All you need to know before choosing a new tent


Camping can be a fun adventure for you and your family. It gives you a chance to spend some time outside, and enjoy a wide range of activities. Whether you are planning on fishing or exploring new wilderness trails, there is one piece of equipment that is necessary for a comfortable night outside. The best tents will not only shelter you from the elements, it should also be safe and practical to use.

Finding the right outdoor tent can be difficult, and even frustrating. There are several different types to choose from, and they are all designed with a specific use in mind. To help you sleep safely and comfortably on your next camping trip we have put together a buying guide that also includes helpful tent reviews. We hope this will not only help you find the right tent, but one that it is also affordable.

Determine your Budget

The first step to finding the best tent is to decide how much you are willing to spend. Buying a tent is an investment and the most important camping accessory you will own. Your budget will also decide what type of extra features your tent will include, like venting windows or an extra door. Once you have determined your price range, you will find it easier to find the perfect tent for your next camping adventure.


Decide Where You Will Use It

Tents are designed with a specific use in mind, and where you go camping the most will help to determine what type is best suited for you. There are three main types of tents, and each one has its own advantages. Campground tents are lightweight and easily portable, but are not designed to protect you in severe weather conditions. Trail tents are also easy to carry and set up, and the sturdier construction can withstand harsher climates. If you frequently find yourself camping on the edges of civilization a wilderness tent was designed with you in mind.


Seasons Make a Difference

The time of year that you most often go camping is an important factor when you are looking for the best tents. A 3 season tent is designed for the warmer months, and will keep you dry during spring and summer rain storms. These types of tents feature a lightweight design that helps to keep you cool at night. While a 3 season tent won’t keep harsh winter winds out, they can still be comfortably used during the cooler fall months.

Four season tents are designed to be used all year, and are perfect for the avid camper. The best 4 season tent will keep you cool during the hot summer months and warm when it is freezing outside. The all weather tents feature protective panels that can be quickly zipped into place when the snow starts to fall. While these tents are slightly more expensive, it is well worth the investment if you plan on camping all year long.


Tent Size

If you are planning on solo camping trips, or simply want to sleep alone the best tents for you will generally be small, portable and easy to set up. The amount of equipment that will be stored in the tent should also be considered, along with how you will be carrying it. The width of a tent is determined by the listed floor size, which should be taken into account if you are traveling with a large camping group.

The height of the tent is also important, especially if you want to be able to comfortably move around. If you need plenty of storage space or are traveling with a large group, a cabin tent might be ideal for you. The large square shape gives you plenty of sleeping and storage room, while the high ceilings let you comfortably stand up when you move around.

If you only need a small and easily portable sleeping tent you might want to consider one that is domed or hooped. According to tent reviews these compact tents are sturdy, easier to set up, and are still able to maximize its smaller space. Domed tents offer slightly more height and are the easiest to set up, while the smaller hoop tents are generally less expensive and require the use of anchoring stakes.

4.2 Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

Buying Your Tent

While some outdoor enthusiast suggest that you only purchase you new tent for a specialty dealer, this actually isn’t necessary in order to buy one of the best tents of 2018. While you probably don’t want to buy a tent from a classified ad or local grocery store, online shopping is a safe and secure option. Not only can you find and purchase your new tent from the comfort of your home, it is also easy to check the seller’s online business reputation.

Online customer reviews and satisfaction ratings are good ways to tell if you will receive the product that you ordered. Online purchasing can also save you time and money, especially if coupons, sales, and even website deals are applied. Don’t be afraid to contact the website’s customer service number, which can also give you an idea of the seller’s reputation.


Most popular tent types & brands


Best Canopy Tent


Considered the best tents for backyard parties or to add an elegant touch to any outdoor occasion, the protective canopy can keep your guests out of the weather. Canopy tents are lightweight and can be set up in minutes, and are manufactured from a water resistant fabric. The open aired tents can protect your guests from the hot afternoon sun, and provide an ideal place to put the food for your party. Canopy tents also include a supporting frame that should be lightweight yet durable. You want to be able to comfortably set up the frame, yet it should still be able to stand up to strong gusts of wind.

You want a canopy tent that can stand up to sudden gusts of wind, and shielded your guests from the rain. These tents can also be erected over dance floors, so you should consider a canvas party tent that does not have a center pole. Since these open aired tents only have a canvas covering, they are often more affordable than other options. Party tents are available in a wide range of sizes and colors, which makes it easy to find the perfect one to fit your outdoor occasion.

The Wenzel Smartshade Canopy is one of the top rated temporary shade tents, and it adds a festive touch to any outdoor party. The sturdy steel frame can withstand strong gusts of wind, and it features a durable canopy that is rain and UV resistant. The height can be adjusted according to your party needs, and it also includes a convenient carrying bag. It can be assembled and torn down in minutes for easy storage, and all of your points and guylines are also included with the canopy tent. One feature that makes these temporary tents stand out is the removable storage mesh that keeps it protected when you are not using it. This eliminates the need for last minute touchups before your party starts.

