How to Buy the Best Standby Generator


You won’t need to read tons of the best standby generator reviews to understand the importance of getting a piece of equipment that offers permanent power protection. A standby generator is vital as a long-term back-up solution, as it provides dependable power on demand. It is important to know what factors need to be considered prior to purchase of such gear, as we’re talking long term solution here and not just a simple remedy.


Power and Capacity

The best standby generator reviews often feature units with two basic power parameters. They can either be running or continuous watts, or start-up power, peak power, starting or max watts. Under normal load, appliances require continuous power to run. For appliances to start up or run at their optimum levels of power consumption, starting wattage is needed.

The top rated standby generators 2022 create power between 5,000 to 25,000 watts or higher. Power tools in your work site may need up to 8,000 watts.In choosing a unit of this type, you will have to prove that it is able to supply enough continuous and peak wattage for the appliances that have to be powered on the circuit. A standby generator can either be a bigger liquid-cooled type that produces more power, or an air-cooled model.



Plenty of homeowners choose to power selected circuits only and not all circuits during an outage. Those circuits most commonly considered essential are those involved in heating and cooling systems, lights, refrigeration, or well pumps. These not only cover basic emergency use but keeping them powered is also an economical option.


Features and Accessories

A transfer switch enables managed power generation to support every part of the home, or just a part of it.

The best standby generator 2022 works with either an automatic or a manual transfer switch. People prefer automatic transfer switches as they sense when utility power is lost and automatically switch generator power on.

Portable models can be easily transported when they have a wheeled frame. The smallest portable generator is lightweight and is easily carried. A model that’s several hundred pounds heavy will still need a wheeled frame to be moved out of storage when backup power is needed.

Units geared with noise dampening elements, such as large mufflers, can reduce the noise that usually accompanies emergency power generation.


Top Rated Standby Generators in 2022


Choosing just one product from among those highlighted in some best standby generator reviews can be daunting. To make your list of options much shorter, we have three products that deserve consideration. You can study the best aspects of each one then make a final choice based on your personal requirements.


Guardian 6551 Generac


1.Guardian 6551 Generac 22kW Home Standby GeneratorFrom the industry leader in back up power systems comes this unit that offers an unbeatable MSRP compared to any air-cooled power backup system for the home, with the lowest cost per kilowatt. With a permanently installed Generac home backup generator system, your home is protected automatically. Running on liquid propane or natural gas fuel, this backup system is often featured in the best standby generator reviews. It can be placed outside just like any central air conditioning unit. During an outage, the system protects the things you consider most essential.

Built with true power technology, the Guardian 6551 Generac offers class-leading power quality and lower than 5% of total harmonic distortion, which provides smooth and clean running of sensitive appliances and electronic gadgets. This model is geared with a 200-amp smart switch, combined with re-engineered connection points and a composite mounting pad so you won’t need a poured concrete base to install the system.

The Guardian 6221 comes with an all-weather aluminum enclosure treated with a durable powder-coat finish. The power generating system can withstand 150 mph winds, making it ideal for stormy weather use when utility power is unavailable. The Guardian 6551 Generac is engineered for operation in areas with low natural gas pressure.

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Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS


2.Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS 14,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby GeneratorUndoubtedly the best standby generator 2022, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS offers exceptional reliability and performance. Protecting your family, lifestyle and home during extended power outages, this model runs automatically whenever utility power goes out, and even when you’re away. Engineered with a fast 10-second response time, dependable motor-starting power and quality, the unit belongs to a line of Kohler generators used for professional purposes including airports, hospitals and weather services.

With advanced frequency and voltage regulation plus ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion, expect outstanding generator power quality you can rely on to protect your valuable electronics. This model can easily start and run a five-ton air conditioner. With digital voltage regulation, the system protects sensitive electronics from unstable power quality and harmonic distortion. The system also provides quiet performance.

Additionally, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS is made corrosion proof, making it perfect for harsh seaside settings. It is impact-resistant even at -30OF. It is built with an exclusive Fast-Response excitation system that provides remarkable short-circuit capability and voltage response. It is geared with one digital controller that manages both the backup system and Model RXT transfer switch functions. Designed for easy outdoor installation, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS has a load connection terminal block that enables effortless field wiring.

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Generac Guardian Series 5873


3.Generac Guardian Series 5873 Gas Powered Standby GeneratorProviding fast-response and automatic protection from power loss, the Generac Guardian Series 5873 Gas Powered Standby Generator is designed for home use. Powering up automatically within seconds of utility power loss, this model doesn’t require manual startup. It starts by itself even when you’re not home. Once all LP or natural gas and electrical connections are completed, the power backup system is geared to run 24/7 without extension cords, fueling or manual operation required.

The Generac Guardian Series 5873 Standby Generator effectively prevents the typical inconveniences of power outages such as spoiled food, burst pipes, or heat and airconditioning loss. Built for easy initial setup, the generator ships prewired and with the necessary installation gear. It comes with pre-wired conduits, a 16-circuit NEMA 1 indoor-rated transfer switch, a flexible fuel line pigtail, an outdoor connection box, and a composite mounting pad. The Generac Guardian Series 5873 can be programmed to do a weekly exercise or test at a time of your choosing.

The Generac Guardian Series 5873 has convenient clear digital controls and an easy-to-view status indicator. The external GFCI outlet accommodates your outdoor power requirements. Providing clean, continuous power to keep sensitive electronics and microchip appliances running, the backup power system also features Generac’s Quiet-Test technology, keeping your daily lifestyle unaffected.

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