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I am one of the people who loves to keep their bathroom as pristine as possible. I am not a germaphobe but I am obsessed with keeping my bathroom – especially my toilet, in good shape. And since I am turning my barn into a studio for my photography hobby, I am planning to install a toilet in it to make it homier and more convenient. I am looking for the best toilets 2019 that I can use in the new bathroom. There are some really good suggestions coming from the best toilet reviews and they helped me find these items.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Shape xxx Water Consumption No. of pieces Our Rating Where to buy

American Standard Town Square Concealed Trapway RH

Elongated $$$$ 1.28 GPF 2 A+ AMAZON

American Standard Champion-4

Elongated $$$$ 1.6 GPF 1 A AMAZON

Kohler K-3950-0 Tresham

Elongated $$$ 1.28 GPF 2 A+ AMAZON

American Standard H2Option

Elongated $$ 1.6 GPF 2 B+ AMAZON

TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia

Elongated $$$ 1.6 GPF 2 B+ AMAZON



American Standard Town Square Concealed Trapway RH Elongated Toilet


Are you looking for a toilet with a top-rated flushing performance? According to the toilet reviews 2019 for the best toilets on the market, the American standard elongated toilet is definitely a great pick. It has water saving mechanism that flushes everything inside the bowl without consuming a lot of water. The powerwash rim feature guarantees a clean bowl every time after flushing. It is very comfortable to sit on and it looks a lot better than standard toilets.

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American Standard Champion-4 Elongated Toilet


One of the most popular units in the toilet reviews 2019 is the American standard one-piece elongated toilet which earned a lot of positive feedback because of its impressive flushing performance. It can move 70% larger mass than the standard toilets on the market – and it flushes three times faster as well. With this toilet, you can guarantee a cleaner flush while saving a lot of water. You can sit comfortably on it, it flushes effectively and quietly.

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KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham Two-Piece Elongated Toilet


Conserve water as you effectively flush your toilet with the Kohler K-3950-0two-piece elongated toilet. This is a sophisticated toilet with an extraordinary design and it is perfect for bigger bathrooms. Its power jet flushing action is the reason why it is very popular on the market. You can assure 100% clean flushing while saving up to 16,500 water gallons a year. It is a very efficient toilet, it is very comfortable to sit on, and has a vintage design. It’s ideal for people who are looking for a good toilet for low water pressure.

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American Standard H2Option Elongated Two-Piece Toilet


Best Toilets 2019Keep your toilet clean and pristine with this white two-piece elongated toilet seat. It operates with H2Option dual-flush system which lets you flush everything without using too much water. There is a pressurized rim that traps air inside the chamber. The jet-powered siphon maintains the water level as the toilet flushes, keeping the bowl clean. You can easily maintain its clean and shiny surface with its Everclean surface in and out.

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TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Elongated Two-Piece Toilet


The TOTO CST412MF elongated two-piece toilet is considered as one of the best toilets 2019 because of its impressive dual-max flush system that consumes very little water while completely flushing everything. The elongated skirt is intended for a comfortable seat. It has a very standard design that works great for all kinds of toilet aragements. The surface is designed for easy maintenance and it is made of high quality material.

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