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Best Camping Tent


2One of the most commonly used tents for camping are the sturdy dome shaped ones. These camping tents are available in a wide range of sizes, and are easy to set up. The lightweight and portable design only adds to its popularity. Domed tents are also called flexible pole tents, and this refers to its design. The flexible support pole is what gives this type of tent its name and shape, and some of the larger models use two bendable poles that cross in the center of the tent.

Some of the advantages to using this type of camping tent include the additional height that you get with the domed ceiling. Many of the larger dome tents also include removable panels to let you create separate rooms inside. The flexible poles can occasionally be difficult for one person to handle, but this is normally only a problem on the larger tents designed to accommodate multiple sleepers. An important safety tip to remember is that the larger sized domed tents might not offer the same stability as other models in extremely windy conditions.

According to tent reviews one of the best camping tents is the Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent. Its larger design makes it ideal for family or group camping trips, and it includes three dividers so you can all have a bit of privacy. This also makes this Coleman tent ideal for larger scouting groups, and family camping trips. It is easy to set up with the accompanying instructions, and its weather resistant design will keep everyone warm and dry in any season.

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Best Beach Tent


3You love feeling the sand under your feet while you are playing on the beach, but this quickly changes when it is time to go to sleep. Listening to the waves crashing on the shore is peaceful and relaxing, unless the sand and water are slowly seeping into your tent. The ideal tent for camping on the beach will have a durable floor mat that is also attached. This will help keep water and sand out, and on some tents it overhangs so it can also double as a privacy door.

If you are planning a beach camping trip, the tent should also include a line for drying wet towels and bathing suits. Since most of these tents are domed, height is rarely an issue. Being able to stand up and move around inside of the beach tent makes it easier to change out of your wet clothes. Other factors to consider include stability against ocean breezes, and UV protection is a definite plus. Chances are there won’t be a lot of shade trees growing at your beachfront location. You also want a tent that is easy to set up so you can spend more time enjoying your camping trip.

A favorite beach tent with consumers is the Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade. Campers love the fact that the floor mat can also function as a privacy door, and along with the drying line there are 4 convenient pockets on the sides of the tent. Keep sunglasses and sunscreen conveniently close by, and this tent also has a SPF rating of 50. The durable stakes are longer than usual for additional height, and to give you welcome relief from the sun during your fun filled camping trip.

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Best Coleman Tent


4Some of the best tents of 2018 are manufactured by Coleman. A leader in producing high quality outdoor products, its tents are durable, weather resistant, and affordable. The company has been creating long lasting camping tents of all sizes for over a hundred years, and some of its most popular models are the ones designed for family and extended camping trips.

Whether you are taking your children on an outdoor camping adventure, or are planning an extended vacation with your friends there is a Coleman tent that has everything you need to sleep soundly outdoors. The lightweight design makes them easy to carry to remote locations, and the sturdy support poles can be attached in minutes. Comfort and convenience are also taken into consideration with these camping tents. Some Coleman tents include electrical ports that make roughing it a breeze, and all include weather proof fabric with leaf proof seams to keep you and your camping buddies warm and dry no matter the weather.

A commonly used tent for extended camping trips that can also comfortably sleep larger groups of people is the Coleman Montana 8 tent. It is able to sleep up to eight campers comfortably, and it also includes a convenient electrical access port so you can charge batteries, and your phone when you are camping closer to civilization. Like all of Coleman’s outdoor products this tent is durable, weather resistant, and includes a one year warranty. It also features windows for ventilation and is also one of the only tents that feature a hinged door.

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Best Canvas Tent


5If you are planning an extended camping trip that might also include some recreational fishing or hunting, you should consider purchasing a quality canvas tent. Constructed with a waterproof and durable material, these tents can keep you warm and dry during wet hunting trips. The canvas fabric also improves air flow, which can be important if the only bathing facility is the stream that you are fishing in.

You will also want to make sure the frame is strong enough to handle sudden gusts of wind. While canvas tents are not intended for camping trips in freezing temperatures, the waterproof design makes them ideal for the wet and rainy spring camping season. Since these tents are often taken on longer camping trips, you also want to find one that has plenty of room inside. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or just spending a week outdoors, you want a canvas tent that includes a space to put all of your gear. One type of material you will want to avoid is synthetic fabrics, and any that use an oil based coating for the weather protection.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Canvas tent is becoming popular on longer camping trips, and includes everything you need so you can concentrate on nothing more than relaxing and enjoying yourself. The duck canvas is not only watertight, it is also breathable for your comfort at night. With a height of 6’6″, chances are there is plenty of room for you to move around. Two zippered doors also improve ventilation, along with the 4 non see through windows. While the additional room for storage is a bonus, what makes this one of the best tents of 2018 is its large shade awning. Hunt and fish during the day, and relax at night and catch a beautiful sunset.

