Top rated studio monitor speakers in 2019


Music is important for every individual because it can transmit us certain feelings from joy to sorrow, from a relaxing mood to an energetic mood and the list can go on and on. Everyone wants the best qulity sound for their home when they are listening to music so this is why we invest in top speakers or audio systems. It you are not sure which speakers to get for your home or maybe your little studio than a good suggestion would be to check out the best studio monitor speakers reviews.


Buying tips on professional studio monitor speakers


Every studio needs to be well equipped in order to create quality music. Out of the many pieces of sound equipment that need to be present in a studio, monitor speakers are very important. This is why we are not surprised to see DJs and music producers search right now for powerful speakers which they can use in order to hear clear sounds during each song. If you are on the market for a professional set of monitor speakers, you will notice that the market is more than willing to assist. Consulting the best studio monitor speakers reviews represents a great way for you to identify the ideal product. It is important to keep your music projects tightly wrapped in high quality sound editing.

If you are mixing, editing, mastering or recording music, monitor speakers will help you add precision during every note. The wide selection of speakers means that you have a challenge ahead which needs to be treated in a professional manner. Going through the particularities of the best studio monitor speakers in 2019 would certainly help ease up things. There are a lot of things to consider while searching for your next studio monitor speaker. Yet, with attention and professional information you will find a model best suited for your musical needs.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Watts Single/Pair Our Rating Where to buy

JBL Control 1

5.6 x 6.3 x 9.3 inches $$$ 150 watts Pair A+ AMAZON

KRK Rokit RP5 G2

11 x 8 x 10 inches $$$$ 75 watts Pair A AMAZON

M-Audio BX5 D2

6.9 x 7.7 x 9.9 inches $$$$ 70 watts Pair A AMAZON

M-Audio Studiophile AV 40

7.3 x 6 x 8.8 inches $$$ 40 watts Pair B+ AMAZON

Behringer MS16

15.4 x 7.2 x 11.3 inches $$ 17 watts Pair B+ AMAZON



As you’ve already noticed, the wide range of products available on the market ensures that your studio will be equipped with great speakers. You will be able to choose from active and passive studio monitors. Active studio monitor speakers come with incorporated amplifiers. This particularity comes in handy because you won’t have to deal with internal amplifiers. Recent online surveys show that countless professional studios around the world use active systems in order to stream and manage better music. Active speakers combine utility, audio performance and convenience. On the other hand there are also DJs that prefer using passive studio monitor speakers. Such monitors are modular in nature which means you need to complete it with crossover and amplifiers. The advantage with this system is that you can opt for an amplifier of your choosing.

Reading with attention the best studio monitor speakers reviews will help you determine which product to install in your studio. Today’s manufacturers are constantly trying to create advanced audio technology in order to deliver smooth sounds. To this end, materials play an important role in the speaker’s quality and ultimate sound rendering smoothness. A speaker needs to have a durable construction without compromising in any way sound clarity. Another thing to consider revolves around cabinet design, ported or closed. A ported cabinet significantly extend the audio frequency which maintains bass smooth. Still, you need to know that ported cabinets are not as precise as closed cabinets. This is why speakers with closed cabinets are placed among the best studio monitor speakers in 2019. Other features revolve around EQ, studio monitor features and room correction DSP functions. It is important to control every aspect of the sound clarity irrespective of the song played.


JBL Control 1 Studio Monitor Speakers


Don’t be fooled by their size, these speakers can really provide high quality sound and this makes them good for a variety of uses. They can be from your gaming speakers to even mini-studio speakers, depending on what you are after. You can even mount them on your wall for an excellent sound resonance. Also, you won`t have to worry about placing them near your monitor or HDTV because they are equipped with magnetically shielded transducers, so no harm will come to delicate screens.



Amazingly clear sound despite the compact speakers which can fit in tight spots but also sit comfortably on wall mounted brackets.

These speakers can be used near monitors or any other similar device without losing sound quality due to interference.

Affordable and unexpectedly powerful considering the low price tag.

Durable design which will not easily deteriorate with time.

Comes with professional drivers that enhance the quality of any audio recording.



Some may be bothered by the materials used to build these devices as one or two customers considered the plastic as being a bit cheap.


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KRK Rokit RP5 G2 Studio Monitor Pair


If you went one step beyond just listening to music and want to produce tracks of your own, then a piece of your studio should be dedicated to the KRK Rokit RP5 monitor pair of speakers. One of its most impressive features is the adjustable gain range which can vary from more than 6dB to less than 30dB. When designing these speakers, the manufacturer has paid great attention to the high frequency wave guide and the direct result is a high quality sound performance. These are clearly some of the best studio monitor speakers in 2019.



Innovative design which allows users to experience a distortion free audio experience regardless of how much interference there is around.

Impeccable frequency response due to the new speaker voicing implemented by KRK.

