How to pick a Stepladder – Expert Buying Guide


One can never be too tall even when they live in the home of their dreams. There will always be something just beyond your reach or too far up for you to get a hold of. That’s why reading through the best stepladder reviews is  always a good idea. You never know when you’ll need elevation equipment to get you high up and reach that silly cobweb or that long-forgotten food tray on those shelves.

A chair is no match for the efficiency and safety of the best stepladder for the money. A piece of furniture will not provide the necessary elevated height that a good-quality stepladder can. Individuals who value their safety and their continued health will not make it a habit to use furniture to reach high up. They buy a quality stepladder, which is made exactly for the purpose of easing them into a desired elevation to change a light bulb or hang a newly bought frame on the wall. Using a regular ladder for extended periods can be a strain and a source of discomfort to the hips and joints, so a functional standard stepladder is the practical choice for typical chores and reaching jobs in the house.

Aside from ensuring a safe climb, a best rated stepladder will just require you to take a step or two up to get the elevation you want to dust off the top of that shelf or to put away a mixing bowl into a cupboard. Painting or washing walls becomes comfortable to do if you own a good ladder with a high handle and a stable platform to carry the paint can or tray so you don’t have to step down every few seconds or so. The ladder has to be lightweight to enable you to carry it easily, with a smart and smooth folding design for easy storage and closure.

For a unit to end up in the top ten products in this particular category, it has to be safe and durable. Painted finishes can be deceiving. Go for aluminum units that have steps with proper depth and rise to facilitate easy climbing. The unit should be lockable into position for even safer use. Also, before making your choice, ascertain what job you will be using the product for. This is to determine whether you will only need a simple stepladder or a full extension ladder. The wrong type and style compromises your safety.

Remember too that the highest permitted standing level on a stepladder is two rungs down from the top. Climbing higher than that can cause you to lose your balance and fall or injure yourself. The maximum safe reaching height for any individual is approximately four feet higher than the height of the ladder. The average person therefore can safely reach an eight-foot ceiling using a four-foot ladder. This is why five-foot stepladders are the most popular choice for home needs.

Grab a stepladder for Christmas decorating inside your home. There’s nothing like swags and a nicely bedecked tree to liven up the house and make it all ready for the holidays. There are always great Black Friday deals on products that offer optimum support and maximum safety for your climbing needs. All the features presented will be found in the best stepladder in 2018.


Things to consider:

  • The right type or style, height and appropriate duty rating (weight limit for the user) to enable safe and risk-free ascending
  • High-quality material to ensure optimum support and long-term use, with lockable feature to ensure stability
  • Proven durability without compromising on overall design and portability
  • Easy to store


Top rated Stepladders in 2018


Flip-N-Lite Duty Rating Platform Stepladder



Best Stepladder ReviewsFor the seasoned DIY individual who values safety, the Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating Platform Stepladder makes the best stepladder 2018 thanks to its deep rungs made for comfortable climbing and the secure and huge standing platform engineered for balanced hold. This product is built to carry safety in its industrial-rated framework while not being expensive. It opens quickly with one hand for easy set-up and use. Superb heel-to-foot support is provided on the standing platform, which eliminates foot fatigue and pain and enables the user to get a good standing position while working. The Flip-N-Lite is light and slim enough to be carried by anyone, with a duty rating of 300 pounds to support nearly everyone. A tall handrail adds more support and stability, with a handy tool tray to hold whatever you may be using as you do your work high up.

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Little Giant 14013-001 Alta-One M-17 Ladder-System



The Little Giant 14013-001 Alta-One M-17 LadderSystem deserves a spot in the best stepladder reviews due to its aircraft-grade aluminum that ensures matchless durability and strength as it carries out its 250-pound duty rating. A set of wide-flared legs offersexceptional stability as you reach some of the toughest areas, complemented by versatile ladder configurations such as extension, A-frame, scaffolding system and 90-degree ladder set-up. Do almost anything in the house: reach high corners; put up a tall Christmas tree; hang up holiday decorations; dust off antiques on high shelves; change bulbs in that elegant chandelier; paint the walls or change the wallpaper; clean the eaves and windows. You can accomplish a lot with the precise support of the Little Giant. Reach high with the Alta One!

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Louisville Ladder AS4006 Aluminum Stepladder



If you’re searching for a ladder that meets and even surpasses American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, the Louisville Ladder AS4006 is the one you need. It has a duty rating of 225 pounds, making it strong enough to support household members who have various uses for a good-quality ladder. Of course, that would make it easy for Junior to grab some cookies from the cookie jar in the cupboard! And dad can finally do the painting job he has long postponed. The molded pail shelf can easily carry a can of paint and brushes or rollers so dad doesn’t have to make repeated trips up and down the stepladder. The slip resistant rubber feet plus aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread on all four legs ensure secure footing for the user.

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Cosco 11-880PBLW2 Max Platinum 3-Step Work-Platform



Water the plants on top of a high cabinet. Coat the threshold jamb with a fresh color. Drill some screws or metal fastenings onto the wall to hang that lovely painting above the mantel. Reach for that top shelf to get an empty tub to store baby’s outgrown clothes that can be donated to the neighborhood shelter. Do anything and reach new heights with the Cosco 11-880PBLW2 Max Platinum 3-Step Work-Platform. This products boasts of ANSI Type 11 Duty Rating of  225-pounds to provide secure support to everyone in the house. The slip-resistant step treads ensure total security on the stepladder. You will not even need to take your footwear off just to get a good grip. The Work Platform carries one hand fold-and-lock release mechanism to help you carry your tools in the other hand.

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Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding Steel-Frame Stool



Need a little extra height to retrieve items in the garage, office, bathroom or kitchen? Count on the Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Steel-Frame Stool to provide all-around utilitarian functionality. The RM-3W goes where your height can’t, with its folding three-step steel frame with 27.25-inch standing height. Safely ascend the steps without danger of slipping or losing your balance thanks to the solid hand grip. The silver finish keeps the stool/stepladder from developing rust and corrosion. It folds up for easy storage, enabling you to tuck it into a corner or a crowded tool shed after use. Plastic steps are made wide and with treads to ensure secure footing. The RM-3W carries Type III duty rating and 200-pound load capacity to support average weight users.

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