Top rated tea sets in 2018


Tea is a great hot drink which you can have in every moment of the day. There are a huge amount of different flavors and types: black, green, lemon and the list can go on and on. Having a tea set means you possess all you need to drink tea properly, just like it has been drunk for centuries. Of course, there are those little sets for children which make excellent playing toys. To be aware of which sets are the best for you no matter what you use it for, look at the best tea sets reviews.


Rosanna Tea For Me Too, Gift-boxed Children’s Tea Set


Best Tea sets reviewsFor children there is no better set to buy then Rosanna Tea For Me Too which can serve four teddy bears, dolls or friends. The set comes in all sorts of colors which make it very attractive to children. The stoneware from which they are made of will not break easily, so they are safe for children to play with. They can even resist the heat of a microwave or the pressure of a dishwasher. The whole set comes in a very eye-catching box.

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Royal Albert Old Country Roses Le Petite 9-Piece Tea Set


Royal Albert Old Country Roses Le Petite tea set has an excellent English rose design which looks very sophisticated, giving you all that you need to have tea in that old and elegant English manner. All the set is made of high-quality porcelain which is very durable, so you will own the set for a long period of time. The 22-carat gold Trim miniature collectables which come with the set are a wonderful bonus. And the overall price of the 9 piece set is decent and can be afforded without any serious financial effort.

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Lenox Butterfly Meadow 7-Piece Tea Set


If you love your tea then you need to have a set which will let you enjoy it in the proper way.  This set coming from Lenox is perfect for two and offers you that little bit of sophistication when you are savoring your delicious tea. Keep in mind that the whole tea set is all made out of bone porcelain. It consists of a creamer, a sugar bowl, a 48 ounce teapot and 2 teacups with 2 saucers. The flower and butterfly design makes it one of the best tea sets in 2018.

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Gracie China Blue Rose Chintz 11-Piece Tea Service


Gracie China Blue Rose Chintz tea service set is built for 4, with all its different pieces being made from porcelain, which gives it an elegant feel to it. With it you will get a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, four tea cups that all have their own saucers. All the pieces are covered in a blue rose chintz design which is very stylish. Its pieces are dishwasher safe as well and all these features make the best tea sets reviews recommend it.

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Tea Set


Japanese culture has always been very interesting for the rest of the world and if you want to bring a bit of it in your home it would be a good idea to get this Cherry Blossom Tree tea set. The whole set is made in Japan and it doesn’t even cost that much. The set consists of a one handed tea pot and 4 cups all with a blossom tree branch for an overall excellent traditional Japanese design. The top tea sets reviews recommend it for those who are into the Japanese culture and style of life.

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