If you’re here just to find the best tri-suits and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information about different products for sale by looking into expert review sites and comparing what is there with the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the SLS3 Men`s Triathlon is the best because it offers genuine comfort to the wearer thanks to its mesh inserts on the shoulders that provide perfect ventilation. The mesh inserts prevent overheating during hot and humid race conditions so you feel cool and dry even when you have to go through mile after mile. The triathlon suit has a large special pocket system that enables you to keep race essentials within easy access from both sides on race day. The 11-inch front zipper features a full zipper garage and inside coverage to protect your skin from zipper rash while ensuring additional ventilation when it is kept open during hot races. If the SLS3 Men`s Triathlon is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option designed to be just as good, the Castelli Men’s Free Distance.



Tri suits – What to look for:


So you’ve registered for the big triathlon event but have yet to find the best rated tri suits in the market. Moving around in a flapping, wet and loose Lycra tri suit, surfing or diving wetsuit is nobody’s idea of helping to win a triathlon event. That’s how important it is to find the answer to the question “What are the best tri suits?”


Tri suit category

For the budget-minded athlete, tri suits in the beginners tier are ideal. The suit is solid enough to get one through races and training for swimming. A full range of motion, comfort and speed can be derived from pricier suits in this category. Seekers of value for money need a suit designed for the intermediate swimmer who requires strategically-configured compression around the core and hips. Drag is increased with slightly rough fabrics. Hydrophobic coatings inject an element of buoyancy to the suit. Proven technology combines with speed and comfort in highest rated tri suits infused with premium buoyant rubber. Such suits are made with flexibility, efficiency and performance as essential elements. Top-of-the-line tri suits carry comfort aside from advanced hydrodynamics and the newest innovations.
Aerodynamics and comfort

Proven most reliable tri suits carry aerodynamic technology that used to be reserved for triathlon rides. Seams should be minimized and loose fabric avoided like the plague. Flapping products are as unwanted as losing the race entirely. When one is racing to the finish on a racing bike, over 75% of output power is utilized for beating down drag. If the tri suit is constructed in such a way that minimizes that factor, the faster one can complete this leg of the competition. Tri suits are given pad or chamois that is not as thick as a full-range cycling chamois that carries greater bulk, but should be able to provide ample separation and support while on the saddle. This can be made possible with employment of thick, buoyant pull-buoy pad or polyester fleece. Moisture-wicking technology plus anti-chafing and anti-irritation properties should be present.


Material and Style

Top ten tri suits vary in thickness from 1.5 mm to 5mm. Stretchability is made an integral part of the whole suit. Thinner and more flexible material is ideal around constantly moving body parts such as the arms and shoulders. The chest and leg areas need to be covered in thicker material, which also ensures floating ability in water. Sleeveless arms may allow freer arm movement, aside from being perfect in warm waters. Sleeved tri suits are however, still a heavy favorite all over the world. Most brands offer rubber or neoprene in their tri suit manufacture. Moisture wicking fabrics contribute to the maintenance of optimum body temperature in hot and cold conditions. Cheap spandex suits are hard to dry when it’s extremely cold. Hydrophobic material solves that issue by pulling cold moisture away from your body, which means you need less energy to keep warm.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Fabric  Price Sizes Colors Our Rating Where to buy

Pearl Izumi Men`s Pro Intercool

78% Polyester 22% elastane $$$ S – XL Black, Atomic Black A+ AMAZON

Pearl Izumi Men`s Select

88% Nylon and 12% elastane $$ XL, XXL Black/White and more A AMAZON

Pearl Izumi Women`s Select

88% Nylon 12% elastane $$ XS – XL Black/Lime and more B+ AMAZON

2XU Men’s Performance

80% Nylon 20% elastane $$$$ S – XXL Black/Neon Red and more B AMAZON

Nike Tri Unisuit Male

82% Polyester 18% spandex $$ S – XL Blue, Cool Grey and more C AMAZON


If you have tri suits under scrutiny at this point, do check out the important elements that have to be present. Try not to look at the price tag beforehand, as this may lead you to going for what’s more budget friendly. Remember that the race is all about having a winning attitude, and with a premium though heftier-priced suit, you may be buoyed to go for the gold.



