If you’re here just to find the best synthesizer and really can’t afford to take some time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gone through the sales figures, the value offered for the price, and the owner feedback of some of the most appreciated models available for sale these days. After several months of research, we reached the conclusion that the Korg microKorg Analog is the best product as it seems to have been built to perform wonderfully in all situations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you have a high chance of being impressed with the construction of the product. The somewhat traditional design resembles the looks of older models, although this one is anything but vintage per se. It has a large dial and a unique LED illumination system and features a selectable-step arpeggiator as well as a built-in vocoder. Seeing how it’s one of the budget-friendly choices in the line, it also speaks to the needs of audiophiles who don’t do this for a living. If the Korg microKorg Analog is unavailable, you could consider the second best option, the Arturia MicroBrute.



Comparison Table


Product Analog Price Keys Special feature Our Rating Where to buy

Korg microKorg

YES $$$ 37 4 voices A+ AMAZON

Arturia MicroBrute

YES $$ 25 Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter A AMAZON

Korg MS-20

YES $$$$ 37 USB MIDI plus 5-pin MIDI B+ AMAZON

Novation Ultranova

YES $$$$$ 37 Built-in 2 in 4 out USB audio interface B AMAZON

M-Audio Venom

YES $$$$ 49 512 single-sound patches C+ AMAZON



Top rated Synthesizers in 2019


Musicians and music producers know that without quality instruments they can’t create beautiful songs. One of the most important musical instruments is the synthesizer, a device which transformed in the last couple of years the way music thrives. The increasing demand for high quality synthesizers has made manufacturer’s to release great products. We took the initiative and tested 35 products, used today by skilled DJs, producers and musicians. After 4 hours spent on each product we were able to select five models which registered the best marks of efficiency. In the following rows we present the best synthesizer reviews on the selected models, currently available for purchase!



Korg microKorg Analog


Best Synthesizer reviewsInvesting in a brand new music synthesizer comes with its challenges. Out of the many models available on the market we recommend the microKorg Analog Modeling synthesizer from Korg. The device has a built-in vocoder and special selectable-step arpeggiator for enhanced musical performance. This high quality synthesizer allows musicians to record and perform without reservations. Incorporating the exclusive MicroKorg filter and advanced knobs, the synthesizer is without a doubt a great way to control every phase of the musical creation. Furthermore the device has a beige-gold construction, traditional design and unique wooden side panels. Now, it’s good to know that the device has a large dial and special LED illumination system.


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Arturia MicroBrute


Most of the current best synthesizer reviews underline the user-friendly musical interface of the MicroBrute Analog from Arturia. What makes this particular musical synthesizer so special? Well, the device manages to safely carry 100% analog signal path and smooth sounds during each project. This synthesizer is small and has a low profile, offering users precise control over the whole process. The device incorporates a single oscillator with triangle, saw and square waveforms. As a result producers have the possibility of mixing things up without problems. The MicroBrute synthesizer features an overtone generator which delivers special harmonics and special Steiner-Parker filter.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($299)




Korg MS-20


How to find the best synthesizer in 2019? Well, it is important to invest in a reliable musical device, capable of creating smooth tones and amazing sounds. For proper musical development we recommend the MS-20 Mini-modular analog synthesizer from Korg. This professional musical device has a lot of knobs to play around with. It features dual oscillators, advanced sounding filters and great patch bay. The synthesizer comes equipped with 2 detailed manuals, 10 patch cables and AC adapter. Due to the professional instructional books even beginners can use the MS-20 Mini-modular from Korg in order to create beautiful songs.


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Novation Ultranova Nova Series


A top rated synthesizer in 2019 was released by Novation, the Ultranova Nova Series. This high quality analog-modeling synthesizer features a professional set of processing effects. With a precise grip on the musical development process this model features wavetable synthesis. Now, the device offers access to amazing sound filters, new-sense performance mode and also a user-friendly software editor. Music producers love the synthesizer! The Ultranova synthesizer includes access to 18 voices, 5-effect slotsper patch, 14 filter types and special 36 wavetables. Overall, the musical device allows people to browse through 300 sounds, in direct connection with genre and music type!


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M-Audio Venom


With the best synthesizer in 2019 safely tucked away in the studio, producers and DJs can create amazing songs, worth sharing with friends and family members. Today, more and more musicians use with complete confidence the Venom 46-Key synthesizer from M-Audio. Designed for high musical performance, this full keyboard synthesizer includes the latest digital processing technology, bent on delivering amazing results at the end of each session. It includes 49 dull synth keys which offer smooth feedback and permit users to control every moment of the project. Furthermore the Venom synthesizer has an integrated USB audio and advanced MIDI interface, connectable with notebooks or studio computers.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($404.51)