Do you find yourself in a hurry and you don’t have time to spend online, looking for a good toilet tank cleaner? We believe you, there are dozens of products to choose from. Luckily, we sorted through toilet tank cleaner reviews and after gathering all the necessary information we concluded that the best toilet tank cleaner available for sale is the Iron Out IO65N. It is a product that is great at dissolving rust and iron, turning them into a clear, soluble substance that is quite easy to remove without scrubbing. Since it doesn’t contain any harsh or abrasive substances, this type of cleaner is safe to use on different surfaces, not just your toilet tank. We are talking about cleaning toilets, sinks, tubs and even white clothes. If you find that this product is currently unavailable for whatever reason, then we recommend that you look for the Dometic D1112001.



Buying guide


If you are looking to find the best cleaner for toilet tanks, then you might have a difficult job in doing so on the internet since there are so many products from which you’ll have to choose. Luckily, we managed to put together this comprehensive buying guide that is sure to help you find exactly what you look for in a toilet tank cleaner and best of all, without causing too much trouble.

What are they made from?

Toilet tank cleaners seem like mundane, ordinary household items that can be found anywhere. Like with any cleaning product you might want to take extra measures to make sure you know exactly what are they made from.

Some come with health warnings that might make you want to hold your nose, put it down and run away to find your mother. There are plenty of products that require caution, otherwise, they might lead to irreversible eye damage or skin burns while others are not recommended to be used by persons with heart conditions.

A quick piece of advice would be always to read the label and instructions before you plan to purchase or use a cleaning product.


Is it safe?

There were tests where some ceramic tiles were machine manipulated to look like the ones from a toilet tank, and plenty of liquids were judged to be worthy of the ‘cleaner’ title, meaning that they did their job in cleaning the mess.

However, as we already said, you need to make sure that the chemicals inside make it safe to use for you and the environment as well. There aren’t many products on the market that have every ingredient on the label, and if they do, not everybody knows if it is safe or not.

Best thing to do in an ideal world would be to look up each term you don’t know and find out exactly what is inside the container. But we live in a crazy, busy world and you can’t find too many people who would gladly spend their time on finding out what is inside of their desired toilet tank cleaner.

Luckily, you can find some liquids that are good for cleaning, and they are made from chemicals that won’t harm you or the environment. Why should you care for the environment? Let’s take it this way, almost every human possesses a toilet and if everyone is cleaning their toilets with harmful chemicals then what would that mean for the water?


How to use the toxic stuff

Until we reach that day and age when everything is completely safe to use we have to play the cards that we were dealt with. That means we have to use toxic stuff once every often, even if we don’t necessarily agree with this. There are a few ways in making sure you can use them without exposing you too much to risks.

You can reserve the use of a toxic cleaner for when it is absolutely necessary, that means to clean your toilet to disinfect in case of an illness or to remove rust and stains. You should ventilate after using heavy-duty chemicals and take heed of the instructions written on the container.



Top Rated Toilet Tank Cleaners in 2022


Products that contain hydrochloric acid are excellent at cleaning your toilet tank, but they could pose some serious hazards so pay attention while using it and don’t leave your kids to touch them.



Iron Out IO65N


This toilet tank cleaner from Summit Brands has a pretty self-explanatory name meaning that it is great at removing rust and stains from toilet tanks and so much more. Your bathroom could greatly benefit from this item as it not only cleans toilets but sinks, tubs too and it doesn’t stop in just your bathroom. It is capable of cleaning dishwashers, water softeners, and even white clothes.

You don’t need to scrub your nails off in order to clean the hardened minerals and rust from your toilet tank. This product is capable of dissolving rust and iron, turning them into a clear, soluble state that you’ll just have to rinse off, leaving you impressed to see that the mess disappeared without a trace.

The liquid inside the container was not made by using harsh or abrasive chemicals, this means that it is completely safe to use on delicate surfaces. Also, it is an absolute crowd pleaser, as many reviews keep it in high regard as one of the better cleaning products out there.

Forget about having to spend hours on cleaning your toilet tank. Intensive scrubbing and other such labors will seem like a nuisance from the past since this effective cleaner will do the job for you.

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Dometic D1112001


If you are sick and tired of cleaning products that not only work poorly in cleaning your toilet tank but also stink up the whole bathroom, then you might fall completely in love with this product.

The D1112001 from Dometic is an item that combines an air freshener, a bowl cleaner and a tank treatment to form a superhero among cleaning products. Everybody loves lavender, and that’s why its manufacturers made sure to incorporate this scent into it in order to make sure that you won’t run away from the smell.

It comes as a pack that is capable of dissolving quickly resulting in an effervescent cleaning action that will remove any mess from your toilet, and it will leave nothing behind but a sweet purple smell of lavender.

It is capable of absolutely breaking down waste and toilet tissue, and it keeps the tank’s interior clean as well. For those that love to travel across the country and they find themselves in possession of a camper this product, it will seem as if it was made for them.

It is also an item that gathered plenty of positive results and that means more than any advertisement since the opinion of its users is unbiased and is based solely on experience.

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Scotch 1806


We all know how hard it is to remove hardened minerals from inside of the toilet tank and if you find yourself in this case as well, then this product might seem suitable to help you. Cleaning products have been made in order to make our lives easier, and the 1806 choice does just that.

It is capable of removing hardened minerals, such as the build-up of calcium, rust and hard water deposits that can otherwise stick around for a long time without budging. It is perfectly able to clean your toilet tank while also prolonging the life of toilet components which can be quite expensive and difficult to replace.

Unlike other products, this one won’t leave an unpleasant smell behind which would make you leave your apartment and find somewhere else to live your life. After you use it to clean your toilet tank you’ll be happy to find yourself in a bathroom filled with a fresh scent.

It is an affordable solution to everyday problems because just as the toilet bowl needs to be cleaned so does the tank. By using it, you will get rid of that ugly, dirty look of the tank and in doing so you’ll help your toilet live a while longer.

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