In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best shooting glasses? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best shooting glasses on the market by looking at consumers’ reviews and ratings, experts’ opinions and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Radians Clay Pro came out on top of the competition as the best shooting glasses around. One of the first things that need to be mentioned about these shooting glasses is that they are best for bright sun, because the lenses they come with provide 99.9% UV protection and you can see about your training even when the sun is up in the sky. The model is designed to protect your eyes against discharged debris with maximum efficiency. Last, but not least, the model meets and even exceed all the ANSI Z87.1+ requirements, regarding eyewear and the protection required for such equipment. If you cannot find the Radians Clay Pro as they are out of stock or no longer available, try the Remington T-72, as a close second best choice.



Comparison Table


Product Lens Price Requirements UV Protection Our Rating Where to buy

Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses

Clear Lens $$$ Meets or exceeds all ANSI Z87.1+ 99.9% A+ AMAZON

Remington T-72 Shooting glasses

Smoke Lens $$ Meets or exceeds all ANSI Z87.1+ 99.9% B+ AMAZON

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting glasses

Amber Yellow Lens $$ Meets or exceeds all ANSI Z87.1+ 99.9% B+ AMAZON

Bolle SS Tactical Shooting glasses

Contrast Lens $$$ Ansi Z87.1 99.9% B AMAZON

Pyramex Safety Avante Safety Eyewear

Amber Lens $$ No 99 % B AMAZON



A buying guide


If you are handling a firearm at a shooting range, hunting or on the battlefield, shooting glasses are your most important piece of protective equipment. It is so easy to unintentionally injure your eyes that you must be well prepared and protect yourself whenever you use a weapon. There are many things to consider prior to purchasing and we’ve created this guide to help you pick the most reliable shooting glasses or goggles.



Safety is key

First and foremost, you will need to decide if you will need side protection? The most popular shooting glasses wrap around, past the side of your eyes to provide complete coverage. It is too easy to sustain injuries from ricochets, ejecting shells, wind, and dust. It is important to make sure that you are protected from all angles. This is also the case for sun glare, which can not only damage your eyes, but interfere with your range of sight.


Lens material

When attempting to determine which shooting glasses are the best, be sure to evaluate the material of the lenses. Lenses made with polycarbonate, the same material used for bullet-proof glass in vehicles, are the highest rated on the market. They are lighter, more impact-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant than any other material used. OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration is among the companies that provide standardized ratings for impact resistance. Ratings are also provided by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute and the U.S. Military. Be sure to check for their stamp of approval on the package to ensure that you are purchasing the best product.


Lense configuration

You will also want to take UV protection into consideration. Rather you are purchasing the glasses for yourself or the enthusiast in your family for Christmas or other holiday present, you will want to make sure that they provide enough protection the sun’s harmful UV rays. Glasses that absorb 99% or more of the UV radiation are highly recommended. The label should read, “Blocks 99% or 100% or UV Rays”, “Meets ANSI UV requirements” or “UV absorption up to 400mn”. The last thing you want to do is simply pick up the best looking glasses and find that you are not properly protected.

You can expect to spend between $30 and $200 for non-prescription lenses and $200 to $450 if you require a prescription. You can take advantage of many Black Friday deals and in store discounts to save on your purchase. Remember that you can’t put a price tag on your safety and it is important to be well protected if you plan to handle a firearm in any environment.


Things to consider:

  • Adequate side protection will ensure that you are covered from all angles in cases of flying shells, ricochets, dust, wind and even sunlight
  • Lenses made of polycarbonate material will be lighter, more impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable. Make sure that you are purchasing a product that is includes the OSHA, ANSI or military stamp of approval.
  • A minimum of 99% UV ray protection will ensure that your eyes are not damaged from the sunlight



Top rated shooting glasses in 2021


An experienced gunner understands the importance of owning a great pair of shooting glasses. For policemen to military personal, shooting glasses represent a safety piece of equipment that can’t be overlooked. Working as a policeman for over 12 years, I had the opportunity of administrating a wide range of firing equipment, from shells, guns to shooting glasses. This is why I decided to write the best shooting glasses reviews on five products that I consider to be the very best. In my experience, a great pair of shooting glasses needs to offer superior visibility during each shoot made on the firing range or during hunting parties.



Radians Clay Pro


Best shooting glasses reviewsIn any responsible firing range you will find a pair of shooting glasses. One of the best shooting glasses in 2021 was released by Radians, Clay Pro. With this pair of shooting glasses every shoot you make will definitely count! The glasses were designed in order to help shooters register heightened accuracy during each shoot. Once you put them on, you won’t have to worry about discharged debris! The shooting glasses from Radians meet all the ANSI Z87.1+ safety regulations. In addition to the elegant framing and solid built, this pair has lenses that offer 99.9% protection against ultra violet rays.



Present among the top ten shooting glasses in 2021, the Clay Pro model from Radians incorporate durable clear lens for enhance resistance during each shooting session

The shooting glasses incorporate specially designed lenses which provide 99.9% UV protection, ideal for people that usually shot outside various targets

Meeting all the current ANSI Z87.1+ safety requirements the shooting glasses will definitely protect eyes against any possible discharged shooting debris

Due to the lightweight design the shooting glasses will fit perfectly to most of the current head sizes, making them ideal for daily use



The shooting glasses do not come with carrying case (this is an accessory sold separately)

Does not include a cleaning cloth


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Remington T-72


With one of the top rated shooting glasses in 2021 in your possession every shooting experience will register a major boost in safety. I recommend that you get to know more things about Remington T-72 shooting glasses. This pair comes equipped with full wraparound lens, a design that offers enhanced comfort during each shooting session. The glasses feature non-slip temple pads which fit nicely and don’t compromise your concentration. Furthermore these shooting glasses from Remington come with a very soft nosepiece that maintains a comfortable fit. You won’t have to worry about UV rays because the glasses’ lenses offer 99.9% protection!



