back together. As you can probably  see, this is a lengthy process, and since you can expect to have the grinder get blocked a few times, it’s quite a bit of time that you’ll be wasting.

Of course, this is most important in cases where you have to do a lot of meat grinding at one time. If you only have to do a little, then the reverse switch isn’t something you have to worry about so much.

2.1 Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder


Meat grinders can be quite expensive, which is precisely why the last think you want is for the one you get to break down soon after having purchased it. There are, of course, ways in which you can make sure that you won’t be ruining the appliance, and they usually entail following the manufacturer’s directions. However, in cases where there was a mistake in the manufacturing of the item, there is nothing that you can do to avoid it not working. In order to avoid these types of issues, you should make sure that the model you’re about to get comes with a warranty. The longer it is, the better for you.



Waring Pro MG855 Professional Meat Grinder

1.Waring Pro MG855 Professional Meat GrinderThis model is the best Waring Pro meat grinder for those who typically have medium loads of meat to grind at one time, with the occasional large loads, as its motor is 350-watts. This means that it will be able to undertake large loads quite often, so even if it happens that you miscalculate the time it takes to get one load done, you don’t have to worry.

This appliance was designed with efficiency in mind, as even the hopper is extra large, allowing you to get more meat in at one time. Moreover, it also comes with a reverse function, which means that if it will get stuck, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing in order to get the piece of meat out, and then restart it.

Finally, you get 3 options in terms of the texture of the final product. You can pick from fine, medium, or coarse ground meat, which means that you’ll get the perfect consistency for nearly any recipe.

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Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder

2.Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat GrinderThis model is the top Waring meat grinder for those who have to grind consistently large loads of meat at one time. Indeed, it’s heavy-duty motor of 450 watts can take nearly anything coming at it, which means that you can be confident that it will be of great help. Once again, the hopper is extra large, which means that you’ll be able to put in quite a bit of meat at one time.

In fact, many Waring meat grinder reviews have praised its durability. One of these reviews was written by a hunter, who deals with as many as 10 dears in a year. As you might guess, that’s a lot of meat, which is why he decided to get this model, as he expected it would make the whole process a lot easier. This is indeed what happened. He mentioned that it only took about 30 minutes to grind and pack 20 pounds of sausages, which is impressive.

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Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder

3.Waring MG105 Professional Meat GrinderIf you were wondering “what is the best meat grinder from Waring?” for the those who grind meat occasionally, this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s quite small, which is perfect in such cases, because the last thing you want is a large grinder, which will take up a great deal of space. If you do this only rarely, then the appliance will spend most of its time in storage, and it shouldn’t take a lot of space there.

The output power of the motor is 300 watts, which means that if it happens that you have to grind a large amount of meat at one time, it will be able to take it. In addition, it comes with a reverse switch that will certainly make your like a whole lot easier in case it gets stuck.

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Waring MG100 Meat Grinder

4.Waring MG100 Meat GrinderIf you find yourself grinding meat rarely, this one’s the best one for you. Indeed, its motor, at 150 watts, isn’t powerful enough to undertake large loads of meat at one time, but it will work just fine if you have to grind a small amount. In addition, like the previous model, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so if you plan on putting it in storage, you don’t have to worry about clearing off a lot of room for it.

This model gives you the option of grinding your meat into fine, medium, or coarse textures, which means that you have quite a bit of freedom in that department. In addition, if you’re a big fan of sausages, it will let you make plenty of your own, because it comes with 2 sausage attachments. Finally, you’re getting a 5 year motor warranty, and a 1 year appliance warranty, which means you can rest assured that you’re protected from any manufacturer’s defects.

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Waring Pro MG1200 Professional Meat Grinder

5.Waring Pro MG1200 Professional Meat GrinderIf it’s power and speed that you’re after, this grinder is just what you need. The motor is a 500-watt one, which means that it will be able to work with a lot of meat at one time. In addition, it’s capable of grinding up to five and a half pounds of meat each minute. This means that even if you have a lot to do in one go, you’ll be done in no time.

You can make your own sausages with this device, as it comes with 2 sausage making attachments. In addition, the appliance has two settings, one for grinding and one for sausage-making, which means that you’ll be getting the optimal power for both of these tasks.

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Our conclusion:

Before getting a Waring meat grinder, you should take the time to find out which one’s the best for you. Each individual has his or her own needs, and you can’t expect to just get the one that will satisfy your specific needs without doing this research.

In fact, we’ve made this buying guide to help you figure out what appliance will work best for you. Of course, even in this list there are two grinders that are better than the rest, and they are the Waring Pro MG855 Professional Meat Grinder and the Waring MG-800 Pro Professional Meat Grinder. Finally, if you would like to see all of these models compared side by side, make sure to have a look at our comparison table.