Table Tennis Paddles – What to Look For:


As a beginner, it can be difficult trying to choose which table tennis paddle that you would like to play with. Because there are so many different table tennis paddles available on the market, we understand the frustration some people may experience.

We have created this guide to help you choose the best table tennis paddle for you and your playing style. While we cannot tell you who makes the best paddles, we do hope that with the information you will receive here will help you make that decision for yourself.


The Thickness/Ply

When you look at a table tennis paddle, you will notice that the label says something along the lines of “5-ply” or “7-ply”. This refers to how thick your paddle will be. The idea is, the lower the ply count, the more the paddle can flex. This flexibility increases the way the ball reacts to the paddle when it hits the surface. A flexible paddle encourages the ball to spin and fly faster toward your opponent. Paddles that are less than 6-ply are ideal for looping while paddles that are 6 to 7 ply are used for driving. 7 and up ply paddles are typically used for blocking.

The Material

You can choose an all wooden paddle or a composite blade. The composites are more about speed and consistency rather than the feel of the ball and the spin. Of course, there are some paddles that are made of wood and are faster than the composites. While there is no sure fire way to say which material is best suited for your playing style, we can only suggest that you take your time in deciding between the two materials.


The Rubbers

The rubbers are pretty important because they can change the way a ball interacts with your paddle. The rubber sheeting that you can apply to your paddle can alter the speed, spin, and control you have over your ball. Ideally, a rating that is between 50 and 70 is an excellent all around rubber, whereas a rating over 70 is considered to be ideal of offensive players.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions & weight Price Sponge dimension Handle Our Rating Where to buy

DHS Hurricane-II

7.7 ounce $$$ 2-millimeter Chinese Shakehand A+ AMAZON

Killerspin 110-06 JET 600

8 ounces $$ 2-millimeter Flared B+ AMAZON

Stiga Supreme

<4 ounces $$ 2-millimeter Anatomic A AMAZON

Stiga Performance

6.5 ounces $ 1-millimeter Concave B AMAZON

Stiga Apex

4.8 ounces $ 2-millimeter Concave C+ AMAZON


Table tennis can be a great way to unwind and let off some steam. By choosing one of the top ten table tennis paddles, you will be able to improve your game, have better control of the ball, and really wow your opponents.


How to find the best table tennis paddles – Professional buying guide


tabtennThere are many sports practiced by Americans as a hobby, just for fun and for a healthier lifestyle. The list of sports is quite long, but one of the most popular ones is table tennis. This sport is played at a fast pace and proves to be very enjayoble. If you are just getting started, then you need to figure out which paddle you are going to invest in.  This may seem tough at the beginning, but if you follow certain steps and you are aware of the most important features, the best table tennis paddle in 2021 can be yours. This buying guide will help more experienced players too.

Just before you start looking for a paddle, you need to decide if you want to get a premade one or start building one yourself starting from the blade. The second option can be customize to the prefered settings and is often chosen by more experienced players. We recommend getting a premade paddle, if you aren’t going to play really often. Generally, a good quality premade paddle will wear of in about a year of hard play, the rubber especially. For this particular case, you need to read customer reports and the best table tennis paddle reviews to see which models are the most durable.

Based on a large number of reliable reviews we have put together this buying guide. Entry-level and intermediate players can follow the steps we present in order to get themselves a reliable paddle.


Best Table Tennis Paddle for Beginners


Stiga Classic 4 Player Set


If you are in the market for one of the best table tennis paddles for beginners, the Stiga Classic 4 player set is a great option. The surface of these hard bat paddles grip the ball upon contact, giving it more spin. Because the paddle offers a straight handle and a 5-ply blade, you can strike the ball with complete confidence. The set includes three white 40mm one star balls. When you play with these paddles, you can expect a better strategic game because the shots will be slower and more calculated.

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Buying a blade and building your paddle starting from it, is a bit more complicated. The biggest advantage of this option is the ability to make the paddle perfectly suited for a style of play. If you are an entry-level player our advice is to look for an all-round paddle. Being a beginner means you still don’t know which is your style of play, whether you like to put a lot of spin on your shots or just like to hit them with power. We recommend getting a blade from Stiga, Killerspin or DHS, but there are other good manufacturers as well. The next step is to get yourself the right grip. The style of play again will determine the type of grip.