Regarded by many policemen as the best shooting glasses under $100 from Remington, the T-72 has a full wraparound lens which makes them perfect for prolonging shooting sessions

The shooting glasses incorporate durable non-slip temple pads which are comfortable to wear and properly secured in their place during shots

Designed with an exclusive soft rubber nosepiece the shooting glasses are made of polycarbonate lens which resist well to prolonged use in different weather conditions

This cheap product incorporates scratch resistant coat lens which deliver 99.9% UV protection, making it optimal for outdoor shooting



The basic package does not come with a leather cleaning cloth (sold separately)

Do not come with earmuffs which are sold separately


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Howard Leight


1.Howard Leight Genesis

These stylish shooting glasses are great for ladies, as well as for gents. Because they combine great comfort with outstanding protection and style, they are very popular among shooters everywhere.





First of all, users appreciate the way the lens wrap around your head, in order to provide you with perfect protection, as well as superior peripheral vision, which is essential whether you choose to train outside or inside.

The design takes care of more than just comfort, since there is anti-fog coating applied on the lenses, for outdoor shooting sessions. Between the frame and the lens there is a ventilation channel that keeps these glasses properly fog proof.

The model is a good choice, for indoor range, too and many appreciate the fact that they can adjust the temple length and the lens inclination, so these glasses easily take after each user.

The black frame and the clear lenses make for a great stylish combination that is popular with men and women alike.



Some owners mention that these glasses work well only with earplugs, and they do tend to compromise wearing ear muffs, which can be a downside for certain shooters.

A protective cover is not provided, so you may have to purchase one separately, to avoid scratching.


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Radians Revelation Protective


The best shooting glasses reviews emphasize on the stunning design of Radians Revelation Protective model. This pair of glasses is now available in different colours, matching people’s fashion expectations. People need to look great even at the firing range. With these glasses on, you will make quite an entrance. In any room people will see you coming! This pair of shooting glasses offers optimal protection against discharged debris from guns. Furthermore the glasses are made out of highly resistant to impact polycarbonate material! Elegant and useful, Revelation shooting glasses fit perfectly and add comfort to every shoot you make.



What are the best shooting glasses on the market? Most of latest user testimonials and product reviews that we consulted underline the solid built of the Revelation shooting glasses from Radians, a pair that ensure optimal fit and comfort

The glasses include 4 position telescopic temples and also exclusive 5-position ratchet system which easily matches head size and shape

Designed to carefully protect eyes against discharge debris from shooting various targets, the shooting glasses incorporate durable lens which deliver 99.9% UV protection

The glasses features lenses made of impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and a sleek black frame, which add style to each shooting session



The glasses do not come with a range bag (sold separately)


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Bolle SS Tactical


Finding the ideal pair of shooting glasses represents an important quest for policemen and soldiers. They fully understand the importance of this piece of protective equipment. Now, you have the possibility to opt for the best shooting glasses in 2021 from Bolle, SS Tactical model. You should know that these glasses minimize diffraction and give maintains optimal visibility even under direct sunlight exposure. As it goes for goes for most glasses, you need to be careful when handling the lenses. Don’t scratch them and store the glasses in safe cases! SS Tactical shooting glasses offer excellent eye protection without compromising in any way elegance!



As the best shooting glasses for the money from Bolle, the SS Tactical glasses are light weight and easy to wear, making them perfect for people the love to shoot various targets (indoor or outdoor)

The shooting glasses come with durable black frames and special yellow tint that add style to the whole shooting experience

Designed with high quality lenses which deliver professional protection against possible gun debris or smoke emissions

For those wondering who makes the best product, this particular pair of glasses optimizes shooting clarity during each trip to the shooting range



The glasses do not come with supportive case (sold separately)

Doesn’t include cleaning cloth needed to clean the lenses


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Pyramex Safety Avante Safety Eyewear


Every gun owner has a pair of safety glasses. If you are currently searching for a brand new pair take a second to learn more things about Pyramex Safety Avante Safety Eyewear. With these glasses on you will be able to shoot better than ever! The glasses have a lightweight design, with sporty linings on the side. These glasses from Pyramex were designed to provide enhance protection every time you decide to go to the firing range. Are you worried about comfort? Don’t be! This pair of glasses has built in rubber nose pads which maintain high comfort levels every time you wear them! Furthermore the glasses incorporate Anti-Scratch lenses for 99% protection against UV rays!



The new product from Pyramex, Avante safety glasses have a lightweight frame and special styling which matches the head contour thus ensuring optimal fit and comfort during long shooting sessions

Due to the built-in rubber nose pads the safety glasses deliver protection against slippage and debris discharge, for enhanced control over the whole shooting experience

The shooting glasses incorporate vented frame which significantly improve air circulation and as a result limit the appearance of fog

Features high quality anti-scratch lenses that deliver superior protection (99.9%) against harmful UV rays



Do not come with earmuff (this is an accessory sod separately)

The glasses do not come with a carrying case


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