What to Look for When Buying A Toto Toilet Seat?


Getting a good toilet seat can occasionally be a complicated adventure. Buyers must be aware of the shape of their toilet bowls, otherwise they risk picking the wrong model. Toilet seats come with various shapes and sizes. A greater amount of decorative elements might cost you a buck or too more than what a simple toilet seat might have made you spend. The fact of the matter is that people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it’s important to choose a product that speaks to their needs and one that offers the highest degree of comfort.


What to look for when buying the best toilets in 2021 and the proper toilet seat


Size and shape of the bowl

There are mainly two types of toilet bowls in the world today. Elongated ones have a length estimated at 18 or 19 inches, whereas their round counterparts are smaller in length and will have a size of about 16 inches. It’s important to know the specifications of your bowl, because otherwise you risk picking the wrong seat.

It’s obvious that a round toilet seat won’t fit an elongated bowl properly, and this also works the other way around. Most people have round bowls in their homes. On the other hand, elongated ones can be found in public places, because they’re considered to be more sanitary.



Toilet seats are made of plain plastic, wood or polypropylene. Most people like turning their seats into decorative objects and will sometimes pick a colorful model and ignore the material the product is made of. It’s quite important to keep in mind that your toilet seat has to be easy to clean and allow no water or urine penetrate its surface.

Plastic toilet seats come in various colors and may feature different decorations. They’re easy to clean and are among the cheapest items from the class.

Wood toilet seats are said to be resistant. At the same time, it is believed that they offer increased comfort. People usually buy them because of their earthy colors.

Polypropylene seats are becoming more and more popular because they’re a sturdy alternative to the old plastic ones. Moreover, buyers can even use their creativity to dye them by themselves.


Does the toilet seat of your choice come with features for disabled people?

Choosing a proper toilet seat depends on personal taste and on bodily functions. If you are a disabled person or live with one, nowadays you can choose from a wide variety of models that speak to these exact people. A toilet from Kohler is a great choice in this case.


Top Rated Toto Toilet Seats in 2021



Toto SW584#01 Washlet S350e


This product is among the best toilet seats out there. It is specifically designed for elongated bowls, so if you have one in your home, this is a great alternative for you.

The seat is heated. Users can even select the exact temperature they prefer, thanks to a cutting-edge technology that you can master via a remote control. One specific feature of the product is bound to amaze its users, because it comes with a memory and is capable of remembering the preferred settings of two users.

This toilet seat takes the hassle out of finding your way around the bathroom in the middle of the night. The boal and the seat are illuminated with a soft white light. The flush type of the seat is electronic and it is capable of deodorizing the air inside the bowl. Moreover, customers claim that getting this particular product will make one cut toilet paper expenses by 90%, because the item helps one get cleaned up with a front and a rear warm water flow.

In spite of the complexity of the product, various buyers state that the installation process isn’t complicated and that the only thing that could be a little tricky is taking care of water connections.

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TOTO SS154#01


As is the case of the aforementioned model, this seat also speaks to people that own elongated toilet bowls. Although it might look like an unusually cheap variant, it lets you have your cake and eat it. It’s simple yet versatile and will decrease the chance of consumers getting hurt. Moreover, the manufacturers focused their efforts on designing an item that can’t get broken in virtue of seat slamming.

The design of the seat is ergonomic and it features some bumpers that increase the comfort of users. Regarding the material it’s made of, it was produced using high-quality polypropylene that was gradually improved to make it resistant to impact. Not only physical factors pose a risk to the integrity of the seat, but also chemical ones. The model we’re discussing can’t be affected by chemicals and cleaning liquids.

TOTO offers a one year limited warranty, which basically means that you have 365 days at your disposal to return the seat whenever you feel like it doesn’t fit your needs.

Customers claim that the item is sturdier than others belonging to the same category and it’s praised for the easiness with which it can be installed. Many people speak highly of its quality and even of its modern design.

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TOTO SS204#01


The new Toto Contemporary SoftClose is a wonderful addition to your bathroom. It comes with a great set of features, with a high resistance to impact and it will surely improve the general design of your toilet. It’s made of high-impact plastic that will traditionally last for many years to come.

Similarly to the model we’ve presented above, it also addresses users that own elongated toilet bowls. However, this one impresses with the technology that was employed in its development, because it’s particularly focused on enhancing the bathroom experience of its buyers. It molds perfectly on the bowl, as long as you know its exact size. This item has a length of 18 inches, a width of 14 inches and a height of 3 inches.

Since TOTO is among the most well-known brands of toilet seats, the company is set on manufacturing high-quality products. Subsequently, this item is also resistant to chemical substances and other cleaning factors.

According to multiple customers, the product is easy to install, particularly because it comes with a set of tightening mounting bolts. Users even claim that although they were tempted to choose a cheaper product in the beginning, they were eventually satisfied with this purchase.

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