Helpful tips for buying the right standing desk mat:


For those who use a standing desk while working, it is strongly recommended that you use one of the best standing desk mats for 2018. These mats are designed to give you support for your feet while relieving pressure throughout your entire body. You will find that you will be able to stand much longer, thus increasing your productivity. While you may be wondering which standing desk mat is the best, we have created this guide to help you look for the right one for your needs.



When you are looking at the top ten standing desk mats, you want to take into consideration the durability of the mat. The real value of the mat is often determined by how effective it is and how often the mat will need to be replaced. The mat should fit the environment and the use of the workspace. Abrasion and chemical resistance are important if the mat will be used in an industrial environment.



Not many people take into consideration how easy it is to clean. While some offices may already have a cleaning service that can come and take care of the mats, if you are purchasing the mat for home, you will want to choose a mat that is easy to move. This will allow you to clean under the standing desk mat easily. When you are choosing a new mat, be aware that each industry may have their own cleaning requirements. You do not want to choose a mat that will trap dirt or harbor bacteria that may lead to unsanitary conditions. Be advised that some of the best rated mats can be pretty heavy, so you will want to be careful when moving the mat so that you do not get hurt in the process.


Safety is Key

When choosing one of the top ten anti-fatigue mats, you want to make sure the mat will be able to sit securely on the floor. It is recommended that you choose a mat with beveled edges so that you and others will not trip as you are moving on and off the mat. If you work in an environment where the floors can get wet, you will want to choose a mat that has anti-slip features like textured tops and a bottom that provides anti-slip traction. Smaller, lightweight mats can be held into place by using double-sided carpet tape to keep the mat secure.


Whether you stand at your desk for long periods, work in a kitchen with a cement floor, or in a factory, anti-fatigue mats can save your feet and body from unnecessary aches and pain. With the help of this guide and some of the best standing desk reviews, we hope that you are able to choose the right mat to suit your needs.


Things to consider:

  • Chemical and abrasion resistant mats are important in industrial environments.
  • Choose a mat that suits the workspace and is easy to clean.
  • Beveled edged mats can prevent accidental tripping while moving on and off the mat.


Top rated Standing Desk Mats in 2018


Whether you are working from home in the garage or kitchen or on the job, if you stand for long periods, you should be standing on a standing desk mat (also known as an anti-fatigue mat). These mats are designed to relieve pressure throughout your body. You will see a large difference when you start using these mats, as you will be able to stand for longer periods without getting tired or sore.


CumulusPRO Commercial Grade Comfort Mat


CumulusPRO mats are made using Cushion-Core Technology to help reduce fatigue while increasing your comfort and productivity while you work. The contoured beveled edges will not curl, thus ensuring your safety while moving around on the mat. The non-slip bottom is ideal for situations where there is a potential of slipping due to a wet floor because it will keep the mat secure and in place. The solid one-piece polyurethane construction features a high-density core is guaranteed to not lose support as time passes. The mat is tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute and is backed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Buy from for ($64.41)


Varidesk – Standing Desk Floor Mat


The Varidesk Standing Desk Floor Mat features a solid, high-density core that ensures long-lasting support. When you stand on the mat for long periods, you will not experience discomfort, as it offers cushioned support that your entire body can feel. The 20 x 34 inch mat can fit easily in most office spaces and cubicles. The edges of the mat are beveled so that there is minimal risk of tripping when you are moving on and off the mat.

Buy from for ($60)


Sky Home Products Anti-Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat


This commercial grade thick anti-fatigue mat brings comfort and stability for your feet and knees when standing for long periods. The mat can reduce pressure on your entire body up to 32%, thus allowing you to stand for longer periods without feeling discomfort or pain. It is designed with your safety in mind because the edges feature a low angle bevel that reduces the risk of tripping and the ultra-grip technology on the surface prevents against accidental slipping. The high quality, eco-friendly materials are non-toxic and are safe to walk on with bare feet.

Buy from for ($39.97)



Imprint Cumulus9 Comfort Mat Nantucket


The Cumulus9 Comfort mat features a proprietary multi-core technology that keeps your mat looking and feeling like the first day you got it. The mat is backed by a seven-year guarantee, ensuring that the mat will remain resistant to scratches and abrasions. The mat can be cleaned easily with just soap and water. You can feel safe using the mat in various environments because the edges will never curl and the stay-flat memory technology, paired with the gently rounded edges prevent tripping hazards while the non-slip bottom ensures the mat will stay in place.

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NewLife by GelPro Pebble Designer Comfort Mat


The Designer Kitchen Comfort Mat is perfect for use in the kitchen during those long days of meal preparation—especially during the holidays. The mat measures 20 x 32 inches, which is the perfect size for use in front of the sink and the stove. The inside of the mat is filled with a high-density ergo-foam that will provide you with long lasting comfort that also relieves you of built-up pressure throughout your entire body. Unlike other mats that have may be difficult to clean or stain easily, this stand desk mat is can be easily cleaned with soap and water, plus it is stain resistant.

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