Rifle Scopes – What to Look For:


When you are hunting, any tool that can help you get an edge out on your prey is something worth looking into. By choosing one of the best rated rifle scopes, you have the ability to spot your prey and take that perfect shot.

With that said, it may be difficult to choose which rifle scope is the best. While we cannot tell you who makes the best scopes on the market, we can offer you a little bit of information that may help make you decision making process a little easier.



Magnification is an important element when you are deciding on which rifle scope to buy. Some scopes have a fixed power and this is usually shown in the description of the product like this: “3x”. This means the image is magnified to appear three times as large as if you were to view it with the naked eye.

A variable power scope will have a measurement that looks like this: “3 – 9x. 50mm”. This means the image will appear three to nine times larger than normal and the scope has an objective lens with a diameter of 50mm.


The reticle is the part of the scope that refers to the center of your field of view. This used to be the cross hairs, but now there are many different choices when it comes to reticles. The most popular being the duplex, but others include various post, dot reticules, and lighted reticles. The choice of reticle is more about taste than anything else. Go with a reticle that you feel most comfortable with using.


Light Transmission

When you are hunting, the light coming through the objective lens and exits the ocular lens is very important. The scope with high quality optics will allow more light to filter through the lenses and provide you with the best shooting performance in low light situations. Be aware that some scope manufactures boast to have a high light transmission, but there is no way to truly determine this without first trying out the scope.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Magnification Price Lens diameter Eye relief Customer Rating Where to buy

Bushnell Elite Tactical ET6245F

6-24x $$$$ 50 mm 4 inches A++ AMAZON

Pulsar Digisight N550

4.5x $$$$$ 50 mm 2.6 inches A AMAZON

Nikon M-223 8489

3-12x $$ 42 mm 4-3.7 inches B+ AMAZON

Weaver Super Slam 849352

1-5x $$$ 24 mm 4 inches B+ AMAZON

Yukon NVRS YK26011 Titanium

1.5x $$$ 42 mm 1.77 inches B+ AMAZON


By choosing one of the best rifle scopes for the money you are willing to spend, you will want to be certain the manufacturer is reputable and the product lives up to your expectations. You don’t want to miss out on an excellent shot, all because of a poor quality scope.


How to choose the best rifle scope – Expert buying guide


rifl2There are thousands of men and women that want to measure their hunting skills day and night, or whenever they have the opportunity. With the right rifle, hunting becomes a precise opportunity to go home with prizes, deer, rabbits, quills and many more. Still, having a rifle is not enough, you need to equip it with a powerful scope, designed to bring the target closer to your sight. Fortunately due to the increasing demand, the market managed to release new models of rifle scopes year after year. How can you determine which model deserves to become your new rifle assistant? Things become a whole lot clearer once you read with attention the best rifle scopes reviews, drafted by professionals in the field after extensive studies. With care, your hunting skills will register a major boost, in quality and efficiency.

It can be pretty challenging to find the best rifle scope in 2022, without proper guidance. Usually rifle scopes are used in target shooting and hunting sessions, or simply scoping from afar different objects. These small but powerful scopes need to be installed on top of the rifles with great care, in order to provide assistance during each phase of the hunt. Today, there are many scopes on the market which can significantly expand your sight. You should know that a scope while hunting improves your chances to hunt better, thus making a humane kill whenever you’re out there.

Seasoned marksmen find scopes more than useful during long periods of hunting because it magnifies the intended target and also improves weakening eyesight. These devices can magnify objects by refracting light through the internal lenses.


Best Rifle Scope for Low Light


Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Rifle Scope


Any hunter can tell you that they are able to land more marks in the early morning hours where there is little sunlight. When you use the best rifle scope for low light, which is the Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Rifle Scope, you have the ability to see your target clearly. The scope uses multicoated lenses which provides extra light when the sun is going down or covered by clouds. The scope is 100% waterproof and also fogproof. The 1/4 MOA fingertip resettable windage and elevation adjustments allows for quick focusing so you never miss that perfect shot.

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You need to know how the magnification process in order to manage better the latter results. Once you manage to find the best rifle scope in 2022, you will be able to hunt better than ever, with no distractions or technical limitations. So, light enters the front lens and then through the lenses you will see in heightened precision the respective object. Under normal circumstances, scopes incorporate fixed and variable magnification levels. It will be a great investment, which won’t disappoint, irrespective of the weather conditions. You need to think of budget since as you soon will see, scopes can be pretty expensive. You might want to know that there are a couple of things to consider while browsing for a brand new rifle scope.


Best Rifle Scope for Hunting


CVLife Tactical 3-9X56 Illuminated Optics Hunting Air Rifle Scope with Free Mounts


This rifle scope is intended for an air gun and features lenses that are re-enforced on both sides so that it can handle the vibrations of air powered guns. This is also one of the best rifle scopes for hunting because the re-enforcements will protect the lenses from the strong recoil. The scope has magnification capabilities that can go between 3 to 9 times the normal strength. The objective diameter is 2.2” and the illuminated level is Red – 5 Intensity and Green – 5 Intensity. The exit pupil measures 0.24″-0.74″ (6.2mm-18.7mm).

