Things to Consider When Purchasing a Voice Amplifier


A voice amplifier is perfect for making sure you are heard during small business meetings, round table conferences, or tour groups. While a voice amplifier cannot replace a traditional PA system, it can ensure that you are clearly heard in small, more intimate settings. There are several models of the small voice enhancing system, and finding the right one for your needs can be confusing. That is why we have included the best voice amplifier reviews in this helpful buying guide so you can make an informed decision and ensure that you can be clearly heard at the next meeting.


The best voice amplifiers in 2021 are convenient and easy to use. These small amplification devices are designed to project your voice over a small area so you can be more easily heard over background noise. According to the best voice amplifier reviews you want a model that is lightweight, and can be easily clipped to your belt or collar so you can still move around freely even when you are using the compact voice amplification device. You also want to consider where the power and volume buttons are placed, and make sure that each one can be easily reached.


Battery Life

The expected life of the battery is important, especially if you are using the voice amplifier to guide tour and sightseeing groups. The best voice amplifiers in 2021 included powerful lithium ion batteries that can last for up to six hours of continual use. Some voice amplifiers even include lithium batteries that can power the device for twelve hours before needed to be recharged. You might also want to consider the length of time needed between charges, especially if the device will be used frequently.



While all voice amplifiers include speakers, there are differences in the ranges between models. Some voice amplifiers use smaller speakers that are ideal for small meetings, while others can ensure that you are clearly heard up to ½ a mile away. According to the best voice amplifier reviews the best size speakers will depend on where and how you are planning on using the device.


Top Rated Voice Amplifiers in 2021


While there are several models to choose from, there are three that stand out from the rest. Affordable, convenient, and easy to use these are considered the top rated voice amplifiers of 2021.


Croove Mini Teachers


This compact voice amplifier is designed for people who are constantly moving. It is designed to clip comfortably and securely to your belt or waistband, and the voice amplifier also includes an adjustable neckband. The device clips easily on, and will stay securely in place during all of your movements. Lead a tour group or yoga class with this model, and enjoy hearing your voice amplified up to 4,300 square feet without any feedback.

Along with exceptionally clear voice amplification, you also get the benefit of the long lasting lithium batteries. The powerful batteries are able to power the amplifier for up to 10 hours, and are fully rechargeable to help save you money on replacement ones. You love the easy convenience of the green indicator light that lets you know when the battery is fully charged, along with its relatively short overnight charging time.

Use this voice amplifier for leading tour groups around city streets, or to keep your aerobics class energized and moving in time. Everything you need to be clearly heard is included, along with a comfortable microphone and headset. With the port and cable for MP3s included, you have the added benefit of listening to your music with this compact voice amplifier.

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As stated in the best voice amplifier reviews this model can run continuously for 12 hours, before the built in batteries need to be recharged. You also have the advantage of a short six hour recharging time. This makes this voice amplifier great for tours, exercise classes, and teachers who frequently lecture in large auditoriums. The short recharging time lets you use the amplifier throughout the day, and is always ready to go in the morning.

The included headset fits comfortably without pinching, and the small speakers can project your voice up to a ½ mile away. This ensures that you can be clearly heard over any distracting background noise. You also have the advantage of the waist strap and clip, which ensures that the voice amplifier stays securely attached even when you are moving.

You can choose between clipping the lightweight device to your belt or using the adjustable waist strap for a more secure fit. The MP3 input also lets you listen and play all of your favorite music, which can help add entertainment to longer presentations. With everything you need included with this voice amplifier, you never have to worry about not being heard during a great speech or lecture.

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Dime Tech Voice Amplifier


Use the microphone port on this top voice amplifier to ensure that you can be clearly heard, or play your MP3 files during your exercise class. This compact and easy to use voice amplifier is designed to help you lead professional tours, meetings, classes and anything else that requires you to be heard.

With the advantage of the lightweight design you can comfortably clip this model directly to your belt or waistband, without fear of the amplifier accidentally pulling on your pants. You also have the benefit of using the adjustable belt that will securely hold the voice amplifier in place. With powerful lithium batteries also included, you can confidently project your voice up to ten hours.

You and your listeners will appreciate the lack of annoying feedback, and how clearly your voice is projected over distances. The small speakers are capable of broadcasting up to 4,300 sq. feet, which is ideal for lectures, exercises classes, and tour groups. You will also enjoy the ability to listen to your MP3 files, and add your music to the schedule programmed. Designed to be convenient and easy to use, this voice amplifier is also affordably priced to fit any budget.

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