f you’re here just to find the best wall oven and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about various products in this category on the market by consulting expert review sites for kitchen equipment and comparing the reviews and ratings there with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked into, we believe the Frigidaire FGET2765PF is the best because of its Quick Preheat capability that lets you cook in less time. The third heating element and single convection fan combine to ensure thorough circulation of hot air throughout the chamber to deliver more even and faster multi-rack baking. The stainless steel finish is designed to be Smudge-proof™ thanks to its ability to resist fingerprints and to clean easily. The unit also delivers a fast 20-minute light oven cleaning without odors or chemicals to eliminate downtime. The oven delivers easy convection cooking by automatically adjusting standard baking temperatures to convection levels to deliver consistent results. If the Frigidaire FGET2765PF runs out of stock because of its popularity, we recommend the second best option, the GE Cafe CT9070SHSS.



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As an ideal companion to a counter-installed cooktop, the best wall oven for the money incorporates flexibility in kitchen appliance placement with sleek built-in appearance for a totally modern look plus maximization of space. For people wondering who makes the best wall oven, the answer lies in the features of the appliance itself.


Fuel Type Applicable to What Is Available

If you want to go for a gas wall oven among the top ten appliances in this category, you will need to consider that such models require that the food be rotated to ensure evenness of cooking, and that there are fewer units available to choose from. Such an appliance also requires outside venting. However, gas-operated units are able to retain moisture in food, and may be more economical down the road. They may also have electronic controls. Electric models, meanwhile, are available in a range of choices, with relatively larger capacity than their gas-fed counterparts. Generally, their price range may start lower, but they do require an AC connection and the utility bills are also to be factored in when computing operating costs.


Electronic Controls and Large Window

The most popular wall oven integrates electronic controls, as it is easy to set precise temperatures as well as to program timers with such an advantage. This also allows you to maximize all the features of your oven at the simple touch of a finger or the turn of knob. Figuring out which temperature works best can have an endless learning curve. But if all functions are electronically controlled, that shouldn’t be a concern.   And with a large window, you won’t have a challenging time viewing what’s cooking inside. This also means you shouldn’t have to open the door repeatedly just to check how everything’s going. With an adequately large window, you can always have a tantalizing glimpse of the food you’re cooking for the family.


Variety of Cooking Options

Standard models of wall ovens offer dual-radiant roasting and baking systems that periodically switch the top broiler on and off, which works to ensure consistent browning and roasting. Midrange models come in double oven units or microwave plus oven combos. Many of such types carry convection systems and built-in sensors that ensure precise cooking times, in addition to melt and soften cycles. For professional and home chefs who seek great convenience, new wall oven models with a large number of cooking modes are best. Such models may offer dough-proofing, slow cooking, microwaving, dehydrating, food warming and pizza baking functionality, with large high-end types made with convection systems in either electric or gas breeds.


No matter which wall oven is the best for you, make sure to get one that will really fit into the space you have set for such a unit. Otherwise, be prepared to accommodate your choice by doing the necessary adjustments to your kitchen layout. Plan well in order to ensure that professional installation is not too difficult or labor intensive.



Products for specific needs


Best Wall Oven for Baking


Frigidaire FFET3025L


With extra-large windows that allow you to see what’s inside, the Frigidaire FFET3025L 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven boasts of two 4.2-cubic-foot ovens in one purchase. This is the best wall oven for baking thanks to its Even Baking Technology, Frigidaire’s revolutionary system that ensures consistent baking results every time. The two ovens are of large capacity, giving you enough room to cook large cakes or breads at once. The oven racks are built to give space for you to pull the racks out effortlessly even when your hands are mitt-covered. This product offers 6 pass baking at 2750 watts and offers integrated pre-heat with baking.


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Best Wall Oven for the Money


Frigidaire FGEW2745K


Boasting of Quick Preheat and True Convection, the Frigidaire FGEW2745K 27″ Single Electric Wall Oven is truly the best wall oven for the money. You can choose one-touch cooking options or set cooking temperature easily as you please.  There is a host of Express Select Controls that include Quick Preheat and Quick Boil for instant, convenient cooking. The One-Touch Options include: One-Touch Keep Warm Setting, which keeps food warm until everyone and everything is ready for a great meal; Chicken Nugget Button, which conveniently bakes great chicken nuggets at the flick of a button; and One-Touch Self Clean, which activates the self-cleaning cycle with just one touch of a button.


