Top rated clock radios from Sony


The products that will be mentioned in the rest of this article have been given high ratings in many best clock radio reviews, which is basically an assurance that they are some of the options that you will not regret making. By the time you are finished reading, you will surely find it a lot easier to make a well-informed decision.


Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio


Best Sony Clock Radios Reviews Are you afraid that you would not wake up with your alarm because of power interruption? Such should not be the case with this clock radio from Sony. It will still send you an alarm even if it runs out of power, making it a very reliable choice. If you have trouble reading small numbers, this will also be a good choice because of having a large, easy to see display. Lastly, this will also be good if you are a couple, as it comes with dual alarm settings.

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“With this radio I always get up in the morning for work and I have never been late because of it. I bought it for its big display, so I can easily see the time, even without my glasses. In conclusion this is a reliable clock radio, which I believe can be of help for anyone.” – Eric K. Loomis


Sony ICF C414 Clock Radio


For many people, one thing that makes this product different from others is its stylish design. It has a floating design that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room where it will be placed. Aside from the visual appeal, it also has a compact size, making it consume little space. Like the one that has been mentioned earlier, it has backup battery that increases its reliability. Many also expressed their liking with the automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment feature of this product.

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“Just before I got this clock radio, I had problems getting up because my old alarm was not loud enough. Now I have no such problems and the time is displayed with large numbers, easily seen from a distance. Sony ICF C414 can very well be the best Sony clock radio 2018.” –  Tracy Gordon


Sony ICFCDK50 Clock Radio


If you are looking for a sleek clock that can be placed even under your cabinets, this is most probably the best choice that can be taken into account. Aside from the space efficiency of its design, the different best Sony clock radios reviews have also revealed that it comes with magnetic remote control that makes it easy to configure and control the equipment. This will be your perfect cooking companion, basically because of the one-touch cooking timer.

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“My favorite thing about this clock radio from Sony is the remote control, so I can set the alarm while I’m lying in bed. Sometimes I listen to my favorite radio stations while I’m too lazy to get out of bed. The compact design doesn’t take up too much room either.” – Donna W.


Sony ICF-CD815 Clock Radio


Aside from the presence of FM/AM tuner, this clock radio also comes with a CD player, which will allow you to listen to your favorite music, even your customized mixes. The 1.4-inch green LED is one good thing about this product. This allows the screen to be readable, whether it is day or night. It is also equipped with dual alarms, making it a perfect choice for two users. Lastly, it has an extendable snooze that can be customized based on your personal preferences.

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“I have owned Sony ICF-CD815 for more than a year and in this time it has proven to be very useful. I can get up to my favorite tracks or listening to radio stations. I find it very easy to set the alarm and I don’t have any problems reading the time. The best Sony clock radio reviews recommended this model and so do I.” – Betty J. Jones


Sony ICF-C218 Clock Radio


This is another model that is often recommended in many best Sony radio clocks reviews. For many of those who have purchased such, it is suggested that it looks best when paired with white furniture. Additionally, people were also all praises with the fact that it is easy to configure, without the need to sweat. In fact, even without reading the manual that is provided, you will not struggle in setting up everything and start enjoying the functionality of this product.

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“I am quite satisfied with this clock and I frankly couldn’t ask for more from one such model. It display is very large, the alarm always gets me up in the morning and it plays all my favorite radio stations. I am glad I bought a top notch clock radio.” – Jimmie Betts