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The ultimate comfort standard lays in having both cinema entertainment and internet connectivity in the intimacy of your home. The best smart TV 2020 brings a new meaning to how modern technology has come to make our lives more captivating. Going through more than 50 reviews and recommendations, I have seen that smart TVs have started to take on most buyers, who are most willing to adapt to the incorporated new computing features that are to be offered for having unlimited access to films, video, photos that you can display on wide and vividly colored TV screens.


Learn how to pick the best smart TV – Expert buying advice


3With so many different televisions on the market, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide which is the best for your home. Whether the television is the center focus of your home theater system or it is tucked away in a nook in the kitchen, a new smart TV can be a welcome addition to any home. We have created this guide to help you understand what is a smart TV and the features you should look for when choosing one.

A smart TV is unlike regular televisions because the Internet hooks up to your television and allows you to stream media, browse the web, and use apps directly on your television. Because of this, one of the most important things about purchasing one of the most popular Smart TVs is that you should have a strong internet connection. You can typically hook the TV directly to the internet, but some sets use Wi-Fi to connect, which is a nice bonus if you do not want to have any extraneous wires protruding from your television. You will want to be sure that your internet connection is strong because this will give you a smoother viewing experience with minimal to no buffering during playback.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Sizes Price HDMI ports Refresh rate Our Rating Where to buy

Samsung UN50H6400

40-65 inches $$$ 4 120 Hz A+ AMAZON

Samsung UN48H6350

32-75 inches $$$$ 4 120 Hz A AMAZON

LG Electronics 50LB6300

42-65 inches $$$ 3 120 Hz B+ AMAZON

Samsung UN40H5500

32-48 inches $$$ 3 60 Hz B+ AMAZON

Vizio E550i-B2

48-70 inches $$$$ 4 60 Hz B AMAZON


This kind of television is ideal for people who use streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and even YouTube to view regular videos. Since most of these services offer HD capabilities, you will want to choose a television that offers a decent resolution for the size. Large screen Smart TVs with 1080p resolutions can be expensive, but you can also find smaller, cheaper Smart TVs that function just as well with 720p.

It is difficult to say who makes the best television on the market, as they all have their own special qualities. Some of the highest rated Smart TVs generally have the same qualities. These qualities include higher frame refresh rates, better contrast ratios and viewing angles. These aspects makes the viewing experience more pleasurable and visually appealing. Because television manufacturers are in a race amongst one another to be the most innovative, high-end models feature 3D and Blu-Ray capabilities and they use backlit LED screens, which also enhances the viewing experience by making the picture crisper and the colors more vibrant.

When you are choosing a Smart TV, you will want to look at the features. Unfortunately, the saying about the more something costs, the better it will be, is true. A cheap TV will not have the same kind of features or the processing power as an expensive device, nor will it have useful ports for external devices like DVD players, sound system hook ups, and others.

By keeping in mind your intended budget and the information provided in this guide, we hope that you feel confident when purchasing your Smart TV.


Things to consider:

  • Make sure your internet connection is strong enough to ensure smooth operation while you are watching streaming videos.
  • Find a television within your price range that supports the streaming services you use most frequently. Some cheaper models may not have access to all the services you use.
  • You want a television with a high resolution and fast frame refreshing rates so that you can get the best viewing experience out of your device.


Samsung UN50H6400 Smart LED TV


Best Smart TV 2020Have all of your digital content shared straight into your TV and enjoy having your pictures displayed in 1080p HD resolution. One of the best smart TVs 2020 has been designed not just to provide perfect, in-depth image that has white even whiter and black, blacker. This Samsung UN50H6400 brings a very wide range of possibilities and maximizes all of your previous smart experience: video conferences are going to be more realistic, films are available at any time and internet surfing will make you lose track of time and go from one page to another.

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Samsung UN48H6350 Smart LED TV


Why have the intelligent features of your TV pay too much of a price? Affordable without bringing less quality, this Samsung UN48H6350 has integrated all features for high quality image standard and interactivity features that will have you enjoy all there is: 3D, S-recommendations, smart hub, eco sensor and clear motion. Rely on this intelligent device, one of the best smart TVs, for having it all figured out: contrast, adjusting light screen according with environmental light and smart apps that give you unlimited possibilities for playing or just watching.

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LG Electronics 50LB6300 Smart LED TV


Have all the available entertainment content at the top of your fingertips. This LG Electronics Smart LED TV delivers all it promises to offer: perfect visuals for fast moving scenes, intense colors and easy to access all intelligent apps. Let your TV do the thinking for you and have it recommend you the most suitable options that are out there. Get your most preferred show or movie displayed on high resolution, crystal clear images. Enhance entertainment with Wi-Fi connectivity and let all of your smart devices come together for having your digital content in one place.

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Samsung UN40H5500 Smart LED TV


It may seem hard to believe but this Smart TV actually makes you think of how smart has technology come to. Having Full HD pictures and browsing through the internet without any lag or delay is just as hard to believe as using voice interaction for commanding your TV or have it split in half for letting your watch to programs at once. Just as important, the light and contrast features will out top all your previous experiences once you get used to the new term of high definition and crystal clear resolution.

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Intense action scenes, sports or just chatting on line, all are available in this ultra slim and HD resolution screen. Get connected to all of your devices around the house and have fun while the best smart TV 2020 will have all apps downloaded fast and ready to use. Experience a new sense of comfort with having everything available for you and your family. 5 million to 1 contrast and full HD 1080p will have your films, games or just music videos stand out in your home and bring you the real cinema feel.

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