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Best Wall Oven for Bread Baking


Summit TTM7212DK


Executed in handsome black finish for a sleek contemporary appearance, the Summit TTM7212DK 24 Single Gas Wall Oven has electronic ignition that provides easy on and off. Its elegant black glass construction offers contemporary style combined with durability. The see-through glass door is built with a light to give you the best view during baking. The digital clock with timer ensures that the bread you bake is evenly cooked and comes out delicious every time, not over- or under-baked. The black finish gives you a great view of the bread, so you can really get tantalized by the lovely appearance of what you’re working on. The Summit TTM7212DK 24 Single Gas Wall Oven is genuinely the best wall oven for bread baking thanks to those features.


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Top rated wall ovens in 2022


A stylish and modern kitchen has probably an oven placed on a wall, since wall ovens are the latest trend. But that’s not only it. The best wall oven reviews provide you with the finest devices that not only make your kitchen look elegant, but also give your kitchen more working space and great functionalities.



Frigidaire FGET2765PT


1.Frigidaire FGET2765PF

This Frigidaire model is among the most popular ones we’ve come across, and that’s mostly due to the fact that it is relatively easy to install and utilize. It doesn’t require a wide degree of technical knowledge on the part of the user and does what it’s supposed to do and does it well. What’s more, its stainless steel design makes it a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It goes without saying that the fact that it has been manufactured by such a well-known name in the industry automatically makes it worth taking into account if you’re still prospecting the market.



As emphasized by several buyers, the oven works great and is relatively easy to set up.

The Frigidaire FGET2765PT is, above all, convenient, as it is composed of two convection ovens.

One of the main advantages of choosing this alternative is that it heats up remarkably fast and provides even heat.

The product is more affordable compared to others in the line that offer the same features.



Some say it seems to be a slower oven than others they’ve had the chance to try over time.

The manual does little to nothing in regards to providing accurate instructions.


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GE Cafe CT9070SHSS



Looking to upgrade your existing wall oven? The GE Cafe CT9070SHSS makes the perfect choice. Offering 5.0 cubic feet or European convection cooking capacity, this model uses advanced oven cooking technology to ensure fantastic cooking results every time.




You can enjoy greater flexibility with two convenient and smart cleaning options. Quickly remove light soils with the Steam Clean feature. To handle tough, baked-on messes, use the concentrated heat of the Self-clean cycle, a genuinely smart GE invention.

Put your sophisticated culinary style on display with the commercial kitchen-inspired GE Cafe series French door wall oven design. Thanks to precision engineering, this model allows one-handed opening of both oven doors at the same time, saving on time and effort.

Imagine juicier meats and perfectly browned and baked food in less time. Employing true European convection with direct air, the oven uses a third heating element plus a variable speed fan that blows air from the top of the oven to complete cover foods. This superior level of heat distribution delivers results you can actually see and taste.

A wall oven that you can control using your iPhone or Android app? This model enables you to optimize an exclusive cutting-edge app called the GE Brillion iPhone or Android app that you can get free from iTunes and the Google Play store for your tablet or smartphone. The app allows you to keep an eye on the status of the appliance, as well as to change settings and to get maintenance alerts from this Brillion-enabled model.

With electronic dial controls via the glass touch display and easy-to-use control knobs, this model provides effortless operation and maintenance. It lets you look at the food inside with lights that illuminate the inside of the oven up slowly. The Self-clean, heavy-duty roller rack glides smoothly to provide easy access to items.



This wall oven has been noted by one user to generate a queer noise during the preheat stage. This can be due to the oven components initiating at that stage while ensuring that they are in working order.


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GE Profile PT7800SHSS



Delivering the perfect fit every time for any modern kitchen layout, the GE Profile PT7800SHSS makes the perfect upgrade or replacement for an existing lower-quality wall oven. You will love how the wall oven performs beyond expectations using true European-designed convection in its lower oven.




With a lower oven that boasts True European Convection, this wall oven delivers fantastic cooking results thanks to its advanced third heating element that, together with its fan, provides an ingenious combination to provide even heat throughout the chamber.