How to select the best tri-suit – Expert advice


Surfing, diving and scuba diving represent activities that thousands of Americans love to perform whenever they desire. Still, as so many divers, surfers and swimmers pointed out a carefully designed wetsuit ensures amazing equilibrium during water or underwater activities. There are many types of wetsuits available on the market, designed to cover a wide range of activities linked to water exposure. Still, there is one particular wetsuit prized more than others: the tri suit. A triathlon wetsuit will help athletes enjoy high comfort levels during dives, surfing and swimming competitions. Such wetsuits are specially designed to withstand water pressure and keep the wearer connected to his or her goals. There are a couple of factors to take into account during the selection process.

Since there are so many products available on the market we took the liberty of testing 30 tri suits, recommended by pro athletes as safe choices. Now, each product was carefully tested for 2 hours by our specialists. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best tri suit reviews, which you should consult with attention. A good wetsuit incorporates special properties that lift the body out of the water for proper control over the whole experience. Such tri suits improve swimming performance for beginners and also advanced swimmers. How? Well, such models are carefully designed to make a person hydrodynamic in the water while significantly reducing drag during swimming sessions. Furthermore the wetsuit delivers proper warmth even in cold waters, from rivers, pools and oceans.


Best tri suits for beginners


NeoSport Men’s NRG Short Sleeveless


Constructed of patented supple Speed Skin neoprene, the NeoSport 5/3mm Men’s NRG Short Sleeveless provides a range of the best tri suits for beginners. It is a short sleeveless triathlon wetsuit that accommodates a full range of motion for efficient energy conservation and swimming. Full muscle flex is derived from the suit’s extra-wide arm openings, which additionally eliminate unwanted binding. The fabric trim at the suit’s perimeter is smooth and given durable high-stretch due to employment of nylon with Lycra. Neoprene material offers glide and maximum buoyancy, which, with the five-millimeter chest panel and three-millimeter back panel, can significantly reduce drag to help you skim along the water.



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How to find the best tri suit 2019 ? Well, as it goes with most of the best wetsuits available for purchase, some models stand out in quality and special material properties. Furthermore a good wetsuit is designed to help divers and swimmers transition faster from diving to surfing. Most of the current tri wetsuits are designed to offer swimmers high levels of flexibility and achieve maximum swimming speed. Such wetsuits incorporate unique rubber which offers a comfortable fit during each activity. Now, you could also take into account triathlon wetsuit brands like De Soto, Zoot, Blue Seventy or 2XU. Price is also an important factor to take into account before any purchase. There are affordable and expensive models, covering every budget. You should know that the expensive models are built for comfort, speed and improves swimming performance.


Best tri suits for large breasts


Louis Garneau Tri-Course Club Women’s Shorts


Made to conform smoothly to a woman’s fuller figure, the Louis Garneau Tri-Course Club Women’s Shorts is one of the best tri suits for large breasts. That’s all thanks to the hydrodynamic flatlock seams under the chest area, which increase speed while reducing drag in the water. The tri suit is constructed using patented Endurexx fabric with UPF 50 and hydrodynamic flatlock seams, ensuring a streamlined fit that not only insulates but also helps you glide right through the water. This special fabric also offers exceptional muscle compression to keep your body as aerodynamic as possible. Ventilation is provided by the innovative mesh panels. The mini DryFleece light chamois keeps you sturdy and comfortable in the saddle. Two back pockets can be used to carry racing essentials. The suit is given a chlorine-resistant design that is needed for racing or training in a pool.



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With the best tri suit 2019 every moment spent in the water becomes pleasurable! Athletes want to swim faster than ever with no restrictions. Most of the best tri wetsuits are made of buoyant rubber, designed to improve swimming speed. High quality triathlon wetsuits will do wonders for people that excel to performance. Furthermore there models designed with innovative features which offer high flexibility during swimming, diving or surfing sessions. It is important for the tri suit to offer high hydrodynamics while in the water!


Best tri suits for men


Nike Tri Unisuit Male


Offering molded dual-density for maximum comfort and flexibility, the Nike Tri Unisuit Male belongs to the line-up of the best tri suits for men. It is made of 82% polyester/18% spandex and 83% polyester/17% spandex, ratios which signify high performance, hydrodynamics and aerodynamic quality. Its Mesh material is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, ensuring awesome flexibility and stretch. The pad is of brushed microfiber, which ensures optimum moisture wicking ability and drying capacity. The suit is perforated for airflow and quick dry, so you can spend less time finishing the race and also less time trying to keep warm and dry.



