Top rated shoes for nurses in 2019


There are thousands of nurses that want to be comfortable whenever they have to work. Long hours spent at the hospitals can take their toll on a person. This is why male and female nurses are trying their best to find comfortable shoes to wear. Now, the market offers a lot of shoe models, designed to fit well without compromising style in any way. In order to help nurses find the most efficient pair of shoes, we analysed over 30 top rated products for over 50 hours. We attentively drafted the best shoes for nurses reviews on five unique shoes which can be used by anyone working in a hospital or private clinic.
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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Sizes Material Rating Where to buy

Nurse Mates Dove

Slip-on loafer $$$$ 9 Leather A+ AMAZON

Cherokee Zone

Clog $$$ 5,6,7 and more Rubber B+ AMAZON

Skechers Premium-Premix

Slip-on sneaker $$$$ 5,7,9 and more Leather +synthetic A AMAZON

Cherokee Workwear Harmony

Slip-on clog $$$ 5,8,10 and more 100% cotton C+ AMAZON

Natural Uniforms Lightweight

Slip-on clog $$ 6,7,8 and more Rubber B AMAZON



Nurse Mates Dove Slip-On Loafer


Best shoes for nurses reviewsFor thousands of nurses that work long or even double shifts, comfort can definitely help out. We recommend the 229911 shoes from Nurse Mates, a high quality pair which enhances the wearer’s comfort levels. The shoes are made of premium floater black leather upper and include a smooth stain-resistant finish layer. Furthermore this pair includes steel shank which delivers enhanced stability while walking on different surfaces. The shoes have an ultra-lightweight sole format which limits the amount of fatigue the wearer experiences while going from one saloon to another. In addition to the comfortable linings, the shoes have a superb slip-on style for added stability.

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Cherokee Zone Injected Clog


The present best shoes for nurses reviews underline the beautiful design of Cherokee ZONE shoes. Created to help women cover a lot of ground without experiencing problems like fatigue or foot pressure, this pair from Cherokee include a unique rubber outsole for added stability. The shoe’s construction makes them slip resistant and highly flexible on any surface. Women love the shoes for their lightweight format that improves physical endurance. Furthermore the model has a carefully designed foot bed for additional comfort and foot support any time of day or night! Taking care of business becomes way easier with this stunning pair of shoes!

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Skechers Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker


It can be pretty challenging to pick a model from the best shoes for nurses in 2019 without consulting professional feedback. Today, more and more American nurses use with confidence Skechers Premium-Premix. The shoes have a unique lace free design which enhances foot comfort. Due to the classic design and very easy to wear slip-on style, this pair is a real delight in the nursing community. The shoes also come with elastic inserts that ensure proper fit and comfortable linings! With a solid construction, this pair from Skechers has a padded tongue and a powerful EVA midsole for proper shock absorption!

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Cherokee Workwear “Harmony” Slip On Shoes


With a great pair of shoes on, nurses can do their job easier and without too much fatigue. This is why we recommend Cherokee Workwear “Harmony” shoes, designed to help women work without restrictions. Placed among the top rated shoes for nurses in 2019, this stylish pair represents a stunning addition to any responsible individual. The shoes were designed with comfort and style in mind, adding a touch of elegance to the wearer. Designed from pure polymer, the shoes are highly resistant to stains and fading. Furthermore they also include an exclusive “Jelly” comfort insole for enhanced foot support!

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Natural Uniforms Lightweight Comfortable Nurse Clogs


Out of the best shoes for nurses in 2019 it seems that more and more women prefer Natural Uniforms Comfortable Nurse shoes. The shoes are very light which makes it possible for women to work harder. They also include a flexible clog which comes in handy while on duty for long shifts. Women that are on their feet for 7 to 9 hours a day require a comfortable pair of shoes to wear. Affordable and pretty stylish, the shoes are sturdy and very easy to clean. This is probably why so many nurses that own this pair invest in another one in case of emergency.

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