The lower oven also comes with a self-cleaning heavy-duty roller rack, which enables you to have easy access to food items thanks to the rack’s ability to glide in and out smoothly. Light soils are easily handled while the concentrated heat of the Steam cycle takes care of ground-in messes.

The ten-pass bake element in the lower oven ensures consistent baking results with heat that covers plenty of surface area for fast and easy cooking. Heat is evenly distributed for fantastic results every time.

Equipped with glass touch results, the oven lets you set temperatures quickly and to clean using little effort. The halogen interior lighting in the lower oven lets you view what’s cooking with less effort. The eight-pass broil element in the lower oven provides complete broiling coverage and consistent browning.



When the microwave is in operation, it can produce a noticeable noise that some users may find unusual. This is just an indication that all the components of the oven are working fine and is not due to inferior craftsmanship or to unsatisfactory cooking performance.


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Frigidaire FGEW2765PF


2.Frigidaire FGEW2765PF

The FGEW2765PF is yet another top rated wall oven that has gathered an impressive number of positive user reviews on the part of American buyers. It works well, does a great job at baking a myriad of foods, and even looks better than other units we’ve come across during our extensive research. What’s more, it’s both easy to install and doesn’t make a lot of noise when being operated. Various owners claim they enjoy the reassurance offered by the 10-year warranty, in that they can report issues to customer support and benefit from repairs, replacements, or refunds.



This is the right alternative for people looking for a single wall oven that’s convenient and large enough to accommodate several types of food at a time.

The model has a series of attractive features, from delay start to quick preheat.

The FGEW2765PF features the same stainless steel design used in other Frigidaire models.

The wall oven electrical requirements are a breeze and can be deciphered by almost anyone, regardless of his or her technical abilities.



Just the major components in the wall oven are covered by a 10-year consumer warranty.

The cool down feature that requires the fan to run is a bit noisy for some people.


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Bosch HBL8451UC 800


3.Bosch HBL8451UC

Although it’s slightly less affordable compared to some of the Frigidaire models we’ve mentioned above, this Bosch alternative is undoubtedly worth taking into account, considering that it’s a high-end European convection oven that’s well-known for its performance and capabilities. In addition, the Bosch HBL8451UC 800 has a truly impressive number of cooking modes, ranging from pizza to pie. Furthermore, the 2-hour self-clean cycle is yet another reason this option is preferred by many people. It goes without saying that the two oven lights that come with the product are the best when it comes to monitoring the cooking progress of the dishes.



The design of the Bosch HBL8451UC 800 seems to be among the highly esteemed details in the decision-making process of the buyers who chose this unit.

The controls are very easy to use, as emphasized by the many reviewers who claim that they were impressed with the experience they’ve had with the Bosch.

The 12 specialized cooking modes make baking a breeze, regardless of whether you might prepare meat or pies.

The temperature range of this oven is between 100 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.



The baking time might require the user to take a few minutes off so that the edges of cakes and pies doesn’t come out overdone.

It’s more expensive than other options available out there.


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Frigidaire FGMC2765PF


4.Frigidaire FGMC2765PF

The FGMC2765PF is possibly the best wall oven and microwave combo. For one, it won’t have you breaking your entire budget. Second, the convenience of a microwave oven is unbeatable, especially when you don’t feel like spending one to two hours waiting for food to cook. When you’re really hungry, you want to know you can heat up something you have in your fridge, and now you can do that thanks to this combo. The neat thing about it is that the 2.0 cubic feet microwave can give you all the room you need. It’s easy to use and clean, what with its steam clean cycle that’s been highly spoken of by various owners.



The FGMC2765PF comes with a smudge-proof stainless steel surface that can be cleaned with ease.

The one-touch options featured by this alternative are worth considering if you can’t be bothered with operating an overly complicated oven.

This unit is capable of automatically adjusting the baking temperature so that all gastronomic results are consistent.

It has the right size for many kitchens.



The instructions might need some improving.

The microwave does not separate from the oven.


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Fagor 6HA-200TRX


5.Fagor 6HA-200TRX

The Fagor option is among the most budget-friendly ones we’ve stumbled upon, which makes it worth taking into account by individuals who aren’t exactly keen on the idea of spending too much on a wall oven. The Fagor is advantageous on so many levels. For one, it comes with a plethora of cooking programs and features the right size for many kitchens. Second, it meets and even exceeds the expectations of various users. It is both convenient and entirely capable of doing its job while also child safe.



