Learn to buy a toilet that fits with your bathroom


In every home the bathroom is a place where men and women handle their business in comfort. On this note, a growing number of people are searching for a reliable toilet seat, designed to fit well in a wide range of spaces. The first thing that you have to do is measure the bathroom. You have to measure the distance between the toilet and the wall behind it. According to recent statistics it seems that the standard measure is 12-in, even though you can encounter 10-in or 14-in. There are homes with one or two bathrooms, which require big or small toilet seats. Fortunately the present toilet seats available for purchase can match the needs of any bathroom. You have to pay attention to a couple of details in order to safely invest in a reliable model.

We managed to read professional reviews on the best toilets and discovered three traits that make them efficient. It is important to know and use them as a guide to recognize the best product money can buy.


  1. Advanced flush valve

A good toilet seat needs to flush fast waste. When needed, the flush valve should work without problems. This is why you have to make sure that the valve pushes water into the bowl. There are many institutions that test the flush valve force and capacity to guide water in the right direction. It is important to have complete control over the toilets basic functions. On this note, the flush valve needs to be strong enough to resist recurrent use. Taking into account that people use the toilet every day, the valve should keep the flushing system operational.


  1. EverClean surface

In the last decade people had one important problem with toilet seats: stains and waste remnants. Even though brushes can be used to clean the respective areas, some manufacturers thought to make the cleaning task easier. For maximum protection and positive results we recommend a bidet toilet seat equipped with EverClean surfaces. Highly praised by specialists, EverClean antimicrobial surfaces on the outside and inside of the toilet will ensure less mess than with regular toilet models. It is important to know that the EverClean surface safely inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria. In other words the toilet seat will be safer to use!

  1. Material quality

A growing number of people are searching for the best toilet for small bathroom. Fortunately the market’s offer helps a lot. One of the most important aspects of a toilet is the materials used to construct it. There are many types of materials for toilet design. According to recent surveys it seems that most of them are made of durable plastic, porcelain or even aluminum. Still, the aluminum models are relatively new to the market. Most people are not accustomed to see a silver toilet in their bathroom. There is a level of traditionalism when it comes to bathroom toilet seats.


American Standard 2034.014.020 

Searching for a reliable toilet seat may prove to be quite an exciting task. In our search for the best toilet for low water pressure we came across the 2034.014.020 Champion from American Standard. This one-piece toilet comes equipped with the exclusive EverClean antimicrobial surface which significantly reduces the spread of bacteria and odor. It features a 4-inch accelerator flush valve which makes flushing a breeze. The model consumes only 6.0 liters with each flush. The Champion toilet includes a wide open trapway which can move waste with no problems whatsoever. It is also backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty!

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Camco 41541 Portable Toilet


During long camping trips it is useful to have around the best portable toilet. For positive experiences and minimal fuss we recommend the 41541 portable toilet from Camco. What makes this particular model so special? Designed especially for outdoor recreational activities this toilet is made of durable polyethylene material. It can resist in diverse weather conditions. The 41541 toilet has a 5.3 gallon tank which is fully detachable. It also features a special sealing slide valve which accurately locks away odor and protects against any leakage. Easy to use and pretty affordable the toilet seat weighs only 11.5 lbs when empty. Many would recommend the toilets from Kohler when it comes to quality vs dimension but if you take price into account as well, Camco is much better from our perspective.


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