Top rated toys for 3 year old kids in 2019


Your child`s favorite activity is playing, by doing this he not only has fun but also keeps on learning new things about the world he grows up in. The toys you choose for him, which he likes of course, have to be safe as well so he doesn`t harm himself while he is playing with them. I have made a selection of top toys for 3 year old kids in 2019 from which you may find something that suits your little one.


Select the best toy for your little child


Every parent understands the importance of playtime for their children. Playing with different toys will help children develop new hand eye coordination and perform complex skills. Childhood toys play an essential role in kid’s early development. How? Well, different play programs can help children develop dexterity, social skills, thinking and understand more about life. Now, if you have a 3 year old boy or girl then it is time to find a great toy. Finding a model from the best toys for 3 year old kids in 2019 ensures that your child will definitely smile and have a great time. There are a couple of things to take into consideration while choosing a toy. Start with the basics by taking into account the following: child’s gender, child’s interests, personality skills and physical limitations.

In order to understand better the whole process, you need to consult with attention the best toys for 3 year old kids reviews. It is important to find a toy that keeps the little one connected to fun and excitement. Children that don’t have interesting and fun toys usually end up growing upset, frustrated and disinterested about life. With the right toys children can interact with objects for their own amusement while working with pleasure on their motor and cognitive skills. There are special toys developed especially for 3 year old children, which take into account their needs. Most of the 3 year old toys focus mainly on physical play. So, as a parent you have many choices. You will see that toys are divided in two major categories: outdoor and indoor toys.

As the best toys for 3 year old kids reviews underlined, you have to take into account the child’s personality and playing patterns. For indoor play, you can opt for construction sets, markers, washable crayons, modelling clay, paints, books, board games which encourage creativity. There are practical toys that can help children develop life skills. For example you can opt for toy telephones, cash registers, town sets, beautiful doll houses and also furniture sets. Doctors pointed out on several occasions that if you want to encourage social skills, you need to find animated or humanlike toys. Children quickly identify with such characters, investing feelings and attention.

According to recent parental testimonials it seems that more and more children like read. Even from an early age, letters and a good story present a charming attractiveness that can’t be overlooked. Considered by many parents as the best toys for 3 year old kids in 2019, books represent an investment in the child’s early intellectual development. Take into account one important thing: your child is constantly learning and toys represent in turn companionship and friendship. If your child has communicational problems, try to find toys and interactive books that repeat phrases and offer lingual assistance. One thing is certain, with the right toy, you ensure the little one’s normal growth. To this particular end try not to jump into things and select a product in direct accordance with the little one’s characteristics.



Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School


A toy that is moslty used by girls which has a very high educational value while still being very fun to play with is the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn computer school. It covers five different school subjects so you child has very diverse playing and learnig options. It can even print worksheets for different activities and grade certificates, which for me is the most intresting feature that it has to offer. The best toy for 3 year old kids think very highly of this toy and recommend it to everyone.

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I bought the Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School for my kid when he is just 1 years old and until now she is using this. The product is really made for baby girls. It has a very nice color coating that can attract them to play and to enjoy what they are doing. At the same time, she is learning.” Latoya Wilkerson


TOMY Gearation Building Toy


The Tomy Gearation is another toy that will make your child have fun and also think and solve simple problems. It has 11 brightly colored gears which rotate and form a whole system which is imagined by your child. The gears stick to the magnetic surface and spin, turn in any direction so the end result is what your little one pictures in his head. For my child it proved very chalenging for his little mind and fun at the same time.

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The TOMY Gearation Building Toy can really challenge your child’s imagination and knowledge while playing in this toy. The product is really helpful in improving your child’s analytic mind. They can solve problem and can manage to do things accordingly. This product is worth the investment.”  Vernon McCarthy


Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box


Best toy for 3 year old kids reviewsThis toy, or better said set is a top choice according to the best toy for 3 year old kids reviews. For pre-school level what this set has to offer is ideal. Learning ABC`s and 123`s will be simple and fun for you child, aslo he will have the chance to color, cut papers into specific shapes and even learn how to tie their own shoelaces. I was impressed by the diversity it has to offer for a very affordable price.

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I really recommend the Alex Ready, Set, School Activity Box for every mothers out there. Your child will surely have fun with this product. This is based from the experience I have with this. My child really enjoys playing in this toy. At the same time, my baby learns while playing in this toy.” Rosanna Cammack


Leap Frog LeapPad1 Explorer Learning Tablet


A toy that manages to mix the latest technological developments, great learning methods and of course fun is the LeapFrop LeapPad1 learning tablet. Your child will be at one touch away from the option of either playing some fun and educational games or using the great apps or reading digital books. I loved also the camera that is integrated which can make some nice pictures and videos. This is truly one of the top toys for 3 year old kids in 2019.

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One of the best toys that I consider the best for any child is the Leap Frog LeapPad1 Explorer Learning Tablet. This toy is very much effective in training the child the basics of education. My child really enjoys this product so I can assure you that your child will enjoy this product also. ” Ollie Boger


Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System


The Leap Frog Leapster2 is another great educational toy from which your child can learn a great deal. Over 30 games can be palyed by your kids which are specially made for preschool kids but also for those who are in their first few years at school. My favorite feature is the fact that  the games cover a lot of different subjects from reading to mathematics and from science  to arts.

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Your baby will surely learn from the Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System. The product has all the features you are looking for an affective toy that will help your child improve, learn and develop. This product is one of a kind. It is effective and I can say that this will satisfy your need as a mother.” Deborah Weeks