While it might not be as technologically advanced as other options, the Fagor has 10 cooking programs, thus allowing buyers to cook their food with as little effort as possible.

The LCD touch control makes this unit very easy to use.

The program lock seems to have been designed for concerned parents who now have the freedom to restrict dangers that an oven might pose to the safety of their kids.

The model is energy efficient, so much so that it has been rated a Class A.



This is the perfect oven size for a small place. If you live in a larger house and have a bigger kitchen, you might feel like choosing a larger alternative.

It takes some effort, but it can still be installed by the end-user, without the help of an electrician.


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Frigidaire FFET3025LS


Scanning through this year’s best wall oven reviews, one will definitely track down the FFET3025LS model by Frigidaire that comes as a most favorable device among others of its kind. When you have the pleasure of using such a model in your own kitchen, you are ensured that you have added a sense of style alongside with great functionality and professional features in your kitchen. The FFET3025LS wall oven comes with a solid upper and lower oven with a capacity of 4.2 cubic feet and apart from that, it is embedded with the latest Veri-Broil and Even bake technology, which allows users to benefit from its superb particularities. Moreover, its self cleaning mode will relief you from any cleaning worries, in no time.



 Double wall oven is impressive at 30 inches and with two 4.2-cubic-foot capacity ovens in one unit

 Ready-Select Controls that allow both 6 pass broiling at 3,400 watts and 6 pass baking at 2,750 watts

 Unit comes with functional Integrated preheat with baking so baked goodies always come out nicely done

 Has self-cleaning feature plus a quiet operation unlike others in its category



 Requires expert installation service out of the box

 Settings and clock temperature are slightly different from conventional ones


I am satisfied with the Frigidaire FFET3025LS and the way it bakes or roasts. The large capacity interior was another key feature that made me invest in it. There is nothing more that i want from such an oven. Finally I recommend purchasing it.”  Mario Hauge


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Whirlpool WOC95EC0AS


One of the best wall ovens in 2022 which uses the latest convection technology is the Whirlpool WOC95EC0AS. Excellent results will be delivered to you thanks to the AccBake Temperature Management Systems, which is probably its most impressive feature. Three heating elements mean you will cook or bake everything evenly, while still consuming less resources comparing to a normal wall oven.



 Get consistent and precise results every time by optimizing the state-of-the-art AccuBake Temperature Management System

 Built-in sensors monitor heat inside the oven to maintain even temperatures and keep them constant

 Convection unit comes with TimeSavor Ultra feature for faster baking on every rack and optimal heat delivery for consistent baking

 Heat gets distributed efficiently thanks to third 2500-watt heating element and rear fan



 May be a bit large for people who want compactly-designed units


 “Using it for 6 months has made me realize that I have invested in one of the best rated wall oven, which not only looks good but also cooks amazingly. I have made some truly mouth-watering recipes with its help. To get it for a cheaper price I would recommend getting it on Black Friday.” – Sandra Collins


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Electrolux EW27EW65G


An electronic device that has come right from the best wall oven reviews is a smart move, as you are guaranteed to have a fine product at your service. The EW27EW65G model by Electrolux is a double wall oven that is highly appraised for its great features and silent mode that make any cooking task seem like a treat. It comes equipped with the well appreciated self cleaning feature that unties the hands of many people that prefer to enjoy the company of family members and friends rather than spending their time cleaning the 35 cubic feet oven.



 Both ovens have a massive 3.5 cubic feet capacity so preparing large meals is never a hassle

 Unit boasts of exceptional  Wave-Touch® Controls and Luxury-Glide® Oven Racks

Three oven racks are adjustable so there is always room to fit food items generously

 Perfect Turkey® Button that ensures holiday cooking is always stress-free and remarkably perfect



 Venting mechanism may require upgrade

 Adherence to oven cooking principles is recommended for flawless use of unit


“This cheap double oven is allowing me to bake and roast at the same time. I prepare dinner much faster this way, saving time. We are a family of 4 and the spacious interior of the oven is more than enough for me to cook for everyone.”  Rex Grant


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Electrolux Wave-touch Series EW27MC65J


When style and solid construction meet then wonders happen and Electrolux knows the recipe for such, as it has highly rated products that are notorious for their functionality, durability and professionalism. The EW27MC65J model from the Wave-touch series is a wall oven with capacity of 3.7 cubic feet and advanced technological features that add up to the overall great performance of the model. It comes with a stainless steel design, a cooking sensor, oven ranks that glide smoothly and a wave-touch panel for enhanced functionality. No wonder why it is considered as a qualitative device that minimizes the time spend in the kitchen grounds.



