Top rated Skiing helmets in 2019


For millions of Americans skiing is more than a sport, it’s a way of life. This is why they invest a lot of money in proper gearing and safety equipment. At the end of each slide down the mountain, skiers need to remain safe and without injuries. As a result it is recommended to invest in a high quality skiing helmet, capable of protecting the head and neck during accidents. In order to make people’s job a whole lot easier we decided to draft the best Skiing helmet reviews. Testing over 30 top rated was a real delight but at the end of the trial week we discovered that five products delivered the best results.


Smith Optics Arrival Helmet


Best Skiing helmet reviewsThere are many skiers out there searching for the best Skiing helmet in 2019. Well, Smith Optics has released an amazing product which any serious skier should wear at least once: The Arrival helmet. Designed for women, this helmet has a lightweight design and offers a comfortable fit. It can protect the head but also keep it warm. This helmet is the perfect companion during long and snowy days spent on the slope. In addition to the solid construction, the Arrival helmet includes a special micro adjust feature which ensures that it never slips out. This is the ultimate skiing helmet, combining safety with high levels of comfort.

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Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Show Sports Helmet


The current top Skiing helmet reviews underline the unique and solid construction of Smith Optics Adult Holt Show. This helmet is a real piece of work! Coming with an innovative all-weather design, this helmet is perfect for professional skiers. It can be customized in order to ensure the proper fit. Furthermore the Adult Holt Show helmet includes precise temperature and moisture management systems which improve the quality of each ride. It also uses Smith Optics unique Regulator ventilation system that controls the rear and front areas of venting, ensuring proper air circulation. The helmet was designed with injection molded ABS shell for superior resistance to impact.

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Smith Optics Maze Helmet


It can be pretty frustrating purchasing a new skiing helmet, especially after getting accustomed with a particular model. Yet, there are some models that impress with their comfortable feel and sublime linings. Most of the current best Skiing helmet reviews underline the efficiency of Smith Optics Maze helmet, a model very popular among professional skier and also snowboarders. This helmet has a lightweight design with a highly durable in-mold construction. It weighs only 11.5 oz and features the unique AirEvac 2 ventilation system. The helmet safely protects the head and neck during accidents by reducing the initial impact force and dispersing it around.

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Giro Nine 10 Show Helmet


Since there are so many ski helmets available on the market, picking the right one is a delight for more enthusiastic skiers. One of the best Skiing helmet in 2019 was released by Giro Nine 10 Show, a model which combines innovative safety features with an elegant design. It has a unique style which ensures proper fit and comfort during every moment of the ride. This helmet uses a brilliant Weather Strip vent shield which keeps the head safe and protected from nasty weather conditions. It has an in-mold construction with proper safety features that can’t be overlooked. Every moment of the ride becomes less dangerous and more fun!

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Lucky Bums Snow Sports Helmet


Every skier needs to be equipped to handle unwanted accidents on the slope. This is where ski helmets come into play. We recommend skiers to use with confidence Lucky Bums Snow Sports helmet, a product made to protect and impress. The ski helmet was designed with durable ABS plastic which looks sleek and offers enhanced protection during rides. In addition, the helmet includes a special supportive EPS inner shell which keeps the head protected. This is why the helmed was reviewed in the popular SKI magazine! Every pro skiers knows that this is the helmet to take on any mountain slope.

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