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Things to consider:


  • Good tri wetsuits are made of buoyant rubber
  • A wetsuit should offer high hydrodynamics and comfort level
  • The wetsuit you purchase should be a mix between your budget & being comfortable


Top rated Tri Suits in 2019


I don’t have to be a pro to practice a sport, you can do it at an amateur level, just for fun and for keeping your health levels up. Over the years triathlon has really started to gather more followers at amateur and professional level. If you have given this sport a go and you liked it, then you know the importance of choosing the correct suit for yourself. If you still haven’t decided on the model to wear, the best tri suits reviews are here to help you with this problem.



SLS3 Men`s Triathlon


1.Men`s Triathlon Tri Race SuitCombining all the elements that you want in a performance-geared triathlon suit, the SLS3 Men`s Triathlon offers premium quality, superior fit and ultimate durability that can outperform any triathlon suit with sleeves. It comes in a timeless design and three fantastic colors to suit your preference.




The shoulders of the triathlon suit are equipped with mesh inserts that provide great ventilation during hot and humid race conditions. The mesh inserts allow good air circulation throughout your torso so you don’t end up overheated during hot races, enabling you to run or bike the extra mile or even swim an extra lap.

Worried about how to keep your race essentials within easy reach ? Worry no more as this triathlon suit comes with a convenient large, unique back pocket system, in which you can keep your race necessities while having fuss-free access from both sides. Reaching for that gel has never been easier.

The suit has an 11-inch front zipper equipped with a full zipper garage and inside coverage to effectively prevent zipper rash and help improve ventilation when opened during a hot race.

The multi-density triathlon pad provides sufficient padding for your buttocks on the bike but won’t prevent mobility during the run or trap water when swimming. The suit has a flexible and powerful second-skin compression that stretches and then recovers easily in all directions, for maximum and supportive coverage.



The absence of a zipper stop does not prevent the zipper from coming off the rails if you inadvertently stretch it too much to get your arms out or pull it down too hard. This does not affect the performance of the suit.


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Castelli Men’s Free Distance


2.Castelli Men's Free DistanceJust as you go through meticulous preparation before race day, the Castelli Men’s Free Distance 2015 is carefully manufactured to achieve a great balance in outright speed, cooling and protection. This triathlon suit uses carefully selected fabric, stitching and components to ensure total functionality for the next race.




Made to adhere to the fast race setting, the triathlon suit boasts Instadry Speed technology thanks to the water-repellent fabric designed for wind tunnel testing for on-bike speed. The back is equipped with velocity mesh for maximum speed on the bike. The Instadry Speed fabric is also fast in the swim and won’t absorb water.

Enjoy maximum performance during the race thanks to the ability of the suit to deliver exact muscle support and to keep your body cool. The fabric not only provides exceptional cooling but UPF 16 protection as well, just like any suit with short sleeves. By blocking 94 percent UV rays, the suit lets you get a reasonable level of protection.

The GIRO 3 arm and leg elastic is perfect for big guys who need support, coverage and comfort during race day. The KISS Tri-Seat pad is an innovative component that is comfortable on the bike while easily disappearing during the run.



The suits tends to run on the small side so customers are advised to size up when ordering the product. This does not detract from the good things you get from the suit.


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SLS3 Triathlon FRT 2.0 Men`s


4.Triathlon FRT 2.0Perform at your best on race day with the SLS3 Triathlon FRT 2.0 Men`s. This triathlon suit combines all the vital elements you want in the ideal race suit. Offering superior fit, premium quality and exceptional durability, the suit comes with a timeless black design that makes it the perfect one to have on for any distance, whether short or long.




The unique multi-density Triathlon pad delivers enough padding for your buttocks while on the bike but will not hamper free movement during the run nor retain water during the swim, which makes it suitable for swimming. You won’t have to worry about the suit still dripping water after you come out of the pool and go on the bike.

Keep your race essentials within easy reach thanks to the back pocket that holds them on race day. The reflective design provides low-light visibility during the race. The upgraded zipper has a full zipper garage to protect against skin rash while providing even more ventilation on hot days.

Get perfect muscle support from the 8-inch mid-thigh inseam. The light silicone leg gripper keeps the suit from riding up during the race so you won’t have to keep pulling the leg cuffs down.