The fact that this set of desktop monitors represent an improved version of the previous model is definitely an advantage.

The sound provided by these compact monitors is clear and accurate.

The possibility to switch to 220v just by using the button mounted on the back of the speaker.



Can be considered a bit too expensive despite coming fully packed.

These two monitor speakers represent the answer to the question: what are the best studio monitor speakers for hip-hop listeners which means they will not handle all types of music similarly well.


Buy from for ($299)




M-Audio BX5 D2 Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers


3If you are trying to upgrade the sound quality of your home studio, then these M-Audio speakers might be just the thing. They impress trough their 70W power, providing studio quality sound even at high volume. All the sound effect will be perfectly reproduced because they are fitted with class A/B bi-amplification technology. Low sounds don’t pose a problem because the transducer has Kevlar cones. You can connect them to all kinds of audio devices, thanks to the XLR connector and the ¼ inputs.



Despite being destined for studio quality audio they come with a price tag destined for home users as well.

Impressive amplification technology which lets each speaker provide impeccable audio and great bass levels.

Great richness to the sound due to the 5 inch low-frequency transducer which incorporates Kevlar cones.

Excellent in reducing air turbulence thus offering listeners a more satisfying experience.

Efficient magnetic shielding used to eliminate interference from other devices which are always surrounding these monitors.



They might not be right up your alley if you consider yourself an audiophile thus being able to notice minor defects like the ones which come with low frequency sound.

Not that great for hip-hop listeners considering the bass is better on other similarly priced products.


“My dream is to become a successful producer and slowly but surely I’m putting together a home studio. One of the pieces in my studios is the M-Audio BX5 D2 which produces a clear high quality sound. I was lucky enough to buy the speakers when they were on sale around Xmas, so they were quite affordable. I give these speakers a five star rating!” – Michael J. Henry


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M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Studio Monitor Speakers


Best Studio monitor speakers reviewsOne of the most popular speakers are the M-Audio Studiophile AV40 and they are this popular because they have the necessary capabilities to produce and excellent sound. These speakers are capable of giving a clear and deep bass line to every tune your play. This can be a professional tool as well and can be installed in a mini home studio. The tweeter components also do their job extremely well, making the best studio monitor speakers reviews recommend it.



These active studio monitor speakers offer great value for money and represent a great choice for those who plan on using them for entertainment purposes.

They come with 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters that improve the quality of the highs and deliver smooth and crystal clear sounds.

Great magnetic shielding which prevents other devices to interfere and lower the quality of the sound.

Excellent for audio processing because it prevents external noise to influence the outcome of your work.



Customer service is not the best in the world.

The bass levels are not over the top mostly because the monitors lack a subwoofer.


“I knew who makes the best studio monitor speakers and this is M-Audio. So, when I saw these speakers with a Black Friday discount, I didn’t waste no time and bought them. For these high-quality speakers I paid under $110.” – Frank Smith


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Behringer MS16 Active Personal Monitor System


Another really good option for your home studio is the Behringer MS16 monitor system which has some pretty awsome features which end up producing a top quality sound. They combine the 4 inch powerful woofers with the high resolution tweeters to help you in producing musical masterpieces. You can even connect them directly to your keyboard for a mini-concert that you can do for family and friends.  Many satisfied customers have praised this monitor system



Their size is great for home use and despite having a compact body they still manage to fill up an entire room.

The two 8 watt amplifiers and 4 inch woofers provide all the power you need to experience music at its best.

It is versatile and allows you to connect two different devices simultaneously thus offering the benefit of having two stereo sources plugged in at the same time.

It is magnetically shielded in order to avoid losing sound quality due to interference.

You can use it with sound cards and keyboards due to its stereo RCA inputs.



These monitor speakers are not the answer when wandering what are the best studio monitor speakers mostly because they are not built for professionals but rather for basic users.

Great for listening to music but nothing more.


“While these speakers can’t compete with other more advanced models, for me they still prove to be all that I need in terms of sound quality. I like to produce some music in my spare time and these speakers are still good enough for me. Back in the day when I first got them, they were some of the highest rated studio monitor speakers” – Melvin L. Allen


Buy from for ($78.99)




Yamaha HS50M Monitor Speaker – Not Available


Everyone knows that Yamaha is one of the world`s leading audio manufacturers and through the HS50M montor speaker they have delivered once again like everyone was expecting them to or even more as some might argue. You have the option to choose from the lowest frequency that is set at 45W 4 Ohms up tot the highest one of 25W 8 ohms. This speaker can be used for other purposes than music, like for instance gaming allwoing the gamer to enter even more the game`s world. The top studio monitor speakers reviews are more than satisfied with the HS50M.


“I think Yamaha nailed it when it comes to sound quality with this studio monitor speaker. I made best choice I could have made for the money I was prepared to spend.” – Karla J. Rule