 Oven has large 3.5-cubic-foot capacity while microwave has 1.5-cubic-foot capacity, which allows simultaneous cooking in both for preparation of an entire meal

 Exceptional Wave-Touch® control panel implements cooking options while displaying desired settings

 All unselected options fade away to give uncluttered display

 This unit is better than the best 24 inch wall oven 2022 thanks to its 27-inch dimensions



 Watt rating is great but not superior to others in its class

 Unit emits fan noise


Electrolux Wave-touch Series EW27MC65J wall oven is very stylish and this was one of the reasons for me buying it as a Xmas present for my wife. She doesn’t complain about the way it cooks or about its controls. I recommed this oven for people who want to cook properly. ”  Willie Lawson


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Miele Europa Design H4086BM


Miele is a worldwide known brand that produces advanced, heavy-duty, detail-driven and highly professional electronic devices for many years. The H4086BM Europa Design model is a wall oven that also serves as a microwave. It comes with a powerful 24 speed oven embedded with a 100-watt microwave and a boiling system that uses infrared technology. Moreover, it is equipped with 15 different modes than enhance its operation and a touch panel that utilizes the MasterChef feature, which allow users to easily handle and control the wall oven. As a result, you are granted with a stylish wall oven armed with the latest technological advancements.



 Powerful 1000-watt microwave mentioned in dozens of best 24 inch wall oven reviews

Oven promotes True European Convection with Metric/English conversion and Multi-lingual LCD display

 Has exclusive Navitronic® control pad activated with touch button precision, context sensitive controls and built with special MasterChef technology

 Carries out both individual and combination convection/microwave



 Price point can be prohibitive for bargain seekers

 Microwave timer is set to ten-minute maximum, going no higher


Miele Europa Design H4086BM 24 Speed wall oven was bought by me after careful consideration. After using it for some months, I can congratulate myself on the great choice I have made. I believe it is among the highest rated wall ovens this year. ”   Judy Gully


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Frigidaire FEB24S2A


The best wall oven reviews recommend the Frigidaire FEB24S2A for its impressive set of features which will make your food that more easy to cook and tastier at the same time. The 3.2 cu. ft. cooking capacity of this electric oven will let you cook large meals for your entire family. The advaced settings it has let you roast, bake or broil perfectly. It is also equipped with 2 heat levels for cooking better special kinds of foods which require different temperatures. A lot of reviewers have praised its excellent quality to price ratio, making it very popular.



 Vari-Broil temperature control is an exclusive feature that allows easy choosing between two heat levels

 Dual Radiant Baking and Roasting Specifications offer low to high broiling in Oven 1 with 6 pass 3400-watt broiling and 4 pass 2100-watt baking

 Has variable timer to provide better options for the cook

 Durable, versatile and remarkably reliable for lifetime use



 Oven may prove too small for some users

 Using both racks can be difficult


“The temperature control is very accurate and for a price that is under $800 I think this is a great deal. The large cooking capacity is excellent for cooking for a family reunion. This is the best oven I have ever used.” – Kim Hillen


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GE Profile PT970SRSS


In order to make delicious meals, you need to have the right oven and the GE Profile PT970SRSS is a great  one for the job. With it you will be able to have the functions of an microwave at your disposal and also those of an regular oven, thus allowing you to cook or heat anything you could possibly want. The design is great at the same time because its frame is made mostly out of stainless steel, giving it a special look which goes perfectly in a modern kitchen. The large capacity allows you to cook meals for the whole family and guests.


“I may not know what is the best wall oven in 2022, but I know that my GE PT970SRSS is a reliable model. Both  the microwave and the standard oven cook or bake to my satisfaction, making me recommend them.” – Shonda J. Pascoe


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Frigidaire FPMC2785KF – Not available


With this wall oven from Frigidaire you will manage to cook, bake or simply heat up a lot of different meals. The stainless steel design will ensure its durability and it will make it very easy to clean at the same time. Being an electric oven means that it will be perfect for baking. You electricity bill will stay in normal levels because it doesn’t consume that much energy. The 27 inch oven will allow you to cook for more persons at once.



