Things to Consider When Buying a Safety Razor


Safety razors have been around since the early 1900’s and these classic shavers are making a comeback. Elegantly designed and able to give you a smooth, close shave, many men are choosing a safety razor over disposable and electric models. Before you choose the first one you see there are a few aspects you should consider and the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best safety razor in 2022.

Best Safety Razor


According to the best safety razor reviews you want to choose a model with a sturdy and well balanced construction. Safety razors that are balanced are easier to maneuver over the contours of your face and neck, and are generally more comfortable to hold. You also want to make sure that the safety razor your choose is constructed from chrome. This will help prevent rust and corrosion, and keep the safety razor sharp and looking like new.



The best safety razor reviews also suggest carefully considering the length of the handle. Longer handles are generally more comfortable for people with larger hands to hold, and can also be easier to glide over your face and neck. Safety razors with shorter handles are perfect for smaller hands and can be easier to maneuver around the mouth and underneath the nose. The handle length will also affect the balance of the safety razor which should be considered before making your final decision.



There are some features you might want to consider that can make your daily shave easier. Included razor blades are always appreciated, along with a convenient storage case for frequent travelers. Some safety razors include a cleaning kit for easy maintenance, and you also want to consider its overall design. Shaving with a safety razor should be an enjoyable experience, and you want to choose one with a style and design that suits your personality and is comfortable to use. You might also want to choose a model that is compatible with several types of blades to make it easier to find the right one for your skin.


Top Rated Safety Razors in 2022


While we can’t choose the right one to remove your facial hair, we can show you the top rated safety razors in 2022. Each one features an elegant design that will add to your overall experience, and also features a durable and well balanced construction that is easy to use. See what a difference the right safety razor can make, and enjoy a smooth, close shave without irritation.


Merkur Model 180


1.Merkur Long HandledConstructed in Germany by Merkur, this safety razor features an elegant and durable construction. The chrome finish is designed to look great sitting out on your bathroom counter, and you will appreciate the stainless steel construction that is resistant to rust so you can use this safety razor in or out of the shower. The longer handle is designed to fit comfortably in larger hands, and you will also appreciate its non slip design. This will prevent the safety razor from slipping out of your hands, which can often result in embarrassing nicks and cuts. You also have the advantage of the double edge blade which ensures a smooth, close shave even on tough, coarse facial hair.

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Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl


2.Edwin Jagger DE89LblThis double edge razor will give you the same close shave you can get with a straight blade without the nicks and cuts. It features an elegant chrome plated construction that is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to clean and maintain. Manufactured by Edwin Jagger you have its versatile design that is compatible with almost all double edge razor blades. The shorter handle gives you additional control for shaving around beards and mustaches, and you will also appreciate its well balanced construction. This makes it easier to shave around the contours of your face without embarrassing nicks and cuts. You also have the advantage of the included storage box that looks almost as nice as the safety razor.

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Parker 99R


3.Parker 99RThere is very little not to like about this safety razor including its durable and stylish construction. The brass frame gives this razor the added weight some men need to remove thicker growth, and the chrome plating gives it an elegant and stylish appeal. The butterfly design makes it extremely easy and convenient to replace the blade and you will also appreciate the 4 inch long handle. Perfect for guys with larger hands, the handle also features a non slip grip so you can easily shave your face and neck without worrying about embarrassing nicks and cuts.

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Shaveology Double Edge Razor Set


4.Shaveology Double Edge Razor SetEverything you need to stay well groomed at all times is included in this luxurious shaving set. The chrome plated safety razor looks elegant and will give you an amazingly close shave, without irritating your skin or causing embarrassing nicks and scrapes. The closed comb design on the razor will give you added control when you are shaving, and you will also appreciate how comfortably the black acrylic handle is to grip. This luxurious shaving kit also includes 5 double edge blades, along with a soft cloth for polishing and a protective cover. Designed to look great and last for years of use, you will also be well groomed with this double edge razor set.

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Perfecto Double Edge


5.Perfecto Double Edge Long HandleThis safety razor states that is will give you a great shave, and it does live up to its promise. It features precision engineering that is designed for a smooth, close shave, and you will also love its elegant and durable construction. The chrome finish gives it a stylish appearance that looks great sitting out on your bathroom counter, and you will also appreciate the long textured handle. Balanced for control and featuring a non slip grip, you will love how soft and smooth your skin feels after using this safety razor. Perfect for beginners and more experienced shavers this might be exactly what you need to look your best every time you walk out the door.

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