Proving quite useful for a variety of purposes, the best sun shelter canopy can serve as the perfect temporary protection against harmful UV rays. It is very essential that you buy only the best product on the market, since doing so could be tantamount to saving you money on having to get a new one should your current canopy turn out to be a lousy buy. Though being an informed buyer can prove to be a huge challenge, it is achievable. All you need is to be find helpful tips through buying guides like this one.

These are what you need to check out in your purchase of canopies.

A. Sun Shelter Canopy

What to look for when buying a sun shelter canopy?


Canopy Size and Portability

Apparently, you won’t need the best sun shelter canopy that’s as big as the largest permanent tent structure unless you’re planning a huge party. However, size is still an aspect of importance for the specific purpose. With eight people seated comfortably, you will need a 10-foot by 10-foot unit. Pop-up three-foot square tents are fine for parents with babies or toddlers to use on the beach. There’s always a right-size canopy for any event.

Using the unit in more than one location means you need to ensure its portability. This will include effortless fold down and packaging for storage and transport. A case with wheels is convenient, and so is a carry handle.


Frame Material

The frame carries the entire canopy structure. The best canopy has a lightweight yet durable frame such as aluminum. Aluminum is easy to set up and fold down, even by just one person. It is rust-resistant. However, it is not suitable to use in windy locations.

A steel frame is built for strength and complete durability. Significantly heavier than aluminum, a steel-framed canopy can be a challenge to transport and put up. It also needs maintenance and can corrode over time, but can last long.


Canopy Cover

Choosing a canopy for any location or purpose entails knowing which cover material is the best. You will need to make sure the material is UV-protected, fire retardant, durable and water resistant. Typically, the higher the denier, the more durable the fabric.

Polyester covers are durable and water-resistant, aside from being durable. UV protection is minimal, unlike vinyl, which is water-resistant as well. Polyethylene is waterproof and UV-resistant. Being waterproof means the material is only chemically treated to handle a moderate amount of moisture.


Top Rated Sun Shelter Canopies in 2018


Texsport Sport/Beach


1. Texsport Sport-Beach ShelterWith dimensions of 9 feet by 6 feet and 68 inches high, the Texsport Sport/Beach Shelter makes a good canopy under $100. This product weighs just 5 1/2 pounds, yet has hardy cover material of heavy-duty 600mm polyurethane-coated taffeta, treated with silver coating. This unique coating endows the product with better UV protection and cool comfort, which is perfect for beach escapades or for watching outdoor games. Cheer your team on or have lovely seaside picnics, with enough room for four to five adults and then some space for a few small kids,and perhaps a cooler and some bags.

The canopy is built with three large mesh windows, so you can have free-flowing ventilation for everyone in the canopy. A pin-and-ring frame system simplifies assembly and take down. The two shock-corded poles add to the simplicity of putting the canopy up and disassembling it, as there’s no need to be tying down poles to stakes driven deep into the ground. Holding the canopy down is easy by filling the side pockets with sand. The canopy does come with stakes so you can have greater stability, as you prefer.

The canopy is treated with UPF50+ weather shield coating, to ensure sufficient sun protection for occupants. It meets CPAI-84 specifications, assuring you of safety. The canopy material is flame-retardant, as well. The reflective floor strap offers reinforcement to the body structure.

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Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter


2. Rio Beach Portable Sun ShelterThis freestanding sun shelter lets you enjoy your rest away from the sun with its SPF50 UV protection. The Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter is built with a lightweight, aluminized coated frame, which makes the canopy lightweight. The 75 denier polyester fabric of the cover is washable, enabling you to maintain its appearance most conveniently. This canopy is built with two interior pockets where you can place your outdoor essentials. The two exterior zip mesh windows ensure good ventilation as well as privacy, when needed.

This makes the best canopy for backyard and is perfect for car camping trips, too. With it, you can spend plenty of enjoyable outdoor trips with family and friends. The Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter gives you up to 8 hours of UV protection in the sun. It has a roomy 7-foot seating area that can accommodate two full-size sun chairs comfortably. The canopy comes with its own carry bag with shoulder strap to enable problem free transport and storage.

The Rio Beach Portable Sun Shelter has a width of nine feet and is four feet deep and has a ceiling height of 4.5 feet. It provides plenty of space to lounge in when staying indoors is just a waste of a great outdoor scenery.

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Caravan Canopy Sport Shelter


3. Caravan Canopy Sport ShelterLightweight and durable, the Caravan Canopy Sport Shelter is constructed with a strong and durable fiberglass tube. This ensures easy assembly as well as take down. You won’t have to struggle just to put up a good shelter away from the sun’s rays, under which you can rest and enjoy the view. This product is built with a 50+ UV top that offers maximum temporary shelter from the sun’s harmful rays, perfect for the beach or outdoor games. The canopy is lightweight, which enables easy transport. It weighs in at just four pounds.

The Caravan Canopy Sport Shelter assembles in minutes, so you can put it up alone or with a friend effortlessly. It comes with a stake kit, so you can secure it to the ground to make it strong against the wind. The carry bag enables problem-free transport and storage. The kit also comes with ropes, so you can achieve maximum stability when putting the sun shelter up. Enjoy outdoor breaks with family and friends in the summer or warmer months, without suffering from painful sunburn for staying out in the sun too long.

The Caravan Canopy Sport Shelter comes in a lovely, cool color, so it can easily be spotted among a sea of canopies on the beach or at the camping grounds.

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