Running Watches – What to Look For:


Whether you are a novice runner or someone who is training for a race, by purchasing one of the highest rated running watches, you will be able to track your time, distance, and pace during your running session. While there are so many watches on the market, it is difficult to choose which running watch is the best.

We understand this problem and though we cannot tell you who makes the best running watch, we can offer you some useful information that will help you make that decision for yourself.


Frequency of Usage

Cheap running watches usually cost under $100, which some would consider to still be on the pricier side of the spectrum. The reason we say that you will want to consider how frequently you will use the watch is because if you are someone who doesn’t run too often or do not go for long runs, it may not be worth the money that you are going to be paying. If this is the case, you may want to stick to an app on your smartphone to track the information. Running watches are ideal for those who are long distance runners who go out fairly regularly.

The Intended Use

While this may seem like a silly thing to consider, most running watches can be used for a variety of activities besides running. Many watches can be worn while cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities. If you intend on wearing your watch for activities where it can get wet, like swimming, rowing, or kayaking, you will want to make sure that your watch is waterproof up to at least 30 meters deep. Of course, if you are training for triathlons, you may want to find a watch that caters specifically to your needs.


The Features

There are several different features that you should take into consideration when it comes to the features, one of which is how the data is tracked. Running watches usually display and keep track of your distance, pace and speed. However, you can find models that will also track your heart rate, calories burned, temperature, vertical speed (how fast you are ascending and descending) and if you are swimming, they can count how many strokes and laps you do.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Color Price Battery life Functions Our Rating Where to buy

Nike+ SportWatch

Black/Volt $$$ 8 hours GPS, heart rate, water resistant A+ AMAZON

Garmin Forerunner 110

Red $$$ 8 hours Waterproof, GPS, heart rate monitor A AMAZON

Timex T5K638 Marathon

Black $$ 8 hours GPS, water resistant B+ AMAZON

New Balance Runner

Lime $$$ 8 hours GPS, alarm B AMAZON

Timex Men’s T5K086

Black Resin $$ No Chronograph, Water Resistant C


By choosing the right running watch to suit your needs, you will be able to track your progress as you work out. You can customize your workouts to be more or less intense based on the data that you watch collects. In general, owning a running watch can greatly improve how you work out.


How to choose a good running watch – Professional buying guide


runwaMillions of men and women love to jog and enhance their physical form. Achieving better health levels starts by controlling every aspect of daily fitness workouts. So, if you are trying to run under your own accord and experience quality results, you should invest in a carefully designed running watch. Such fitness devices bring users under the right jogging form, helping them reach their full potential. Now, how can you find the best pair of running watch in 2019? Well, you should consult with attention some of the best running watches reviews, written with attention by professional athletes and pro joggers. So, choose the watch best suited to your running skills. Race with an extra edge and power!

Now, you can pick a high quality running watch and improve various running sessions. Most people run a mile in around 12 minutes or even 5 at best. With the right watch, you will progress better than ever; adding quality results every time you start running! Running watches come equipped with advanced countdown timers, which can provide assistance during each phase of the jog. Once you go through the present best running watches reviews, you will be able to sort out the best devices and thus control every moment of the jog. Running watches come equipped with different functions, which can’t be taken lightly. Some of them include dual-time clocks, one for pacing options and other with 150 times beeps for minute, for better running management.


Best Running Watch for iPhone


Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android


The Pebble SmartWatch is considered to be one of the best running watches for iPhone because it connects via Bluetooth to your device, giving you personalized notifications. The downloadable apps that are available can keep you up to date on all of your interests, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. Runners and cyclists can track their performance through a popular fitness app that can be accessed right on the watch. The watch also allows you to control your favorite music apps, so you never have to go on a run in silence. You can personalize the watch to reflect your own style and personality.

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How can you find the best running watches in 2019? Well, there are many things to take into account while browsing for a quality device. Most of the present running watches are very easy to use and include helpful functions, which can make the difference between a good run and one that disappoints. It is important to track your progress and time spent working out in order to manage better your effort put in. Running watches are usually waterproof resisting different weather conditions and immediate sources of moisture such as sweat. Other features that need to be present in a watch are wake-up alarm and also electroluminescent backlight for better viewing. Once equipped with great device usually from brands like: Adidas, Nike, Polar or Timex, known for their high quality running watches.


