Best smarthphones for the money


With the influx of the different models of smartphones, it becomes harder to choose the one that will prove to be the best. To provide you with enlightenment on some of the best choices that are currently available, the rest of this article will identify some of the best smartphones under $300, as well as their most notable features.


Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White


Best Smartphones under $300

Equipped with Super AMOLED 4-inch screen, this smartphone delivers vibrant colors and excellent resolution, making it perfect for taking photos. It has 5-megapixel rear camera and VGA front camera. Its operating system is Android Jellybean, which will allow you to gain access to tons of apps that will allow you to do more things with the use of your smartphone. This unit is an excellent alternative to Samsung Galaxy S III, especially if you are looking for a phone that is cheaper and smaller.

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”I have my new Samsung Galaxy S III Mini White and I am very much delighted by its functionality and performance. I can take photos and other images in this product without any issues on resolutions. The outputs are great as it can deliver clear images. The videos recorded are also clear and vibrant. ”  Jane V. Beaty


Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Blue


Some people do not want white as the color of their smartphone because it is attracted to dirt, and hence, can easily look old. In this case, the perfect choice is the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini blue, which is just like the earlier mentioned, only different with the comes with an internal memory of 8GB. If such is not enough, you can choose to expand such with the use of an expandable memory card. This will allow you to store music, games, and other applications on your smartphone.

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”I have the ability to store, install and play various applications with the high memory of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Blue. The product is very much useful in any terms. I was deeply entertained by this product because it has the features I am looking for a smartphone which I don’t see on others. ”  James W. Taing


Apple iPhone 4


With the introduction of new models from Apple, this unit is considered to be one of the best smartphones under $300. It has become cheaper because of the introduction of new models in the market. Even if this is an old model, it can still compete with the current offerings in the market. This unit has the ability to shoot pictures and videos in excellent quality. In addition, its solid built is also worth commending. It is made from a material that 30 times stronger than plastic and 5 times stronger than steel.

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”The Apple iPhone 4 is cheaper compared to other smartphones in the market but the quality never diminishes. I was impressed on how this product works. I can do whatever I want with this phone. Capturing photos and recording videos is very necessary in this smartphone. ”  Robert C. Atkinson


Apple iPhone 3G


This old generation of iPhone has 3.5-megapixel camera and video recording capability. In spite of the influx of new models of smartphones, including those from the same manufacturer, the iPhone 3G can still prove to be a good option if you are not worried too much about being into the trend. It is as functional as the newer models that are being introduced, although it has lower resolution. In the end, if you are working on tight financial resources, this can still prove to be a good choice.

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”I never imagine a phone like the Apple iPhone 3G. This gadget is my first choice in any smartphones because of its features and performance that are exceptional. I am very much please to have this product at hand because the product has all the best features other phones don’t have. ”  Robin F. Cooke


Samsung Galaxy Ace


This is another model that is commonly included in the list of the best Samsung smartphones reviews. This smartphone has 3-inch touch screen and is powered by Android Froyo. It is equipped with 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, to make sure of the quality of your shots. Under a full battery charge, it has a standard talk time of 11 hours and standby time of up to 640 hours. This model of phone is commonly chosen because it is excellent for multitasking.

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”I can say that the Samsung Galaxy Ace is an excellent product made by technology. This product is very affordable that’s why I bought it immediately. But the quality and performance of the product is the same as other high quality products in the market. I am satisfied with this phone. ”  Toni R. Brister