Professsional Buying Advice on Tool Pouches


Since few jobs like those of an electrician or plumber hardly require just one tool, you will have to equip yourself with one of the units featured in the best tool pouch reviews. Keeping your tools together, a tool pouch guards against loss and damage while providing easy access to your work essentials. Before shopping for this type of accessory, you need to know what important aspects to check out in a tool pouch.

Best tool pouch


Designed to meet the needs of specific contractors such as electricians or plumbers, the products in the best tool pouch reviews are intended for use by occasional and frequent do-it-yourselfers. The pouch may be movable, fixed in place or anchored.

An anchored pouch is typically worn in the front. A moveable pouch can be worn off to the back or side. A tool pouch can be outfitted with a wide variety of pockets ranging from a small four-pocket pouch to a product with eighteen or more pockets. The tool pouch may have small pockets for holding nails and fasteners. Large pockets can hold drills and other tools.

A single-pocket pouch can be clipped to a belt and is designed to hold nails and small tools.



The best tool pouch 2018 can usually include hammer loops along with other handy features. Since fasteners and tools often come with pointy ends that could easily damage clothing, it is best to ensure that the tool pouch is equipped with reinforced corners that can effectively prevent tears and rips on clothing.

Since the tool pouch can become quite heavy once loaded with different accessories and tools for the job, make sure the pouch has strong suspenders that aid in distributing the weight evenly, preventing stress on your back and sides so you can continue working comfortably even for long periods of time.


Material and Usability

The top rated tool pouches 2018 are often constructed of saddle leather since leather continues to be a popular material for this type of gear. Suede and top-grain are both frequently used as well. Leather proves to be resilient against tears and punctures, as it is a durable material. Some pouches are also manufactured using nylon and synthetic materials such as 600 denier poly.

Tool pouches may come with a webbed loop to which you can attach a tape measure. Some tool pouches have sleeve pockets that allow multiple storage options. Users may opt for either left- or right-handed accommodation to go with a tool belt. Some tool pouches attach to a tool belt via a slotted design, while others attach with a rear clip. Some units offer a dual fastening system for flexibility of use.

Make sure the tool pouch accommodates the tools you need to do work, with enough pockets on it to hold and organize everything without the items easily falling out.


Top Rated Tool Pouches in 2018


Plumbers and electricians work with a variety of devices, necessitating the use of a tool pouch to hold tools and other accessories and keep them within easy reach. Anyone who buys this type of gear should be equipped with enough information on which products carry the best characteristics that can make tool carrying a breeze. The products described below will help you make a genuinely sensible buy.



Greenlee 0258-14


1.Greenlee 0258-14The Greenlee 0258-14 is designed to allow you to carry all the necessary tools for daily jobs. It provides easy tool access and storage. The pouch can be simply fastened to a belt up to three inches wide and carried with you anywhere your job takes you. This means you won’t have to lug around a large and heavy tool box every time, so you can keep your hands free when climbing ladders, lifting construction materials and other work chores. The four compact pockets offer easy tool access and stability thanks to the superb pocket design that keeps everything from moving around or falling out of the storage gear.

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DeWalt DG5103


2.DeWalt DG5103The DeWalt DG5103 is equipped with a large main pocket along with a smaller front pocket to allow convenient access to tools and accessories. This handy tool organizer offers multiple storage options thanks to the built-in sleeve pockets and web loops. The rear clip is designed for easy attachment of the tool pouch to a belt with a maximum width of 2.75 inches. Made of durable ballistic poly fabric, the tool pouch is outfitted with reinforced edges for extra wear protection. It also comes with a handy large sleeve to accommodate a large tool or a flashlight. The electrical tape strap and the carabiner for keys ensure you have all the essentials for the job.

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McGuire-Nicholas 804 The Organizer


3.McGuire-Nicholas 804 The OrganizerThe McGuire-Nicholas 804 The Organizer got its name for a reason. Outfitted with two large and three small pockets, this tool pouch is an excellent work wear that keeps tools and work accessories handy and nicely organized. The tool pouch offers dual fastening via a tunnel belt loop or a metal clip so you can use what you prefer to attach it to your apparel. It even has a webbed loop to which you can attach a tape measure. The pocket edges are reinforced to ensure resilience against tearing. Constructed of 600d polyester, the tool pouch is made for the DIYer and small jobs.

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Bucket Boss 54140


4.Bucket Boss 54140The Bucket Boss 54140 is constructed of poly ripstop/600d poly-material consisting of 5 percent PE, 15 percent PP, 14 percent PVC, 34 percent poly and 2 percent ferric. This composite build ensures strength and durability. The Flap Fit enables the tool pouch to fit inside the pocket of pants or over a belt. Geared to carry the vital tools for the job, the Bucket Boss 54140 has nine pockets and eight tool loops, along with clips to hold your keys, tape measure or other tools. The web loop accommodates tape rolls. Keeping your hands free to handle other job needs, the tool pouch is a must for specific contractors.

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Tools & More Husky


5.Husky from Tools & MoreThe Husky Large Multi Tool Pouch is well constructed and is designed to accommodate small tools. Constructed to be a side tool pouch, this product has front-mounted slim pockets to accommodate a couple of screwdriver heads or a work pencil and pen. Constructed of 1680 denier spun-tuff heavy-duty water-resistant material, the tool pouch has three pockets in all to accommodate work tools. The grommet at the top allows you to hang the pouch when not in use, ensuring that your tools aren’t displaced. The dual purpose clip/loop on the back enables you to either clip the pouch on your belt or put your belt through the loop.

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