Best Table Tennis Paddle for Spin


Killer Spin JetSet 2 Table Tennis Paddle Set with Balls


If you are looking for a premium paddle set that can give you an excellent spin, these paddles by Killer Spin, which are considered to be the best table tennis paddles for spin, are right up your alley. The paddles feature an inverted rubber surface with a 1.5mm sponge. The 5-ply wooden blade features a four inch straight handle which gives you incredible control and speed. The high quality rubbers allow you to generate competition-worthy performance. These paddles are designed to give you consistent play and precision.

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For beginners smooth rubber is the best choice. We don’t recommend getting other types because they are for more experienced players only. The handles that can be used are the straight one or the flared one. Both types being comfortable to grip.

Another good tip is to ask advice of more experience players, so you gather even more info about what features a reliable paddle should have. If you keep in mind the features and tips presented, you will manage to link your style of play to a high quality paddle. The best table tennis paddle in 2021 is not so hard to find, if some fundamental aspects are understood and known.


Best Table Tennis Paddle with Holes


CSI Pro Paddle Ball Paddle


This Cannon Sports Pro Paddle is considered to be one of the best table tennis paddles with holes because it is designed to improve your swing while you play. The paddles is constructed from 7-ply ash wood and features 45 holes drilled into the face of the paddle. These holes grant you a smoother swing due to the minimal resistance, thus providing you with a more powerful shot. The CSI logo in the center of the paddle retains a high energy core that is used to generate a larger sweet spot. The aluminum stay guard on the outer edges of the paddle are designed to increase the quality and durability of the paddle. The premium leather strap is intended to prevent the paddle from leaving the hand if it slips due to sweat.

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Things to consider:

–          a premade paddle or start from a blade onwards (piece by piece)

–          Test the grip before you buy it;

–          Smooth rubber;

–          A straight or flared handle;

–          Ask more experienced players for more information.


Top rated table tennis paddles in 2021


Table Tennis is now a world favored game. Recognized by the Olympics and played around the world for championships. If you love playing any sorts of sports or a keen follower of table tennis and trying to find a set of quality table tennis paddle then you have bumped into the right article. All the necessary insight information about the excellent table tennis paddle brands is given in the ensuing piece of article on the best table tennis paddle reviewsI say, this guide will thoroughly help you in finding the perfect pair of table tennis paddle suitable enough for you.



DHS Hurricane-II paddle


Here comes one of the grandest entries of a racket that had scored high among the best table tennis paddle reviews. The DHS Hurricane – II tournament table tennis racket is not any usual racket. As the name might suggest, this racket in combo with your skill can create havoc in your opponent’s camp. Carried by the Chinese national players during the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic games, the DHS Hurricane has some strong attributes. Cut out from special imported 5 ply woods with long Chinese shake hand handles, each racket is covered with classic Chinese rubber. However the specialty of the front facing rubber contains Red Skyline III Pimples where else the other side of the racket has Black G555 Pimples In. Available in an attractive padded box, the set contains a DHS Hurricane – II tournament table tennis racket and two ping pong balls.



Released by the best table tennis paddle brand today DHS, the Hurricane-II is made of high quality wood and durable rubber which ensure proper swinging force during various moments of the game

The paddle comes equipped with a comfortable shakehand handle which makes it easy for players to enjoy heightened mobility

This sleek Ping Pong paddle features a Red Hurricane III front side rubber and also Black G555 pimps reverse side rubber for proper ball interaction during key game development

Designed for professional use in tournaments and also championship matches this trustworthy paddle ensures proper gaming performance



The carrying case could’ve been sturdier (there are solid cases available for purchase)

The user manual is poorly written but more information on how to use it can be consulted online


 DHS Hurricane-II Tournament Table tennis racket makes the game easy for me. I find it perfect for my style of play and very comfortable to grip. I recommend it for other players.”  Daniel Camacho


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Stiga Supreme paddle


Revered as one of the best among the best table tennis paddle reviews, this is a racket that is used in international table tennis tournaments. Fully professional these rackets will not only provide you with extreme comfort but also with enhanced agility and better performance. The Stiga Supreme end products are results of highly scientific researches. Padded with a 2 mm sponge termed as the ‘future rubber’ on its lightweight 6 ply blade calls for sharp and swift game. Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), I felt that the racket feels superbly good in hands for its composite handle from Italy.



