Top rated telescopes in 2022


No matter if you are a passionate galaxy explorer or just a start watching enthusiast, a telescope is definitely your only means of achieving your goal to observe the night sky and celestial bodies. The best telescope reviews are coming forward with some great products you don’t want to miss!


Expert buying guide on telescopes


Astronomy has always been at the root of mankind’s search for answers. Looking at stars, galaxies far, far away and asteroids represented a chance for persons to understand more out of human existence. Due to recent technological development, everyone has the opportunity to purchase a powerful telescope and roam the universe at will. Children, students and amateur researchers use telescopes in order to learn about stars, meteorites, asteroids, moons and even black holes. As you probably have already noticed, the market offers a lot of telescope models. There are a lot of things to take into consideration before investing in a great telescope. On this note, you ought to consult with attention some of the best telescopes reviews, written by professionals in the field.

Telescopes represent a great investment in a person’s scientific future. You need a product designed to bring the starts closer to you. Magnification process is linked to the amount of light the telescope receives, determined by the product’s aperture. In order to enjoy quality research night after night, you have to use a telescope with wide aperture and over 50x per inch on any normal light intake. Finding the best telescopes in 2022 can be hard given that there are a lot of technical terms and reports that you might not understand. On this note, setting the right observation parameters may seem like a hard thing to do. Well, you will discover that with attention, everything becomes clearer. Still, there are a couple of things that you have to do before deciding upon a particular telescope: join an astronomy club, participate to different observing sessions and more importantly try different telescopes at local observatories.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Price Type Focal length Customer Rating Where to buy

Meade 20228 NG-70SM

110x $$$ Refractor 70mm A AMAZON

Celestron 21036

175x $$ Refractor 70mm A AMAZON

Celestron Powerseeker 50

120x $$ Refractor 50mm B+ AMAZON

Barska 40070 Starwatcher

300x $$$ Refractor 70mm B AMAZON

Tasco 49TN

35x $$ Refractor 50mm C AMAZON


As the best telescopes reviews underline, a good model should reflect your scientific interest. This is why most seasoned astronomers recommend people to determine first what they want to study afterwards find the ideal telescope. The two go hand in hand. You need to learn parts of the sky, with attention. If you know your constellations and you’ve gone from star to star. Who doesn’t love star hunting from time to time? For those early astronomical experiences, you need a cheap telescope with light designs. In addition, you need a model that is easy to set up and align to your computer. Another important thing revolves around your existing observing skills. With a powerful telescope, you will be able to observe the sky in detail, going from one celestial object to the next.

It is important to use one of the best telescopes in 2022 in order to pinpoint with ease different constellations, stars and gas giants. Given the amount of time you’re going to spend studying the sky, you’ll find the ideal product. An experienced scientist will see the world in a whole new light with a high quality telescope. Beginners should start their observation pattern with an easy to use telescope. You might want to opt for a telescope that gives you the possibility to take photos or record different short videos of the night sky.


Meade 20228 NG-70SM Altazimuth Telescope


Perhaps the finest telescope one could get his hands on is the Meade 20228 Altazimuth model, as it comes with powerful and advanced features for the best celestial experience ever and deep sky observation. But the telescope’s potential are not limited only to sky-viewing; it is also perfectly able to enable a clear and closer look at animals and land. What is more, the user is allowed to easily control the Meade NG-70SM telescope and monitor any desired objects, due to its slow motion feature. On top of that, its finder that permits clear red dot image projection ads up to the model’s overall great particularities.



It is extremely versatile being able not only to provide detailed images of the land in front of you but also of the sky and especially the moon.

It comes with a slow motion feature which allows you to control both axes in such a way you will not lose focus.

It is capable of finding and tracking any object that goes on land or across the sky.

It comes with a durable set of steel legs and a red dot projection viewfinder to help you locate the pergect targets. There are not too many products which can compete with this product which is probably the best telescope for the money.



The viewfinder is not as efficient as you might want it to be.

It is a bit expensive compared to others.


The Meade 20228 NG-70SM 70mm Altazimuth Refactor telescope is the best telescope I ever knew. It is reliable and easy to use. I can see clearly anything with it from the terrestrial to aerial animals. Aside from that, I can use it when I want to observe the celestial bodies.”  Laverne Long


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Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ telescope


Another great Celestron model that has been enlisted in the best telescope reviews is the 21036 Powerseeker telescope. It is widely known for its special features and lightweight that both enable its users to have a beautiful and clear view of the sky and portability in no time. It comes equipped with a tripod and an altazimuth, various types of eyepieces, Barlow lens with 3x magnifying power and a finder scope featuring cross hair reticle. Moreover, the user can benefit from the 35x magnification power of its 20mm eyepiece and be able to view any desired object 5 times clearer than the ordinary binoculars.