 Designed as a built-in unit so it saves valuable kitchen space while making the work area look absolutely fantastic

 Microwave has 2.0-cubic-foot capacity that allows easy cooking and defrosting capability

 Pro-Select controls offer a variety of settings to customize cooking

 Convection oven has PowerPlus features plus My Favorite Settings so heavily used oven settings are mobilized at the touch of a button



 Requires expert installation

 Needs time to heat up


“I know this oven is not for everyone because it costs a bit, but for cooking I find it to be excellent. I made a bit of a financial effort with it, but I think I made the correct decision.” – Jane Morrison




Maytag CWE5800ACS – Not available


Best wall oven reviews

Given the particularities of the Maytag CWE5800ACS wall oven, it is clear that we are dealing with a top product that includes quality and efficiency in high levels. More particularly, it comes with a solid stainless steel design, an upper oven of 2.6 cubic feet, which is also self-cleaned, and a lower over of 2.2 cubic feet that both allow the user to cook at fast paces and in a classy manner. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced and accurate cooking features as well as electronic features that allow users to have total control of the wall oven and operate it the way they desire, according to their culinary needs at any given time.

Except the excellent cooking abilities, the Maytag CWE5800ACS 24, has impressed me through its self-clean function. I must admit I also liked the stainless steel finish, which makes my kitchen look very moders. I made a correct decision when I bought it.”  Mary Dowell




Wall Ovens. What to Look for:


Your kitchen has to be equipped properly in order to cook for your family healthy and delicious meals. A modern day kitchen has a high number of utensils and cooking equipment. If you love oven food, then probably the most complete solution would be to invest in a wall oven. You can use it for roasting, baking and many other things, getting delicious results every time. But how to get that special wall oven is a bit tricky, if you are not aware of certain things. Read the next lines and you will surely discover what exactly you need to look for when trying to purchase a wall oven.

Firstly, you need to take into consideration the space you have in your kitchen because a wall oven requires a larger area than a regular one. Such an oven will have in width regularly between 24 and 36 inches, with some exceptions. You also need to decide if you want to get an electrical or gas oven. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. An electric oven manages to maintain the cooking temperature constant, an excellent quality for baking. On the other hand, the main drawback is its energy consumption rate. You will end up paying more for you energy bills. The gas oven is more energy efficient, but you also need to find a way to connect it to an outside venting source. Such an task is not simple and you may need the help of a professional.

This wall oven buying guide has been created by our team after taking into consideration the most reliable website buying guides. These were the conclusions reached by us after reading them.

To have your meals cooked evenly, try to look for a wall oven that has more than one fan. With 2-3 fans, it can create a better heated air circulation inside the oven. The new models can take up the role of a microwave and will steam heat as well. But for these features you should reach deeper into your pockets. The top capacity of your future oven should be an important feature as well. For example, you really don’t need a +30 inch wide oven when you are living together with just another person and very rarely cook for guests. The style and the design should be seen only as a minor features because you will primarily get such an oven for its functionality.

There are nicely designed ovens that will look great in a modern day kitchen. A stainless steel or chrome finish are recommended by our team. A basic wall oven cost between $700 and $1200, plus it can range in size all the way up to just under 30 inches in width. State-of-the-art wall ovens will range in price  from $3000 to close to $10.000. Inaccessible for some, but with a complete set of high technological features.


Don’t worry, because for any price range there are some reliable ovens which you can purchase. Be sure to check out the best wall oven reviews because they should point you in the right direction. Maybe getting a double wall mounted oven is a good idea, to bake and roast at the same time. The best wall oven in 2022 doesn’t seem so hard to find after you have taken into account this list of features.


Things to consider:

You will manage to find the most reliable wall ovens, if you read their customer reports.

–          Make sure you have enough space in your kitchen for one;

–          Decide if you want to go for an electric or gas oven;

–          the interior of the oven should have multiple fans;

–          Get one with the right capacity for the number of family members you have;

–          Get it for its functionality not its decorative value;

–          A double wall oven will help you bake and cook at the same time.