Coming from the best table tennis paddle brand, Stiga, this professionally designed racket is approved by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and a great addition to talented players

This powerful racket features a special 2 millimetre sponge and lightweight 6-ply blade which enables users to safely hit the ball with more accuracy

Incorporating the advanced Crystal Tech and Tube technologies this tennis paddle offers players a comfortable grip and proper dexterity during each shot

Features a high quality Italian composite handle which is fairly easy to manoeuvre thus enhancing player mobility



The racket’s rubber is not that sticky compared with other paddles but it offers stability during games


I must point out the durability of this paddle. I have been playing with it for almost 6 months and it still looks like new. The sponge material that covers it makes the ball go exactly where I want it to go.”  Adam Hafner


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Killerspin 110-06 JET 600 paddle


Certainly there are hundreds of types of table tennis rackets available in the market but a quality product can be only a few. From those few ones I have chosen the Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600 table tennis racket for its brilliant craftsmanship. Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), these rackets are ideal for practicing for big events. Robustly build on 6.0 mm thick 5 ply wood, the surface of the Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600 table tennis racket is wrapped with 2.0 mm sponge. In addition to all these the USA made table tennis racket has secure 3-7/8-Inch flared handle. Rated highly for its speed, spin, and control the racket bears a limited warranty period of 30 days.



Engineered for professional players that love to always win this 5-ply powerful table tennis paddle significantly improve gaming quality, adding accuracy and mobility to each shot

This high quality table tennis paddle is designed with ITTF-approved rubbers which add proper spin and power every time players hit the ball

Made of 5 plies of wood and with durable 2.0 millimetre sponge the paddle offers optimal balance between control, spin and speed

Backed by an exclusive 30 day warranty this paddle is built to enhance player’s innovations during games



For some players it seems that the flared handle is a bit short, perfect for those with tiny hands

Does not include a protective case (this accessory is available for purchase)


Killerspin 110-06 Jet 600 table tennis racket is one of the best rated products I have ever held in my had. This is not the only paddle I have in my collection, but I consider it my most valuable piece. I got it for a Black Friday deal from Amazon and I’m positive it was the best racket I could have bough for the money I had.”  Roger Dore


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Stiga Performance paddle


Best table tennis paddle reviewsWhen I talk about brands, I pick the famed and the best ones. Same case here as I have ended up with Stiga’s Performance 4-Player Table Tennis set for recommendation. Coming from the company that has ruled the sports facility of table tennis for more than sixty years, trust can automatically be entailed to its products. Coming in a package of four table tennis racket and six ping pong balls, the set is insured by a 90 day warranty coverage plan for defects from the manufacturer’s side. Given the number of rackets in the same set it is easy to plan for a singles or a doubles match. The paddles of this set are designed on 5-ply blades with 1 mm sponge covering. Furthermore to my satisfaction I found the rackets bearing inverted pips for greater control and spin of the ball with concave shaped handle for comfortable grip.



This set comes equipped with 4 rackets and 6 balls, more than enough for training or simply having fun when the need for a bit of tennis table strikes out of the blue

Each racket includes a carefully designed 1-millimetre sponge and comfortable concave handle which ensures better control during different moments of the game

Benefiting for an exclusive 90 day warranty this special tennis set from Stiga delivers high gaming performance which goes well with winners

Each ball from the set received 3-Star rating which makes them suitable for official tournaments



Does not include a storage case (this accessory is sold separately)

Due to the concave design the handles can take a while to get used to


Stiga Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Set is a one of a kind in my opinion and I strongly recommend other amateur players to buy it. I feel like I really have the edge over my opponents when I play with it. I got it for Xmas discounted because it was one of the most popular models on the market. ”  Jennifer White


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Stiga Apex paddle


Table tennis is a great recreational alternative but at the same time if you are also trying to improve your game my personal liking goes to a pair of faithful Stiga Apex table tennis racket. Affordably priced the racket is made of light weight 5 ply blade covered with the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved  2 mm sponge. But the sponge is not the last thing on this racket. The sponge covering is also wrapped with an ACS technology infused ‘Drive’ rubber exterior. In addition I am also content with the rackets concave shaped Italian composite handle w/ WRB System.



Designed for people striving for performance this table tennis racket features advanced Apex technology which improves control during key moment of the match

This table tennis racket includes a smooth 2.0 mm sponge surface which is fully covered Drive rubber surface for heightened control over the ball

The Apex racket features a surface with ACS technology that improves players control and mobility on each swing to hit the ball

Featuring a lightweight 5-ply blade and pretty comfortable composite handle this sleek racket represents a useful playing instrument to own



Does not include a protective table tennis racket case (this is an accessory sold separately)


I was impressed with the efficiency of the Stiga Apex Table Tennis Racket. While it had a cheap price, it proves to be most reliable. I find it to be very light, but I also manage to hit my special powerful shots with it. ”  Melvin Ratcliffe


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