Top rated turkey fryers in 2018


What real American doesn’t like a nicely fried turkey with some gravy on the side. For this you should own a turkey fryer, which is especially designed for the job of making you that perfectly crisped turkey every time. If you want to invest in such a device than you should take a closer look at the best turkery fryers reviews. Out team has analyzed different models and below you will be able to read our top five.


Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Turkey Fryer


Best Turkey fryers reviewsOne of the best turkey fryers in 2018 has been declared by many reviewers this model from Char-Broil. It is different from other fryers because it works with TRU-infrared technology and is oilless as well. What it will basically do, is fry the whole turkey evenly without any particular hot spots, thus not burning it on any side. Because it doesn’t use oil it will save you money. For that unforgettable taste it melts the turkey`s fat, thus you will have mouth-watering gravy besides your well done poultry.

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Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Turkey Fryer


Even from a first glance Masterbuilt Butter ball Gen III turkey fryer has a modern look to it. The shiny stainless steel design proves it is built to last. In order for you to cook the turkey at an optimum temperature, there is a thermostat fitted to it. Adjusting the temperature is not complicated at all due to the built-in thermostat. The cleaning process is not very complicated, thanks to the integrated drain valve. The top turkey fryers reviews recommend it for any household.

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Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer Pot Set


This pot set from Bayou is recommended by out team because it is especially made for cooking poultry. The best turkey fryers reviews don’t hesitate to recommend it. Because it is made from stainless steel, it has one indispensable quality that all pot sets should have – durability. Furthermore the steel makes the pot very easy to clean after you have done you cooking session.

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King Kooker SS1267 Turkey Frying Propane Outdoor Cooker


This package from King Kooker comes with a turkey rack, a lifting hook, a pot with a lid and of course the 38,000 BTU cooker, which is portable and uses propane. Inside it you can fry a 20 pound turkey, for all the guests to your Thanksgiving dinner. The battery operated timer is easy to set, so there is no chance you will overcook the turkey. The overall price for this turkey cooker set is very affordable as well.

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King Kooker 1266B Outdoor Turkey Cooker


Cooking a turkey takes time and is done best outside, so you don’t fill the house up with smoke. For cooking outside King Kooker 1266B tukey cooker can prove to be a great acquisition. Besides the pot and its accessories, this set has  a 38,000 BTU cooker which is very powerful, safe and reliable. The pot is of high quality as well because it is made out of quality aluminum.

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