Best range hoods under $100


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If you like to cook different kinds of dishes for your family than you also need to have in your kitchen a reliable hood, to make all that smoke and all those odors no more. To choose the best hood doesn`t necessarily mean you have to go for the most expensive one, there are other very good alternatives with a lower price. Based on the top reviews and testing, here are the best range hoods under $100.


Broan 413004 Range Hood


Best range hoods under $100

The Broan 413004 is considered to be one of the best range hoods under $100 by customers and specialists all over the US. The controls are very simple and you won`t encounter any problems in learning how to use it. The two different fan speeds allows you to take care of even the most persistent smoke. You can even equip it with a light bulb with as much as 75 watt power.

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“ I never encounter any difficulties with the Broan 413004 Range Hood because the controls are easy to learned and understood. The product is ideal for all kitchens because it really removes odor and dirt in just a matter of time. You will always have a fresh kitchen even after cooking.” Lane Mclean


Broan F403004 Convertible Range Hood


This particular model from our best Broan range hood reviews comes with a very modern look to it and will integrate itself just right in your futuristic looking kitchen. One of its top features is the dishwasher safe grease filter which is built from aluminum, meaning you will put little effort into actually cleaning it. Because it is mainly built from stainless steel, durability is another key feature of this range hood. The installation process is not difficult if you follow step by step the instructions.

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“The durability of the Broan F403004 Convertible Range Hood is one of the best features that makes it outstanding than the others. The product is also easy to clean by just washing it with water. The range hood is also professional in outlook so you will be happy having the product.”  Roseann Janelle Levine


Broan 413001 Range Hood


One of the best range hoods under $100 is without a doubt the Broan 413001 with its excellent performances that surpass most of its rivals. You can equip it wih a 75 watt light bulb for extra light to where you cook. Its 2 fan speeds will make all the smoke and different odors vanish and your kitchen will smell fresh everytime. The best cooking conditions will be possible with this range hood so you manage to make your best dish.

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“My best kitchen partner is the Broan 413001 Range Hood that helps me make my kitchen fresh and clean. The product is very efficient so I really recommend this product to all people out there. Aside from that, you can buy it in just affordable price.” Ida Ewing


Broan 413023 Range Hood


The Broan brand doesn`t go wrong when it comes to range hoods and the 413023 model is no different. This model is equipped with a non-ducted filtration system which does short work of even the thickest smoke and most powerful smells. It doesn`t disappoint on looks either, managing to integrate itself to perfection in any modern looking kitchen. The fact that it has two different fan speeds also helps in more than one delicate situation.

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“Installing the Broan 413023 Range Hood in my kitchen is just easier as what I had expected before. The product makes it easy to clean the kitchen by making it fresh and comfortable to stay in. even in a long hours of cooking, my kitchen remains the same because of this range hoods,” Ronda Black Nichols


Broan F403023 Convertible Range Hood


If you want looks to kill and also features which will astonish you than an excellent option would be the Broan F403023 range hood. Smoke and different unwanted odors will not bother you one bit once the two speed fan system becomes operational. Cleaning its grease filter is a easy chore from your part, because it is dishwasher safe. Light can also be fitted to it, but the bulb must be bought separately. So many great features make this hood a very popular one around the US getting many fantastic reviews.

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“ I bought the Broan F403023 Convertible Range Hood for almost 2 years and this product performs the same just like when it was brand new. This range hood is durable and has a structure that makes it compact. In this reason, the range hood can last longer.”  Sally Vilma Ortega