This is one of the devices which offers incredible value for money. It is incredibly easy to set up and easy to use despite having abilities which are quite impressive.

It uses a triple lens Barlow mechanism which increases magnifying power a lot when compared to others.

It is built to adapt to different types of images regardless of the fact that they are on land on the sky.

It is compatible with the The SkyX Planetarium Software which recognizes 10.000 objects thus offering you with the necessary info to better learn the secrets of the sky.



It has poor customer service which is always a downer considering most people have trouble using a telescope for the first time.

It is a bit large in size which may take up a bit more space than you would have expected.


The affordability of the Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ telescope is the main reason why I bought this telescope. It is also lightweight that’s why I love bringing it anywhere. This telescope is also durable because I have it almost 3 years and until now it is still functional.”  Mary Pruitt


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Celestron Powerseeker 50 Telescope


Best telescope reviewsWhile there are numerous detail-driven and carefully designed telescopes in the market right now, nothing can reach the potentials of the Celestron Powerseeker model, as it satisfies even the most demanding needs. It comes with a solid optical refractor with an opening of 50mm and can focus up to 600mm, thus giving a strong kick start for every amateur or more experienced user. Moreover, its F-12 feature and 5X24 finderscope give a sense of advanced search capability that it is for sure all users will truly appreciate. Never again has mapping out the sky been easier than with the Celestron Powerseeker telescope.



This is probably the best telescope under $50 thus making it the perfect item for a beginner astrologist or a youngster who loves staring at the night sky.

It has an adjustable tripod which keeps it stable and allows you to move focus on the important targets without losing eye contact.

It feels quite professional despite being a product that can be used immediately as you pull it out of the box.

It is powerful enough to distinguish Saturn’s rings which says a lot about a device which is so affordable.



The tripod could have been even more stable than it already is. It will influence your viewing experience especially during strong winds.

You will have to take your time when trying to focus on a particular target.


I love watching the skies especially at night and that’s precisely why I bought the new Celestron Powerseeker 50 Refractor telescope. This telescope is one of a kin. I am sure I got the best model for the money I’ve paid. Actually, I didn’t pay a lot because I got it around Black Friday.”    Elias Moreno


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Barska 40070 Starwatcher Telescope


If you consider yourself a rookie in astronomy and need a telescope that will open celestial doors to you, then the Barska 40070 refractor telescope is made just for you. It is embedded with coated glass optics for bright images and Barlow-lens eye pieces with 3x magnification power. Viewing is now enhanced allowing every amateur to enjoy the sky brightly and clearly, making users feel like professional astronomers. What is more, the Deepsky Astrinomy software that comes with the Barska 40070 telescope grants users access to a huge database of 10.000 objects and more and add another dimension in the viewing experience.



Even though it is affordable it has a 300x magnifying power and a 400mm focal length.

It costs well under $100 despite its professional design and excellent performances.

It is versatile due to its interchangeable lenses.

It is delivered with special software destined to teach you the basics in Astronomy.

The full package comes with a carrying case, a tripod and limited lifetime warranty.



It has trouble when it comes to stability. It will not be able to handle wind and it will take quite a lot of time until you zoom in on your target.

The tripod is limited as far as movement goes, which can be uncomfortable at times.


I always make time to watch the stars at night. I also want observing various animals that’s why I bought the Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ telescope from Amazon. I am happy with the features of the product. Zooming in is a bit difficult, but other than that it’s ok. The highest rated telescope reviews convinced me to buy this relatively cheap model.”  Keith Johnson


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Tasco 49TN Refractor Telescope & Microscope


When telescopic efficiency is strongly underlined then it is for sure that you are dealing with a product out of the best telescope reviews. The Tasco 49TN telescope, which serves as a microscope too, is perfectly designed for quenching all amateurs’ desire for sky or nature exploration. It comes equipped with a table telescope of 50x50mm and a solid 900x microscope that both help users to have a clear view of all that surrounds them. On top of that, the Tasco Refractor Telescope kit includes 19 pieces for a complete viewing experience, like sample and examination slides.



Because it comes with a microscope attached, it is the perfect gift to give to your kid, especially if you have the feeling he is into science.

It is perfect for sky viewing regardless of how new you are to astronomy.

It comes with a microscope and all the necessary accessories to use magnification to your advantage or pleasure.

It is compact but powerful at the same time.



The telescope is not as efficient in following stars as you might think.

It is the perfect telescope for beginners but it kind of stops there. You will not get any satisfaction out of using this product if you really know what astronomy is all about.


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Barska 40070 Starwatcher Compact refractor telescope with table top tripod and carrying case is a durable product which I can consider the best among the other telescopes I see. This product received positive feedback from best rated reviews and I got it on Xmas for a very good price from Amazon.”  Joanna Prichard