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A powerful rifle scope needs to include some of the following components in order to provide a smooth magnification process: eyepiece, eye ball, ocular lens, eye relief, power ring, objective lens, windage adjustment, elevation adjustment, tube, objective bell and tube diameter. These are the makings of a great rifle scope that brings almost everything you hunt in the right magnification parameters. With a better understanding on the characteristics of a good rifle scope, will you be able to become a proper hunter. It is important to trust the weapon you own and its little “helpers” in order to transform every hunting session into a source of success.


Best Rifle Scope for 1000 Yards


Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest HD5 Rapid-Z 1000 Rifle Scope with Lockable Target Turret


If you are aiming for a target that is far away, the Carl Zeiss Optical Conquest Scope, which has been called the best rifle scope for targets that are 1000 yards away, can help you make the shot. The lightweight design of this scope is perfect to be used with a .308 caliber rifle, whether it is for bench rest or tactical use. The holdover lines allow shooters to make their shot from as far as 1,000 years away. The lockable target turret is a standard feature that allows for easier compensation.

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Things to consider:

–   Rifle scopes can improve a hunter’s capacity to hunt, and challenge everything that woods have to offer.

–   Scopes deliver smooth magnification levels, ideal to bring closer targets.

–    There are scopes come equipped with crosshairs, dots, posts and also lights.


Top rated rifle scopes in 2022


While on a hunting expedition, one needs a really reliable and solid rifle to get his job done with professionalism and affordability, without losing quality of course. Therefore, the best rifle scope reviews are the perfect medium so that one can get his hands on a fine model.



Bushnell Elite Tactical ET6245F Rifle Scope


For professional hunters which want to enhance their riffle take a minute and look at the amazing Bushnell ET6245F Elite riflescope which is surely among the best rifle scopes in 2022. With it you will get from 6 to 24x magnification for the 50mm lens.  It is even fitted with anti-fog technology so you can shoot accurately in any conditions.



This powerful rifle scope offers 6 to 24x magnification which is more than enough to bring different targets in line of shot and help hunters go home with their prey

Featuring an ultra-wide band coating and also multi-coated optics the scope blends to the rifle’s design while maintaining the image clear

It uses RainGuard HD anti-fog system which limits the appearance of blurriness on the lens and thus hunters remain connected to their hunt irrespective of the weather conditions

The Elite Tactical rifle scope benefits from a lifetime manufacturer warranty



Does not include a specialized cleaning cloth for the lens (this is an optional accessory available for purchase)


 “With so many years of hunting behind me, trying out different scopes, I was never as excited as when I got my hands on the Bushnell ET6245F. It was all for a good reason, the scope is absolutely amazing.” – Robert Nicholson


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Pulsar Digisight N550 Riflescope


While wandering around endless lists of the best rifle scope reviews, trying to figure out the most solid and hard-duty rifle scope, then it is probably going to be a long road for you. Unless, you get your hands on the modern-looking and highly advanced Pulsar Digisight model, which grants its users with both accuracy and profound viewing range. Furthermore, the target is clearly seen and in full detail and you have additional advantages while in the field, due to the model’s delicate CCD array and output and input feature. Finally, the Pulsar’s illuminator that comes embedded in the model and it can zero its scope with 1 shot.



Powerful, sturdy and made in the United States of America the N550 rifle scope offers clear line of sight, bringing closer different things in high imaging with refined details

Considered the best rifle scope with high magnification rate this model represents a useful add-on to any hunting instrument that’s seen a lot of action

It comes with a special built-in IR illuminator and protective honeycomb blind which ensures people can handle their business even at night

The scope is versatile and lightweight which means the rifle won’t suffer any significant changes in weight



Does not include a protective/support carrying case (this particular accessory is sold separately)

Batteries don’t last very much (consider investing in replacement ones with more power)


I bought Carl Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope for the CCD feature. It has increased my accuracy even in foggy conditions. Hunting with it has been above my expectations, which leads me to recommend it. ”  Robert Stewart


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Nikon M-223 BDC 600 8489 SF riflescope


Best rifle scope reviewsIf precision in utmost levels and uplifted aiming capacities is what you are looking for then your search will end once you come across the Nikon M-223 riflescope. It is no wonder why it is so well appreciated as it comes with the high level BDC 600 reticle and a characteristic aiming point that ranges from 100 yards and up to 600 yards. Its open circle and eye relief feature are strong elements that give the user a more comfortable shooting ability. Moreover, it comes with coated optics that minimizes the amount of reflected light by more than 90 % and a wide range of magnification levels.



