How to Choose the Right Toy Organizer


If you have kids, you know very well how hectic their room can become, easily cluttered with all kinds of toys, art supplies and many other items your children love playing with. Dealing with crying babies who no longer find their favorite toys in the chaos of their own making will do nothing for your nerves, so the best solution is to keep things organized. A great solution is to get a toy organizer that can make order in all that chaos. We read plenty of the best toy organizer reviews, and we found a few products that moms and dads absolutely love.

Best Toy Organizer


When you purchase items for your kids, there is always one thing that pops up as the most important, and that is safety. Kids can be pretty rambunctious, running all over the place and making you think there is actually an entire army marching through the house, which means that they do not always look where they are going. As all the furniture in their room, a toy organizer included should be sturdy enough so it cannot be toppled over, and the corners should be rounded, for safety reasons, as well.



There are many different types of toy organizers on the market right now, which may make your search a bit difficult. Taking into consideration the layout of your children’s room, see what type is best for your needs. Space conscious units, for instance, are usually taller, as they stack things vertically; they work best for small rooms. There are also units that offer easy access to kids, so they can place their toys back once they are finished with them, helping your little ones develop organization skills. Stackable models are also a solution if you need to continuously expand the storage space for your kids’ toys.


Easy to clean

Search for toy organizers that are easy to maintain, since there will be a lot of sticky dirty little fingers clamping on them from the first moment you bring the new item in. Opt for models made of easy to clean materials, so you do not have to worry about bacteria and germs spread all over the place.


Top Rated Toy Organizers in 2018


We decided to make the process of finding a good toy organizer easier for you. We searched through a vast number of the best toy organizer reviews and found three models that are greatly appreciated by moms and dads right now. You can pick your favorite from these three without any problems.


Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603


1.Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 Kids Toy OrganizerIf you are looking for a complete solution for organizing all your kids’ toys, the Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 Kids Toy Organizer most probably is exactly what you are looking for. Made of 12 different bins, it easily helps kids and you keep all the toys well organized on categories. This easy to access toy organizer is a children’s favorite, too, because it allows them to reach their favorite toys when in the mood for playing with them. Because the model is organized classroom style, it can offer your little ones a good introduction to school life, before getting there.

A model considered by many parents the best toy organizer 2018, the Honey-Can-Do SRT-01603 Kids Toy Organizer offers many advantages, besides being a great place for storing all the kids’ toys. The colorful bins are very attractive for kids, and they will learn much easier the importance of keeping their own things organized. All their cars, toys, art supplies, action figures and so on will find their rightful place in one of the bins available.

You, as a parent, will also love how easy is to take all the bins out and clean them well. The rounded corners make sure that children cannot hurt themselves, so all in all, this is a great buy.

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Tot Tutors Toy Organizer


2.Tot Tutors Toy OrganizerWhile many toy organizers sold on the market today are made of plastic, the Tot Tutors Toy Organizer is more tributary to an old school style and it is made of wood. Its appearance, however, is very modern and it offers all the advantages of a new toy organizer for your kids’ room.


Organized on four different tiers, this model helps you keep all the toys in their right places. The plastic bins are easy to reach and access, so your kids will love the organizer, too. You will find it easy to guide your children towards developing organization skills, by teaching them where to put their toys once they are done playing. Plus, this will help you save some time and energy on always having to put the toys back on your own.

All the bins are made of rugged plastic so they do not break easily. Available in two different sizes and four different colors, they are very useful in teaching your kids what goes where. You can detach the bins and use them around the house, when kids play somewhere else, and then easily place them back.

Fun and functional, this is one of the top rated toy organizers 2018 you can purchase right now.

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ECR4Kids Toy Storage Organizer


3.ECR4Kids Toy Storage OrganizerA toy organizer great both for a kids’ room or a classroom, the ECR4Kids Toy Storage Organizer is preferred by many, since it makes it so easy for you to keep toys organized and easy to use all the time. The sturdy rack accommodates plenty of bins decorated with playful colors that will make kids understand the difference between various categories of toys.

For children’s safety, the rack comes with rounded edges so the little ones cannot hurt themselves when playing and running around. Built to last, the toy organizer is very easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about bacteria and germs accumulation in the kids’ room or a classroom.

The 12 tote bins are easy to access, and your kids will absolutely love them. While the bins are made of plastic, the cross bars are made of steel, so the toy organized reviewed here is very durable and it cannot be toppled over by rambunctious kids.

With three tiers, you may think that this toy organizer will be taller, but it actually stands just 27.5 inches high. For this reason, all the tiers are easy to reach by children, which means that it can contribute to their development of organization skills.

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