Best Razor electric scooters reviews


Top rated electric scooters from Razor


All the fun and laughter and races that we all enjoyed are distant memories now. But a little initiative form you can give your youngster the same old feel you had in your bygone days. It is just that with time the scooters have changed too and now there are the electric types. Read along to find which can be the best scooter for your little youngster or anyone of the tender age that you may know from the lists of the best electric scooter reviews.


Razor E100 Pink Electric scooter


Best Razor electric scooters reviews

From the award winning USA Company comes this amazing scooter in pink that is available in two other sweet colors too. Able to carry around a load of 120 pounds, the scooter is designed with adjustable handle bar to settle in riders of any height. I simply loved to see youngsters glide by racing at the top of 10 mph (mile per hour). Able to keep charge for a about 40 minutes, the scooter gets recharged fast enabling hours of playfulness.

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“ My child was very happy when she had the Razor E100 Pink Electric Scooter. She enjoyed riding in this product because the handle and manageable and can be control in a very swift manner. The pink color coating of the electric scooter matches her preference as a girl.”  Maritza Reba Skinner


Razor eSpark Electric scooter


Yet another incredible scooter from the California based manufacturer, this scooter actually makes sparks as your little super hero or super gal cruises around with glee. Having a maximum speed limit of 10 mph (mile per hour), the scooter is available for $130 – $180. Packed with elegant design features with a quiet high torque chain-driven motor, hand operated acceleration and brake control; this will be the just gift for your child. Coming with two extra spark cartridges, the scooter is able to carry around a maximum weight 120 pounds.

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“ I decided to give the Razor eSpark Electric Scooter to my child for his birthday and he was surprised when opened the gift. He was very happy and excited to ride in it. I never think that he will get in trouble because this product was made with quality materials.”  Marcelino Tracey Ball


Razor Pocket Mod Electric scooter


Understandably one of the best and unique out of the best Razor electric scooters reviews, here is a product that you and your child both are going to love. The moment your little man or your little lady touches the seat, I tell you it will be hard to distract them from their new found freedom of riding like the grown – ups. Available in three adorable colors, the scooter can take up to a 15 mph (mile per hour) speed on its large 12″ pneumatic tires.

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 The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter is very attractive and fashionable. It really intended for children to enjoy their childhood activities. This is a great investment for every family to make their child happy. Your child will surely enjoy it no matter what happens.”  Reginald Hardin


Razor E200 Electric Scooter


Here is one scooter that will make your teenager child overly happy. Built for children 13 and above and less than 220 pounds, this pro and ultra cool scooter cannot hold them indoors like a potato couch sitting with bulks of computer games. It is electric, can hold up charge for 45 minutes and can take up a speed of 12 mph (mile per hour).  So coming and going to school or to the playground or to a friend’s place will now become of greater fun than ever before.

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“ Your child will feel happier with the new Razor E200 Electric Scooter. It has a very strong structure so you will assure that it will not collapse or be damaged easily. Going to any place will be much enjoyable with the help and company of this Razor electric scooter.”  Efrain Lindsey


Razor E300S Electric scooter


This hot ride is undoubtedly on the best Razor electric scooters reviews list simply because of its unconventional yet super cool design. An easy, smooth ride for your pre – teen or teenage daughter, this lovely metallic pink scooter can make a great Christmas or birthday gift. This stunning scooter available around for $250 – $300, has a super sized comfortable deck and with handlebar adaptable to every size. Able to carry around a rider’s weight of maximum 220 pounds, this electric scooter can speed up to 15 mph (mile per hour).

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“ My child have a safe and smooth ride with his new Razor E300S Electric Scooter. This is really intended for children so that they will enjoy their life being a child. I will recommend this product to all because it is really worth the investment.”  Dana Pollard