Best Running Watch for Beginners


Timex Men’s T5K086 1440 Stop Watch


Sometimes when you are just starting out as a runner, you may still be uncertain if you want to stick with it. The iNextStation Fashion Wrist Watch with a synthetic leather strap may be the best running watch for beginners because it features a buckle closure and an Indiglo night-light for night time running. The watch features a 24 hour stop watch as well as a 24 hour chronograph, which allows you to go on timed runs. If you decide that you do not like running, you can always wear the watch as a normal accessory.

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A good workout session starts with a better management of time, from the first time you’ve set foot on the terrain. So, with a good running watch you will start exercising with no problems whatsoever. Now, such devices include different types of programs with various length segments, present in repeated cycles, which offer users the possibility to know how much time has passed since they left home. It is important to have in your fitness gear a high quality running watch, designed to enhance the whole running experience. Today, you have the possibility to control your fitness vitality and capacity to set out new physical goals. Furthermore you should learn more about the best running watches in 2019, designed in order to match your fitness goals.


Best Running Watch for Treadmill


Garmin Forerunner 220 Black and Red Bundle


If you enjoy running on a treadmill but do not have one of the state of the art machines that track information, you may want to find one of the best running watches for treadmill usage. The Garmin Forerunner 220 can track essential data while you run. This data includes distance, pace, and your heart rate. The watch records all of your stats so you can focus on the run. The device uses GPS to calculate your distance and pace, while the built in accelerometer can track the distance if the GPS signal is unavailable. You can use the free training plans that are offered on Garmin Connect. This allows you to schedule your work outs and send them to your watch for real time coaching.

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Things to consider:

–          Types of running watches, while taking into account the brands & prices

–          Easy set of controls, for better time management

–          Set the right running context with a high quality watch

–          Running watches need to come with advanced functions


Top rated running watches in 2019


If you are going to buy best sport watches under $25, you should be careful as many of them may be inferior in terms of quality. If you want higher quality, be ready to spend more, such as in the case of choosing the product that will be mentioned in the rest of this article.



Nike+ SportWatch


Being made by one of the trusted brands in the sport products, there is no doubt this watch is one thing that you will not regret buying. Among other things, one reason on why it is often recommended in various best running watch reviews is the fact that it is water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for those people who live an active lifestyle. The Nike+ sensor, coupled with the GPS functionality of this watch, makes it more accurate. With this watch, you will surely find it easy to monitor pace and speed, laps, and distance, among other things.



The ultimate sports watch for individuals who enjoy an active lifestyle and who take sports rather seriously, this may not be the best garmin running watch 2019 but it can beat the best of the lot with its water-resistant construction

Carries TomTom-provided GPS so speed and distance information gets accurately measured, whether indoors or out and even when interruptions occur on GPS signal

Know how much calories have been burned, how much distance has been covered, personal running pace, time, and heart rate, even a mapped route with corresponding data and changes in elevation via unique website

Lithium polymer battery is completely rechargeable via USB, and offers up to a maximum of 8 hours run time even when GPS and sensor are both switched on



Will not track steps made, as it is not a pedometer

Works best when used with Mac OS


“I don’t even feel I’m wearing Nike+ SportWatch when I’m running because it’s so light. It doesn’t make my writ sweat too much either and it doesn’t cause me any type of discomfort. I never go running without taking the best running watch 2019 with me.” – Janet G. Fletcher


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Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Running Watch


This is another model that is frequently recommended in many best running watch reviews. The high sensitivity of this product is one thing that you will definitely enjoy, making it able to deliver accurate results all the time. It is also easy to use. Once it is taken out of the package, you just need to do a few configurations and it will be all set. While it stores memory of your running records, it also provides a comprehensive analysis of such, giving you recommendations to make it easier to reach your goal.



