Useful Tips for Buying a Top Sleep Tracker:


Have you ever slept all night and woken up still tired, irritated and feeling like you need more sleep? That’s where the  best sleep tracker reviews  can prove valuable. We all know that it is not the amount of sleep that determines its efficacy to recharge the body as well as the mind and soul. It isthe quality of sleep. With a good sleep tracking device, you are able to differentiate between restful or deep sleep and unconscious, tossing-and-turning states of rest. The sleep tracker is able to distinguish which is beneficial for you and helps you seek professional assistance when needed.




Sleep Tracking Ability


You might be curious as to how the products that qualify as the top sleep tracker 2018  are able to automatically detect sleep. Thanks to Force, Charge, Charge HR and Surge, such types of equipment are able to do their job most effectively. Your movement triggers auto-detection. Units with Surge and Charge HR even monitor the heart rate of the user. A lowered heart rate and no movement for over an hour is algorithmically interpreted as the commencement of sleep. This is further confirmed by the period of time any movement only points to typical sleep behavior, such as rolling over. Morning movement helps the tracker tell that you’re awake.


Device and Apps Compatibility


There are products praised in many best sleep tracker reviews  for their remarkable support for a wide range of devices and apps. Some products are not only iOS compatible but also Android compatible, enabling the user to view sleep logs and related data on an Android smartphone as well as iOS devices. Bluetooth connectivity is also a plus, as it allows you to share information or challenge friends on fitness goals. Making an online account on the sleep tracker dashboard should also be possible in order for you to monitor precisely what your problem areas are so you’ll know what to do about them.


Responsive Setting Control


The most popular sleep tracker 2018 offers you control on its Sleep Sensitivity setting, letting you choose between Normal and Sensitive levels of detection. For the change to take effect, one must sync the tracker accordingly. Between 20 minutes to an hour after you wake, the tracker should display your sleep log. Since sleep trackers are dynamically designed to know when the device is not on the user’s wrist, they may tend to record a sleep log even when you’re not asleep. On the other hand, tossing and turning while sleeping can be counted as awake times. For those two cases, just check that the sleep tracking mode is not set to Sensitive. Naps lasting more than an hour are also automatically tracked.


Things to consider:

  • Accurate sleep tracking detection is provided by the best sleep tracker 2018.
  • Support or compatibility for a wide range of apps is preferred.
  • Responsive setting control should be enabled in the device.




Top rated Sleep Trackers in 2018


For an individual who wants to find solutions to their sleep behavior problems and issues, getting the top sleep tracker 2018 may be an effective first step. By knowing the real quality of your sleep and taking this vis-à-vis your effectiveness at work or play, you might be able to know if you need sleep aids or professional help.


Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep-Tracker


Fitness is not just about being active and staying in top form by eating smart. It also involves sleeping well. Helping you achieve all three, the Fitbit One tracks your distance covered, number of steps taken, stairs climbed and calories burned during the day. It is also the best sleep tracker 2018  that accurately measures  your sleep cycle so you can find out how to sleep better. It notifies you of how much sleep you actually rack up during the day. This helps you plan your sleep times to get the most satisfying rest and maximize it to reenergize. Your stats upload wirelessly on your PC or select Bluetooth devices, for convenient viewing.

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Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Personal Sleep-Coach


The Lark Pro Sleep Monitor Silent Alarm Clock and Personal Sleep Coach earns raves in many best sleep tracker reviews for the way it transforms your iPhone, iPad and third-generation-or-higher iPod touch into your very own sleep coach. Providing a revolutionary sleep solution, the device has a responsive sleep sensor and a one-of-a-kind silent non-alarm clock. The nighttime wristband nudges you awake when it’s time to do so. The personal online dashboard on the LARK UP mobile app teaches you how to sleep better based on your personal sleep patterns. With it, you get year-long use of the exclusive premium Personal Sleep Coach program.

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Withings Pulse O2 Activity/Sleep/Heart Rate/SPO2 Tracker


Get reliable activity tracking during the day with this amazing fitness tracker that monitors elevations, steps, distance, calories burned and running. You can choose to wear it just the way you want, using the clip or the wristband. It shows readings of your vital signs including blood oxygen level and instant heart rate, so you’ll know if you’re pushing yourself too hard or you may need to pump it up a notch. With its revolutionary sleep monitoring capability, the device  gives sleep cycle analysis, lengths of awake times and total duration, helping you know what needs to be done to get the most energizing sleep.

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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity/Sleep Wristband


Tracking steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned, the Fitbit Flex helps you stay on track in achieving your fitness objectives. Moreover, it accurately measures how well you sleep and how long, helping you plan your sleeping times and periods so you can get the most benefits from your rest periods. Wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed with the silent wake alarm that won’t cause your partner to be awakened as well. The LED lights effectively show how you’re going with your fitness goals, motivating you to do more when needed. The device is comfortable and easy to wear with its slim profile.

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iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker


Helping you set your fitness objectives and meet them accordingly, the iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker is your ideal fitness companion. It measures steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned during the day. At night, it monitors your sleep hours and quantifies the efficiency of your sleep. This encourages you to do something when it’s apparent that you have below normal sleep quality. With this device, you can set goals easily. It has a silent alarm that vibrates so you won’t wake your partner. You can view trends and organize records to help you work better, be stronger and more active.

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