Picking only the best remote control ceiling fans is a hard decision, because there’s a number of things buyers must consider before making their purchase. Models vary according to the height of the room you intend to install your ceiling fan in. Then, there’s the issue of material – what do you want your fan to be made of? Some materials work better for the bedroom, whereas others are great for the kitchen. Some fans make sure that the air recirculates properly, while others might not offer the same benefit. To make a safe call, have a look at our buying guide.

 2.1 Emerson CF955BS Midway Eco Energy Star Indoor Ceiling Fan

What to look for when buying the best ceiling fans with remote


Size of the blades

Although people are tempted to believe that the size of the blades of a fan don’t make the difference between one model or the other, they are actually quite important. If you want to install the fan in a higher room, you need to get an item with longer blades. On the contrary, if your room is not that high, a fan with shorter blades will do to recirculate a proper amount of air.


What material are the blades made of?

Wooden blades are more quiet than their metal counterparts. That’s why it is recommended that you install a metal fan in your kitchen, which is a well-known noisy room, and a timber one in your bedroom. Metal ceiling fans generally do an outstanding job, but they’re too noisy for the room you’ll be sleeping in.


Energy consumption

It is believed that most ceiling fans on the market today consume about as much energy as a 60W lighting bulb. Buyers will therefore pay around 1c or more on every hour they use the ceiling fan.


Can it be used both during the summer and during the winter?

Most ceiling fans nowadays feature two types of rotation. The standard one, which is to say the clockwise rotation, is used for cooling air during the hot season. If you want to keep warm during winter, you can use the same item to bring down the warm air that has been accumulating on the ceiling. In this case, all you have to do is use a counterclockwise rotation.


Remote control

Since most users usually want to adjust the speed of their ceiling fans while they are resting in bed, these products now come with remote controls.


Best Rated Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans


Minka-Aire F1000-ORB Dyno


This Minka-Aire model is one of the best ceiling fans on the market today. It comes with a powerful motor, reversible blades and an entirely unique LED system. It also comes with a remote control, so say goodbye to getting out of bed and turning off your ceiling fan manually.

However, if you’re keen on adjusting the settings of your fan when you enter the room and reach for the wall button, this model unfortunately isn’t for you. The product doesn’t come with wall control.

As we were saying in the introduction of our buying guide, sometimes it’s important to know the height of the room you want your ceiling fan installed in. This particular item comes with a 12 ½” height and a 3 ½” downrod.

What’s interesting about this item is that the same remote controls both the light and the actual fan, but it does it separately. There’s an unlimited number of products from the line that make it impossible to turn on the fan but turn off the light. Thanks to this product, you can finally rest in bed, feel the coolness and enjoy the darkness.

The design of the product is classy, with bronze and walnut finishes.

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Emerson CF955BS Midway


If you’ve been looking for some ceiling fans for bedroom, you might have just found the perfect one. This Emerson fan model is supposed to be one of the most efficient ones in matters of energy consumption. It features a specific motor, that goes by the name of Emerson EcoMotor. Compared to the Minka-Aire model we recommended earlier one, this product does come with a wall control and this one is largely adjustable.

It’s a little higher than some of its counterparts, featuring a 4 ½“ rod. It takes up around 18 watts and is considered to be a green alternative in matters of ceiling fans.

The remote control of this particular fan comes with 6 customizable speeds, allowing you to adapt the settings of the product to your needs. The same remote control features a reverse setting, which helps you benefit from a warmer temperature during colder seasons.

The item is considered to be highly efficient when it comes to saving some bucks on electricity bills. It seems that if you use the fan and your air conditioning system moderately, you can benefit from enhanced air ventilation and circulation.

The motor of the product is known for being remarkably quiet. It’s also easy to install.

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Westinghouse 78284


The Turbo Swirl Ceiling Fan is surely the best Westinghouse ceiling fan on the current market. It comes with a beautiful design: an antique brass finish and 6 blades the color of walnut. The same product but a different model comes in a brushed aluminum finish and 6 blades the color of light maple.

The Turbo Swirl has a number of features which makes it worthy of being called one of the best ceiling fans under $100.

This item is said to fit rooms with a height between 8 and 10 feet, which means it’s perfect to use in offices, small and medium-sized bedrooms and other rooms of the same kind. Its wattage is a little higher than the Emerson model we’ve addressed above: 52W. It comes with a weight of 12.5 pounds, so it is lighter than some of the other alternatives on the market.

Although its speed is largely customizable thanks to a remote control, this product only comes with 3 fan speeds.

It is an elegant ceiling fan that will surely match some classic or contemporary furniture, considering that it comes in two variants: a wooden and a glass one. The rotation of the wooden blades is more quiet when compared to the glass ones.