Hunting is a sport that requires a lot of silence, swift moves and concentration. In a sense, it’s almost like meditation. But it can also be a dangerous activity. So in order to claim your safety and to ensure everything goes as planned, you might want to look into a tree stand harness for sale. They are specially designed to respect all the camouflage rules and to make you invisible to an animal’s eye. And one of the best and most comfortable products on the market is Hunter Safety System Bowhunter, a model that mimics the environment you are in and lets you be flexible and organized at the same time. It has plenty of pockets for you to keep your gear in and it’s easy to use and sturdy enough to resist the roughness of the woods. If you own this item already or if you desire an alternative, then we recommend you Hunter Safety System Hybrid an equally affordable professional choice.



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No matter if you are standing in a tree or a plain field, you want to be safe and to have something to watch your back. And a tree harness is the best way to do so. A good product will help you camouflage, by having colors that match the color scheme of a tree and by being built of extra study materials so you can avoid accidents and to have a successful hunting trip. Below we showcased some of the top things to check twice before buying such a product, according to the expert bowhunter harness reviews.

Camouflage and safety concerns

Let’s face it, you are going to buy this type of item because you want to have a safety net and because it is going to help you disappear within the greens and browns of a forest when looking for your prey.

And you need it to be simple to use and intuitive, that in case an accident happens, to figure out how to get out of it quickly. All dangling straps and cords should be avoided so you won’t have to untangle everytime you make a move.

All the materials and the design should meet industry standards and should be tested before going on the market, since hanging from a tree is not a light issue or activity. A good product will combine all of these aspects in a good tree stand, and deliver them without having to make any extra buys.


Materials and lifespan

A successful climbing strap should make no compromises when it comes to the materials it is crafted from, because you might have your life depending on it, and you don’t want it to fail when it matters the most.

All the connecting pieces should be strong enough to take your weight and not break even if you use it very often. All the standards have to be respected and everything should fit nicely around your body. There are plenty of products on the market that are both cheap and have a premium built.

And since you are not going to use this for easy stuff, but rather for something that requires a lot of roughness and maneuverability, you want it to keep up with you. It should have resistant stitches and to be tension-free and elastic so it can survive all your tasks.


Is it comfortable?

If you want it to be comfortable when used numerous times, before buying a model make sure it matches your size or that it can be adjustable, so you ensure a good fit. A loose harness might be a health hazard, and one too tight will make your moves stiff and unnatural.

If it has bets and buckles that add an extra layer of security and personalization, even better. That is the mark of a well-designed model, and it is worth considering spending your money on it. The reviews of tree stand harnesses have made this pretty clear.

Also when you hang in the harness, it shouldn’t scratch or hurt your skin in any way, even if you spend many hours in it. And the user’s experience matters too, as an easy to use and to maintain product is preferable. This matters because hunting is already a very complicated experience.



Top Rated Tree Stand Harnesses in 2021


If you have made up your mind, and have decided that this is something you need in your life, then you will be glad to hear we’ve researched some of the best bowhunter harnesses the Internet has to offer. Below you have the best choices you can make if you care about quality and about the price tag.



Hunter Safety System Bowhunter


One of the primordial necessities of hunting is being safe. Heaps of accidents occur due to the fact that people overlook the safety measures that could help them avoid hurting themselves or others. And this product is the first step towards ensuring that throughout your hunting sessions, you have something to rely on.

The model is simple and has clean cuts and no straps that could confuse you or prevent you from enjoying your activities. It is lightweight and comfortable on your shoulders and around your waist. Therefore, it will be a pleasure to use it on all types of terrains like forests or swaps.

It can be worn all day without it hurting your skin, while still allowing you to be mobile and as quick as you wish, all in order to make snap decisions regarding your unpredictable prey. It is this make aspect that differentiates it from the competitors on the market, and that will satisfy your needs.

One other features that make the item such a good buy is that, unlike some other straps, the package includes some accessories to make your life easier, too. Some of these are the main tree strap, the instructions, the suspension relief and a DVD.  

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Hunter Safety System Hybrid


One new product, which could potentially become your favorite, is this clever model that has all the classic features you want and some modern ones meant to make your hunts uneventful. The harness is designed to be as light as possible, so you won’t even feel it wrapped around your body when you’re hunting.

The new addition to the already efficient craft is the scent eliminating technology, accurately named Elimishield. It takes advantage of the fiber of the product after the manufacturer applied a nanotechnology coating to transform it in such a way that it can eliminate human-related scents, so you can blend with your environment completely.

This innovative design, combined with the colors of the item, will take camouflage to a whole new level and will make you practically invisible to your prey. This will guarantee that after you finish you hunting trip, you won’t go home empty-handed.

Comfort is assured because the model is soft and lightweight, and flexibility is enhanced because this is made from a mix of materials that allows it to be elastic and sturdy at the same time. It also feels more comfortable while you use it because it has individually padded hexagons.  

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Hunter Safety System Treestalker


When you want a harness that is versatile, and that you could use to stalk prey of any kind and on any terrain, then you should take a look at this model. It comes in the tone Real Tree, and it will allow you to be stealthy and to become one with the natural background of your hunting object.

It is an option fitted for someone who moves a lot and doesn’t want to be blocked by the safety harness. It is specially designed to prevent that, and it is made of flexible elements that combined together create a product that is worth your attention. What’s even more, is that the item can be used for any type of weather, including rain.

The Right Fit™ zones, a patented design, allow the vest to wrap comfortably around the curvatures of your body, and they eliminate bulk from the built, so you won’t have to carry unnecessary loads while on the go or that make noises, which could potentially scare your hunt.

To ensure the fact you are buying a safe product, the piece is tested many times. Not only the sturdiness is proven but also its efficiency, two things that most reviews have said they are true.  

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