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Best Backpacking Tent


6There is nothing like taking a few days off and going backpacking. Exploring different trails and revisiting favorite camping spots can be a fun and relaxing adventure. While sleeping under the stars can be pleasant, chances are you also want to have the option of using a tent. Since you will be doing plenty of hiking you want to fine one that is lightweight and portable. You also want to ensure that you can easily set it up by yourself.

Other things to consider include whether the tent is waterproof, since the best hiking trips include plenty of mud and rain. The size of the tent definitely matters since you will be carrying on your back, and the perfect one will feature a one pole design. A mesh liner or breathable canvas covering can keep you cool at night, and help to circulate the air flow. Even if you are the only one using the tent air flow is important after a couple of days of backpacking.

Hikers are beginning to notice the Coleman Hooligan 2 Person Tent, and many consider it the best 4 season tent. It is large enough to comfortably sleep two campers, and is well ventilated for when you go on longer backpacking trips. It can be quickly set up by one person, and is able to keep you dry through windy downpours. This backpacking tent will also keep you warm during cold, harsh weather. Since it only requires one pole for staking, it is easy to carry on your toughest hikes. One other innovative feature is the small loop on the ceiling that will hold your flashlight.

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Best Tent Cot


7If you frequently find yourself camping on squishy ground or you simply don’t want to risk anything crawling into bed with you, a tent cot might be the perfect solution. These innovative tents are raised off of the ground so you are safe from snakes and bugs. While this may be the perfect solution to get you to sleep comfortably outside, there are a few factors that you should consider.

Since you are sleeping off of the ground the legs and the mattress base should be durable and stable. While it’s nice to be away from whatever is crawling around, you certainly don’t want to wake up when your tent cot falls to the ground. The canvas enclosure should be waterproof and still allow airflow, and most tent cots can also be converted into a lounge chair. Storage should also be considered since you don’t have a traditional tent floor, and placing your gear on the cot is not a practical option. Racks included on top are a helpful feature, and give you a place to store your gear that is safe and out of the way.

Wary campers love the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot with is stable and sturdy legs and base. It is long enough to comfortably sleep a full grown adult, and it can be set up in just a few seconds. Not only will this tent cot keep you safely off the ground, its waterproof design can keep you dry during the spring downpours. Enjoy sleeping outside with friends and family with this convenient tent cot.

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Best Teepee Tent


8Even though many of these tents are only made for backyard camping in warmer temperatures, you simply can’t beat its fun design. Kids love sleeping in the tents, and they can easily be pitched in your backyard. That way you can still keep an eye on them, while your child begins developing a lifelong love of nature. There are some tepee style tents that are larger and can sleep several campers, but those are usually reserved for group or themed camping trips.

Instead if you are looking for a tepee tent, most parents look for an affordable one that was designed to withstand active children. Even though the tent will probably stay close to home, there are some safety features to consider both letting you child play in it. All canvas children’s tents should be safety rated, and this also includes being flame resistant. Sturdy support poles are important for safety, and you should also make sure there are not any guylines that could present a hazard to active children.

The Pacific Play Authentic Teepee Tent is one of the few play tents that meets both parents and children’s expectations. To ease worried parents concerns over safety, this teepee tent meets all of the requirements of ASTM. The cotton canvas covering and wooden support poles are also treated with a safe chemical free fire retardant. You child will love the authentic tepee design and easy open flap, and you’ll enjoy the fact that it is safe, durable, and affordable.

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Best Wenzel Tent


9If you are looking for one of the best family tents of 2018, then chances are you are looking at one of the durable Wenzel tents. Family camping trips can be a great time for bonding and creating cherished memories, but only if you and your family are sleeping comfortably at night. The large Wenzel tents are roomy, durable, and most importantly affordable.

The tents often give you the option of using a divider for a separate area, which can be important when privacy is required. Other features that you will want to look for in your new Wenzel tent is that it is lightweight enough for you to carry to your campsite. Stability, air flow, and weatherproofing are also important, and keeping your family dry during a rainy night can often be a deciding factor on whether you’ll go camping again. You also want a tent that is easy to put up, since patience is rarely a virtue when you are camping with your kids.

Many families are choosing the Wenzel Klondike Family Cabin Dome Tent which is large enough to comfortably sleep a large family of eight. The domed tent gives you the height you need to stand up, and you even have the option of using the included screen area as another room for sleeping. What makes this tent truly unique is the mesh roof that is ideal for star gazing. It can also be covered during rainy weather. It is lightweight enough for you to carry by yourself, and you can also set it up with only a little bit of help.

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With so many different styles of tents to choose from it can be difficult to find the right one for you. To help you make an informed decision, we have created this website with the goal of helping you find the perfect tent for any occasion. Whether the tent is needed to create a temporary shelter for an outdoor party or an extended camping trip, we want you to be able to make the right choice. We have included informative tent reviews, along with a buying guide that is intended to make sure that your money is spent on a durable, sturdy, and weatherproof tent. Once you have found the right tent, we hope you have fun on your next camping adventure.