Mentioned countless times in best Garmin running watch reviews, thanks to its being a GPS-enabled trainer watch that offers accurate recording of pace, time and distance

GPS receiver is of high sensitivity while being perennially locked on to satellites located under tree cover or near tall buildings, so watch user will never run out of GPS signal sources

On training mode, the rechargeable battery runs for up to 8 hours and up to three weeks on power-save mode, ensuring that the watch is always on the go as the watch user is

Workout summaries can be viewed via uploaded data on Garmin Connect, an exclusive website that can help watch users create their goals and plan their fitness regimen accordingly



Watch will not give extra cycling information as it is a running watch

Heart rate monitor may not work when user is in a swimming pool


“I always track my running time and distance with this watch and it has proven extremely accurate to this point. The design is perfectly made for practicing sports because it’s very light. With its help I manage to have my own personal file in which I keep data, helping me constantly improve my training.” – Andy C. Blum


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Timex T5K638 Marathon GPS Running Watch


Best Running Watch ReviewsThis GPS training watch is fully packed with features that are sure to be useful in your workout and running routine. Surprisingly, even if it is loaded with such, users will surely be able to enjoy its practical price. This may not be cheap, but considering the quality and features, it is able to provide the best value for money. When it is used in GPS mode, it can last for a total of 8 hours. Additionally, it has more than enough memory to track the progress of your activities.



Top-of-the-line GPS training and running watch makes an ideal physical fitness partner that also doubles as a personal training coach for people who want to jumpstart their fitness programs

Athletes of varying skill levels can monitor their distance, speed and energy used at every workout by optimizing the watch’s capability to use advanced GPS technology, with five functional alarms to provide reminders while doing workouts, and touch-less management of splits

30-workout memory offers accurate data for up to 100 laps per workout, with up to eight hours of battery life when on GPS mode

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery comes with charging cable, eliminating the need for separate purchase of additional devices



Comes with no option for downloading of data, but watch can save runs and review them

Buttons can be sensitive and there’s no heart rate monitor


“I ran 2 marathons in my life and for preparing for the last one I used Timex T5K630, a model that came highly recommended by the best running watch reviews. With the help of Its GPS I always kept track of my distance and the results of my hard training was that I’d managed to complete the marathon in my best time. It’s not expensive at all and I was lucky enough to buy it at an Black Friday discount. There is no doubt in my mind that I’ve made the best choice for the money i wanted to spend.” – Christopher Jones


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New Balance GPS Running Watch


The memory of this running watch can store up to 300 laps and 100 runs, making it a snap for you to track the progress of your routine overtime. While there are many watches with complicated interface, such is not one thing that you can expect with this product. It is relatively easy to use, with an interface that is a breeze to configure. It is water resistant by up to 30 meters, making it another model that is ideal for people with an active lifestyle.



Has a display that is one of the easiest to read even when user is moving at running speed, thanks to the variation between weight and size of each line of numbers displayed, with distance being bolder and larger than other data displayed

Watch provides a choice between 10 and 20 seconds for the backlight illumination to stay lit after button is pushed for that function

Watch keeps track of pace, distance and speed so the user is always able to stay on track with their fitness goals and workout objectives

Offers five daily alarms to help users constantly monitor their time for up to 100 hours



Watch memory saves last activities but won’t load data to a PC

Basic fitness tracking watch without complex GPS technology


“After I looked over its features, I knew this would be just the running watch to use in order to keep track of my running progress overtime. It has proven to be of great value so far and I would definitely recommend it for other amateur distance runners. The best rated running watch reviews recommended it as one of the top 10 models to buy.” – Allan P. Keller


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Timex Men’s T5K086 Running Watch


The Indiglo night light that is embedded in this watch will provide you with the illumination that is needed when running on poorly lit paths. It is made from resin case that is water-resistant, which is a major reason on why it is durable. While it is made by Timex, one of the most reliable brands within the product category, this model is inexpensive. This is a proof that not all cheap products are inferior when it comes to their quality.



Comes with an indi-glo night light so users can put the watch on when they go on running programs that happen in early evening or at early dawn

Resin case and strap are durable and lightweight so the watch stays securely strapped while not giving undue weight to the hand and wrist, enabling the runner to run like the wind

Watch is water resistant to 165 feet or 50 meters, making it an ideal companion in Ironman events

With 24-hour chronograph and 24-hour stop watch functionality, so the user is always on track with their fitness goals and exercise objectives



Not a fancy heart rate monitor or GPS watch, just a basic watch with fundamental elements like stop watch, day, time and date display and alarm function

Has a second time zone feature that may not be used by some watch buyers


“Timex T5K086 has proven to be very resistant in my triathlon training sessions and I’m delighted by the accurate distance readings. The watch is quite affordable and I would recommend it for people who like to run for long distances or practice triathlon. My wife made the best Christmas present she could have made and I thank her for it. I’m sure it’s one of the most reliable models currently on the market.” – Leanna Garcia


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