The M-223 riflescope offers a wide magnification range (3 to 12x) which improves hunter’s accuracy from 100 to 600 yards

This high quality scope is made with a special shockproof, fogproof and waterproof construction making great for people that love to hunt even in harsh weather conditions

Benefiting from a full manufacturer warranty (lifetime) this rifle scope’s one-piece aluminum tube design looks stunning on any rifle, adding force and elegance

It features ClearCoat Optical system which renders flat sight and sharp picture while also improving light transmission up to 92%



The turrets do not have a lock mechanism but this is a minor glitch, often considered by experienced hunters as a future upgrade to future scopes from this line

The instruction manual should’ve included more languages


I have  Nikon M-223 BDC 600 8489 rifle scope from Amazon and I decided to purchase this most popular model after I came across its excellent customer reports. Compared to other models with the same characteristics I find it to be quite affordable. I tested it for distances up to 100 yards and I got great results for my target practice. I will keep you posted with how it performs in real-life hunting conditions. ”   Dean Sergent


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Weaver Super Slam 849352 Matte Scope


A handy and qualitative rifle scope the can mix solid design with unique characteristics is probably the best candidate for any hunter. The Weaver Super Slam model comes completely protected by water, shock and fog, thus prolonging its life span. Moreover, it has an ability to magnify objects up to 5x, while the multi-coated lens with the additional external hard coating are features that give users the benefit to a clearer, easier and more precise aiming processes. It is no wonder to see the Weaver scope model in the best places of all the best rifle scope reviews up to present.



Reuniting advanced technological breakthroughs from Weaver optical development team this rifle scope is ideal for experienced hunters that love the thrill of hunting with professional weapons

Includes fully multi-coated lenses which are completed by an addition hard coating on the exterior for enhanced protection during hunting trips that take place in rough conditions

Made with a waterproof, shockproof and fogproof construction the Super Slam Scope is backed by an exclusive warranty

Features the exclusive Dual-X reticle with 1/4” adjustment system, great for 100 yard shooting



Does not come with a special cleaning cloth for the scope’s lenses (this is an optional accessory sold separately)


I can clearly see my target with the Weaver Super Slam Matte Scope, even if I’m shooting in rough weather conditions. The coating is resistant as the manufacturer describes it to be because I unwillingly dropped it a couple of times. Nothing happened to the lens, so it must mean it is extremely durable. I got it for a Black Friday deal and I don’t regret it one bit. This is exactly how one of the highest rated rifle scopes should perform.”  Henry Yarbrough


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Yukon NVRS YK26011 Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scope


1This rifle scope from Yukon is a professional hunter’s tool and has the ability to give the user a clear sight of his game, even at night. A hunter can have a 200 yards detection distance with this model, thanks to its multi-coated optics and Pulse IR system infrared illuminator. The titanium body makes the scope light and durable too, proving to be a long term investment. If you decide to purchase the YK26011you will receive, free of charge, flip-up lens covers and a specialized carrying case. The only drawback to it is the expensive price range which can’t be affordable by all hunters.

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“My best bud made me the best Xmas gift even through this rifle scope from Yukon. I knew it was one of the top 10 models in 2022 and I wasn’t expecting such a surprise from him. The accuracy of my shots has significantly increased since I’ve started using it.” – Adam K. Weaver


Carl Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope – Not Available


If there was a prize for the best riflescope, then the Carl Zeiss would certainly receive one, judging by the numerous contented customers that enjoy the model’s enhanced shooting and aiming ability and high levels of accuracy. It helps users to overcome the spectacle of fogging, due to its nitrogen filling, while the coating embedded with the MC Conquest feature enhances light transmission. You can be sure that you will be granted with completely stabilized aiming ability, due to its exit pupil diameter of 13.3mm-4.4mm and the eye piece tube that comes with a 41mm diameter. Finally, its effective lens that comes with 40mm in diameter and the ability to magnify from 3-9x are elements you don’t want to lose.

“Carl Zeiss Conquest MC rifle scope has impressed me with the level of detail it is able to recreate, even in tough weather conditions. II was right not to think twice, once I saw it was for sale on Amazon. I don’t know for certain what’s the best rifle scope in 2022, but I do know this scope is very reliable.”  Marc Perez


Nikon Monarch Riflescope – Not Available


Once going through this year’s best rifle scope listings that are released in the market, you will definitely come across the Nikon Monarch model as it considered a highly qualitative rifle scope with great precision and a unique system that locates the target easily and fast. It comes with robust construction and features that completely protect it from water, fog and any shock what so ever, thus enhancing its effectiveness. Moreover, it has the ability to magnify objects that are seen through the Ultra ClearCoat lens up to 9 times. Finally, its multi-coating system minimizes the amount of reflected light by up to 95%, while the view of each field is expanded by 3x, making the Nikon model ideal for accurate shots.

I didn’t want to settle for an inferior rifle scope, so after doing a bit of research I ended up with the impressive Nikon Monarch. The 9x magnifying power of the lens is quite the advantage, especially in rough weather. ”  Norman Rose