The suit is not designed for use in a chlorinated pool. The Lycra material can get damaged over time due to the chlorine.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($79.9)




2XU Women’s Active


5.2XU Women's ActiveDesigned not to compromise on comfort for speed and performance, the 2XU Women’s Active is the perfect triathlon suit for ladies. It comes with tremendous benefits for all aspects of training and competition in the triathlon field.




Thanks to the suit’s long-lasting compression technology, it can support your muscles throughout the swim, ride and run. Made of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent elastane, the suit delivers superior recovery and stretch to enable maximum movement.

Enjoy a full range of motion and superb breathability because of the ventilated mesh paneling on the shoulders. The front and back of the suit also boast High Fil mesh paneling for even more comfort and coolness. The flat lock stitching not only ensures a streamlined look but also reduces chafing or skin irritation.

The silicone-free Y-elastic grip ensures the suit stays in place no matter how you move. The two rear pockets offer convenient storage for easy access to your race essentials. The front semi-lock zip enables hassle-free on and off.



The suit tends to run a little big so potential buyers should go a size down when ordering, as suggested by one user.


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Pearl Izumi Men`s Pro Intercool Tri Suit


Triathlon is a very demanding sport and practicing it requires you to be in top condition. Also, you need the right suit and there are none better than Pearl Izumi men`s Pro Intercool tri suit. It has all the qualties you would expect from a top suit: UV protection, aerodynamic and efficient air ventilation system. This suit is even used by some professionals and the best tri suits reviews hold it in high regards.



Pro Aero fabric engineered with trademark In-R-Cool® technology to deliver optimal cooling efficiency for the active triathlete, aerodynamic design to enable maximum stretch and ability to revert to original size without breaking the suit fibers, plus  exceptional sun  protection with reflective material in the fabric that reflects harmful UV rays

Has a streamlined welded hem that gives that perfect and smooth finish to the suit, moisture wicking through patented Tri-quick-dry chamois, and stretch drawcord that helps the suit deliver premium fit and comfort

Constructed of 22% Elastane and 78% polyester to provide matchless stretchability, a form-fitting silhouette and overall wearability during performance-critical events

Given top ratings in many best looking tri suits reviews with its built-in streamlined envelope pocket at the back that also provides easy access to the wearer



Does not have a zipper to enable wearer to put on and take off the tri-suit more easily

Top quality brand comes with a tough price, being one of the more expensive products in this category


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Pearl Izumi Women`s Select Tri Suit


Ladies, if you like to stay in shape and you like to take part regularly to triathlon events, then here is a suit which is both affordable and of high quality. It manages to insulate you perfectly during the swimming stage of the event. When you run, thanks to its direct-vent panels, it keeps you cool. Finally, during the cycling relay it gives you that aerodynamic edge. After the event is over, just place it in your washing machine and it will be cleaned and ready for another contest. The top tri suits reviews believe it is probably the best suit for amateurs.



Has a ten-inch  zipper to contribute to venting plus flatlock seams where the fabric edges are butted against each other and banded flat in a single layer by thread, so there is nothing to cause chafing and irritation to the wearer

Comes with a separate or standalone bra-top so female athletes get all the support they need in the right areas while allowing effortless putting on and taking off of the tri-suit

Has plush elastic silicone leg gripper to keep the shorts part in place without creating an overly compressive or  constricting sausage-leg effect

Built with reflective elements that maximize visibility even in low light conditions while delivering excellent moisture wicking comfort with the triple quick-dry fleece chamois material and 92% polyester and 8% Elastane on the mesh



Not designed for use in chlorinated pools

Silicone material on the elastic leg gripper does not breathe, resulting in a temporary white band around the leg when the suit is taken off


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2XU Men’s Performance Tri Suit


Another good option for a triathlon suit for men is the 2XU Performance. This suit is even used by professionals because it provides insulation and ventilation, depending on the relay you are on. The SBR LITE component give the suit the property of drying quickly after you are done swimming. The Sensor Mesh X is responsible for the good ventilation and the 2XU LD Chamois will offer support and discretion while cycling and running. You will have no trouble getting in or out of the suit with the front semi-lock zipper.



The suit is both comfortable and durable, thanks to the materials used to make it

It dries off quickly after the swimming is done

It doesn’t just provide insulation, it provides ventilation too

Three rear pockets carry energy gels

The 7D elastin enhances muscle stability and endurance too



Can be stiff around the neck and shoulders, but as soon as it gets a bit wet this problem disappear

The pockets are just big enough to squeeze in an energy gel


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Nike Tri Unisuit Male


If you like to participate to triathlon contest, whether they are for amateurs or professionals, you need to have the right suit. The Nike Tri Unisute can offer you a good balance between insulation and ventilation, so you can perform your best on each of the different relays of the race. The suit is mostly made out of polyester, but it does have some spandex as well for flexibility. It doesn’t just offer a high comfort level, it also dries off quickly after swimming and keeps the right temperature so your muscles can work in optimum conditions.



A high comfort level which won’t hinder your performance

The polyester and spandex used for the suit make it very flexible, excellent for swimming

It’s chlorine-safe so the color won’t deteriorate in pools

A back pocket where you can keep energy gels



I doesn’t have too much padding for cycling, but this is normal for tri-suits

Getting the size right can be a bit tricky, but you can avoid this by visiting the manufacturer’s site


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Danskin Women`s Triathlon One Piece Speed Suit – Not available


For practicing triathlon this suit from Danskin is a very good option because it has the complete package of features.  The inner support bra makes it more comfortable than other tri suits, so you are fully focused on the race every time. To switch fast from swimming to cycling is not a problem because this suit dries in an instant. Like this, you won’t have problems adjusting to changing temperatures.



2XU Men`s Comp Trisuit – Not available


2XU Men`s Comp Trisuit is another reliable model for practicing triathlon on a regular basis. The affordable price range and the good performance rating makes this suit popular among amateur triathletes. It is mostly made from polyamide, but it has elastane in its structure as well. This allows it to be durable and makes it great for cooling the user when in the middle of the running relay. Please remember that this suit is hand washable only.



Pearl Izumi – Run Women’s – Not Available


3.Pearl IzumiProviding value, fit and durability, the Pearl Izumi – Run Women’s is the best tri suit from Pearl Izumi for ladies who want to prove they can run the whole race just like their male counterparts. This triathlon suit is built tough for all levels of triathletes.




The suit provides maximum support and protection thanks to its standalone bra. The separate bra top also enables hassle-free on/off of the suit.

Made of 88 percent nylon and 12 percent elastane, this triathlon suit boasts SELECT Transfer Dry fabric that showcases revolutionary compression along with superior moisture transfer so you feel cool and dry during hot races. The Direct-Vent panels deliver exceptional ventilation for complete comfort.

The suit employs flatlock seam technology that offers remarkable abrasion resistance so those with extremely sensitive skin won’t suffer from rashes and irritation. The plush elastic silicone leg gripper prevents the suit from riding up during the heat of the race. The 7-inch zipper provides additional venting as well.

The easy access envelope pocket keeps race essentials within reach. The suit has reflective elements to provide low-light visibility. The 8-inch inseam delivers superb comfort in medium size.



One user thinks the standalone bra is too small for large breasts but the zipper vent provides some flexibility when needed.



Pearl Izumi Men`s Select Tri Suit


Best Tri suits reviewsFor amateurs,l this tri suit is just the thing because it is extremely reliable, comfortable to wear and comes at a very decent price range. The suit is made of the following materials: 88% high quality nylon and the 12% elastane. Pearl Izumi tri suit provides insulation when the water temperature is low and the weather is a bit chilly. When the temperatures are high, the suit also provides great air ventilation. Our team of experts b one believe it is the best tri suits in 2019.



Crafted for fit and durability for athletes with its revolutionary Select Transfer fabric that has exceptional moisture transfer, compression and chlorine resistance properties

Comes with Direct-Vent panels for extraordinary ventilation plus flatlock seams that will not cause chafing and skin irritation to the wearer, with a 12-inch zipper also made for venting and a plush elastic silicone leg gripper to get those vital muscles working at their peak

Elastane material proves to be superior even to rubber when it comes to providing top resistance to wear and tear, tension capacity that’s two or even three times greater, outstanding durability and excellent  weight, all contributing to this being among the best looking tri suits 2019

12% Elastane combines with 88% nylon for the form-fitting body section and 92% polyester and 8% Elastane on the mesh, all contributing to unlimited stretching that easily reverts to its original form



Buying in a smaller size is recommended as material tends to sag in places when bought according to size